Monday, February 26, 2007

Manic Monkey Photos

Collin recently pulled off all the pictures from my camera - it had been so long since that had been done, there were pictures from before Christmas on there! So this is a random offering of photos! Hold on tight cuz here we go!!

Even Jordyn, when I showed her this, didn't know why she looked the way she did. This is the greatest picture ever!!

Shanon & Elena. I love this picture! Elena has the best smile!

This is Jordyn on Thursday with the soon-to-be newest member of our family, Carson. Carson is a 5 year old shepard/smooth coat collie mix that we're adopting (he should be permanent member of the household by Saturday) and he is the best dog I've ever known!!

Santa needed a little extra help this past Christmas so my hamster Sam filled in. What a good hamster...

And here he is showing me that his food bowl is near empty - - "Don't stand there taking a picture of me! Feed me!!!!"

This is my friend Christina. I've always thought she had a striking resemblance to SpongeBob.

So there you go! More to come in the following days! Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Freaky Friday!

I don't know about you but I'm a pretty superstitious person. Years and years ago at work my maintenance guy, Fred, knocked on my table as he walked by then pointed at me and said, "It's gonna be a good night." It was the best night EVER! To this day if I want good luck I knock twice on whatever's around me and point. Two weeks ago I was at work and had found a small rubberband that was thinner than what we usually use and for some reason I slipped over my hand and wore it on my wrist. That night went super smooth so I figured it was a good luck rubberband.

I haven't taken it off until this morning. I told myself as I was sitting at the stoplight at Union & Academy that it was silly to think a rubberband could bring me good luck. So I took it off and put it around the gear shift. 60 seconds later the turn arrow came on and the dumbass kid in front of me was messing around and stalled his car. We almost missed the arrow and the girl in his backseat kept turning around and giving me stupid looks. Hmm...I thought...would that be considered bad luck? I made the arrow and the only thing that really happened was that I was annoyed.'s still okay.

Then Christina came over and we went to the card store. I tried my best to be good but I ended up spending money I probably shouldn't have on Peyton Manning cards, Lost cards and a Beanie Baby Bunny named Hopson. Bad luck yet? No...Just me having no self control.

I went to pick up Jordyn and my parking spot was taken. Not bad luck...I was just running later than normal.

I went to pick up Justin. My spot was taken and I had to park farther up on the curb than I like to. This idiot in a bright red Grand Am pulled up in front of me and started to back up...and up...and up...I had to honk to get him to stop. The lady behind me was shaking her head as this dumbass's antics. He was about an inch away from the front of my car and he just sat there giving me dirty looks in his mirror. I gave them right back. Yeah, I was starting to believe I shouldn't have taken the rubberband off.

While we're waiting for Justin I thought I saw smoke come from my hood. Panicked, I turned the car off and grabbed the rubberband, slipping it back where it belongs. When Justin showed up (10 minutes late, no less) and I started the car the display dinged at me and read "COOLANT." *sigh* Yeah, the rubberband will now be a permanant display on my wrist, I'm thinking. Luckily we made it home without any car problems. The temp gage was where it should be and I never saw anymore smoke. Thank you Rubberband!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm So Lazy

Seriously - there's nothing going on worth posting about...well, there is something but it's kinda Collin's deal and I'll let him talk about the dog we might be getting! :D

I've been working on making a library of what songs I have - I've gotten to the point where I don't even know what I have and don't have. That means it's bad. You should see all the cd's piled up around our house! And with the installation of Entertainmart, a place that sells used music CHEAP, right down the street, the piles just get bigger and bigger. It's a problem and soon I'll be taking pills for it. Until then I'll be enjoying all the new music I've acquired in the past month.

Really, nothing else is going on. I just wanted to let people know I was still alive! Hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Prickies - It's more than a cool name!

Collin is really good about finding cool stuff online and sending it my way. One of those things was this contest at a site called It's a place that sells thousands upon thousands of the kind I put on my jackets when I was in junior high...but these are way cooler. Artists from all over have buttons with their artwork on them and some are just awesome! This is my favorite out of all the ones we scrolled through:

Click the button to be taken to, or click this link for more information about the contest.

