Saturday, March 20, 2004

Let's All...Go To The Movies

If you're a movie buff, you recognize the title of this blog as being a line from "Annie." Daddy Warbucks, played by Albert Finney was the one who said it. When that movie came out, I was in 6th grade, I think. I saw it 9 times. It was easy for us as a family to see a movie multiple times because my dad managed the Cinema 70 theatre. We got in for free and got free snacks. What could be better when you're a kid? Free movies & free popcorn and candy!

When I was in school, every once in a while the teacher would go around the room and ask the kids what their father's did. No matter what anyone else's dad's job was, when it was my turn, everyone would go "Ohhh! You're sooo lucky!" Hell, yeah! Sometimes Dad would bring home big garbage bags full of popcorn. Movie theatre was a good day when that happened. Once he brought home a huge container of Lolly's. I had canker sores on my mouth continuously for about three months!

9 times was not my record for seeing a movie at the Cinema 70, not by a long shot. 9 did seem a normal number for me, however. I saw "Raise The Titanic", "Superman 2" and "Xanadu" 9 times as well. I remember the summer "Xanadu" came out. I was a huge Olivia Newton-John fan and every day I would ask my mom, "Do you want to see 'Xanadu' today?" Most of the time she said no. She knew that the movie sucked and that the acting blew and didn't want to subject herself to that any more than she had to. But I didn't know that! I was only 9. To me, it was the greatest movie ever! Not only did it have ONJ in it, it also had ELO songs, roller skating, muses, a cute guy (in Michael Beck...I later dated a guy that looked like him. I watched "Xanadu" a lot during that time.) and love that descended all barriers. To me it was the perfect movie. I still watch it every now & then when I'm in a cheesy mood...I know the acting stinks but I still love the music and think Michael Beck is adorable. My favorite Phoebe line from "Friends" is "Oooo! Xanadu!"

Back on record for seeing a movie in a theatre is 19. 19 1/2, if you want to get technical. I had to leave halfway through one time. But the movie that gets the honors is my favorite of all time. "Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom."

My mom saw it first and loved it. She came home raving about it and told me all about the funny scenes. So she took my brother & I to see it. We adored it! Everything about it, even the scene where the guy gets his heart ripped out. I'll admit that the first time I saw that I spit my licorice out in shock. But I got used to it and knew it was just movie magic. It always surprises me when I'm reminded that it was this movie that brought the PG-13 rating into existence. I was also surprised when I bought the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD, watched the extras disc and heard that this was the least favorite movie of Steven Spielberg!

After my dad retired from the theatre, he got into golf. Not as much fun for me, I'm sad to say. I was still a movie buff and now I had to pay to get in! What a shock after so many years of free entry! The first movie we saw at the Cinema 70 post-Dad was "Goonies." If he had still been the manager, it might have eclipsed "Indiana Jones" for most views. As it was, I think I saw it 3 times. Because I had to pay. Damn it!

Since those glory years, only two movies have ever been added to my list of "You saw it HOW many times?" The first was "Titanic." I saw it the requisite 9 times. And yes, I paid for every single viewing. I also saw "Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones" 8 times. But that was because i have a crush on Ewan McGregor and he looks all hot as Obi-Wan! Haha. If you count IMAX then there's another movie I saw 8 times..."NSync Bigger Than Live." 8 times. I admit it. I like NSync. Their music is fun and a couple of the guys are cute. (Not Justin!)

Now that I have videos and DVD's, I can go back to watching movies multiple times and learning all the lines like I did when I was little. And I only have to pay once. I just wish that I had a big ol' trash bag full of popcorn by my side to eat while I watched.

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