How freakin' awesome is that? Sylvain Lefevbre as a Stormtrooper! I love that!!!! Even if I don't win the contest and get a bunch of free buttons, I plan on buying that puppy! Too cool!

So go check out the site and have a great weekend!

And!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLIN!!! I love you, baby!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Post About Toast

Collin encouraged me to write this one and get your opinion. This is the story:

Yesterday I was in the kitchen making breakfast which consisted of a bowl of Crispix and some toast. I was hungry - I hadn't eaten since 1am and it was now 10:30am. I decided 4 pieces of toast would be swell so I filled up every slot in our toaster. Then Collin walked in.

Collin: 4 pieces of toast?

Me: Maybe I was going to share it.

Collin: Were you going to share it?

Me: No.

Collin: So you lied.

Me: I didn't lie. I said 'maybe.'

Collin: You never had the intention of sharing your toast yet you made me believe you did...therefore you lied.

So...did I lie? I'm not so sure. And don't get the idea that he's serious...we were laughing pretty hard throughout the end of this conversation.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Wednesday!!!!!!!

Guess what that means? Lost is on! And that means....

Sawyer Time! Hell, yeah! I missed this show when it was on it's little break. It's great that there's no reruns and all but I really didn't know what to do with myself on Wednesdays!

One bad thing is that they moved it back to 9pm instead of 8 so now I have to wait an extrta hour. Good thing it's worth the wait!



Monday, February 12, 2007

Really...I've got nothing

I've been doing so well lately keeping up with my posts and suddenly I've hit a brick wall. So I'm going to post a picture that I found that I thought was cute:

I'm so happy for Peyton & the Colts...if it couldn't be the Broncos, it might as well have been Manning & Indy!!

Hope you all have a fine Monday! Oh, my GOD! I'm writing like Derek now!!!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tag! You're It, Baggy Eyes!

A little side note to start things off, this is post #525!

So! I've been tagged yet again by the cutest of bloggers, Collin. I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about me then tag 6 other people. It's hard thinking of weird things about myself. I think I'm pretty normal but we'll see...

1) I have the worst balance EVER! I'll just be standing there talking and, whoops! Over I'll start to go. 99% of the time I can catch myself and usually Collin's got my back - he seems to know when I'm toppling...he can reach out and right me without missing a step of whatever it is he's doing! When he's not there, though, it can get hairy. I was with Mom one day and started to go over and she had no clue. I almost hit the dirt!

2) I am an organizational freak. I have all these little projects in the works intended to organize my life. So far I haven't completed them because, frankly, they're freakin' HUGE but one day I'll finish them. My plans include to sort all my music into alphabetical order by song title (for this I have fancy colored index cards and shiny markers), put all my photos into scrapbooks and file all the genealogy info I've acquired into my NEW FILING CABINET! There'snot enough time in the day to get all this stuff done. What's weird about this is that it's fun to me!

3) I roller skated with a movie star! When I was in 6th grade...6th or 7th...I went roller skatiing at Skate City (which now happens to be right across the street from where I live. If that had been the case THEN, I'd have been a champion roller skater!!) with my friend Sandi. We were skating and this kid came up and asked me if I would skate with his friend during couples skating. The kid he pointed out was cute enough - dark hair and eyes with freckles. I told him, "I will if he asks me himself." So he did. He was sweet and shy and he held my hand while we skated. His name was Kelly Reno, he was from Pueblo and he had just starred in Black Beauty. I didn't realize it til a few months later when I was looking through a 16 magazine and saw a picture of him! If you follow that link - he's at the bottom of the page...he didn't grow up too cute!

4) I can pop my jaw. I've always been able to do it. I just roll my jaw and it pops continually. It can really gross people out which is fun. I didn't realize just how weird it was until we were watching That's Amazing! one night and they had some guy on there doing it. Mom, Dad & Derek were all..."eeeyeew!" and I said, "What? I can do that. Watch!" and then they were "eeeyeew"-ing me!

5) I totally believe in reincarnation. I always have and I don't know where the belief came from. It seems to me that I've always thought that I've lived before. I had a past life reading done once at the metaphysical fair here in town and the lady was a total sham. The things she was telling me didn't mean anything and when I asked why I loved music so much she got all flustered and said that I had been a nun and the chanting was a very important part of my day. Ummm...sure...anyway...the second time I went to an old wrinkled lady all dressed in purple and she was awesome. Without me saying a word to her, she looked at my palm, flipped a few Tarot cards over and started telling me that music & dance had always been important in my life, that I started out as a palace dancer in ancient Egypt and was even a ballerina in one life. In one life was obsessed with horses and was an expert rider and in my last life before this one I was an Italian race car driver. All of it resonated with me in some way: I love anything to do with Egypt, I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little and even took lessons, I LOVE horses and always thought I could have been a race car driver since I love speed. I did, for a while, think I had been Alexandra Romanov...that's a whole other post in itself...but there was a MySpace page a while back where the girl running it thought she was Alix reincarnated and I told Collin, "She can't be cuz I am! Uh!" :-)

6) I'm obsessed with office supplies. It's true...there should be a support group or something. Office Max makes me happy - just looking at all the envelopes, stacks of different colored paper, pens, paper clips, staplers...and the many uses you could get out of them makes my head swim with delight! I have pens everywhere in the house and in my smock pocket at work I have no less than 6 pens, 2 markers (one fat tip, one skinny) and 1 highlighter. I have a little plastic organizer with 3 drawers filled with notebooks. I stock up during the back to school sales and actually get excited thinking of all the wonderful things I could buy! I always wanted a full size filing cabinet and Collin got me one for my birthday this year, making me giddy as a schoolboy!

7) I write in the air. My dad told me once that was a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder and maybe it is but I'm not Monk-like about it...yet. See, if someone says a word that I wonder how to spell or if it sounds neat to me, I'll write it out in the air. Sometimes, though, I'll just write my name in the air for the heck of it. Collin's always asking me what I'm writing. And if I make a mistake...I actually rub my hand over it to erase it.

So there's the 6 things + an extree just cuz I like you. If the following would like to play along, go right ahead. I won't force you:

Restless Angel
Michael Manning
Derek (since he's already been tagged by Collin)



Sunday, February 04, 2007

A New Year of Reading

So January's done already. It went by so fast and I only read 4 books this month! The problem was 3-fold. #1, I started working on genealogy again. #2, Collin let me start taking his Nintendo DS to work and I found myself hooked on Club Games. And #3, the last book I read was freakin' HUGE!

I also decided this year to copy Kathleen and list the movies I watch this year as well. Here we go...


1. Mistletoe And Sword - Anya Seton
2. The Hearth & Eagle - Anya Seton
3. Tommyland - Tommy Lee w/ Anthony Bozza
4. Green Darkness - Anya Seton

Book of the month - Although Tommyland was a great read & loads of fun, I have to give the BOTM honors to Green Darkness by Anya Seton. I love her books but this might be better than Katherine. It was about reincarnation and karma and it completely captivated me. Plus it was crazy started in 1968 then went back to the 1500's and she included all the history with it, including Queen Mary's reign and all the craziness surrounding religion that was going on. I loved every word!


1. The Devil Wears Prada
2. Crash
3. The Descent
4. The Holiday
5. Talladega Nights - The Legend of Ricky Bobby
6. Idiocracy
7. The Perfect Man
8. Election
9. The Quiet Earth
10. Barnyard
11. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance

Out of those, my favorite was a tie between The Holiday (because I love Kate Winslet) and Crash (because it was so intense and told so well.). I totally see why Crash won Best Picture last year - if you haven't seen that one, go rent it!

And how about them Colts? Way to go, guys!!!! Congrats to Peyton Manning as well for bringing home the MVP honors. I voted for him about 10 times! :-)

Hope you all have a mighty fine Monday!

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