Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is It Worth It?

I went to King Soopers on my break last night to get some milk and bread.* After I had picked up those two necessities, I wandered down the magazine aisle to see if there was anything I needed.** Lo & behold I spotted something that I had missed in the last year: A hockey magazine!!! Yay!! I grabbed it, flipped though it real quick and threw it in my basket. Then I went to pay.

I went through the U-Scan line where you do it yourself. I love that invention because that means I don't have to have any human interaction whatsoever!! Unless the thing malfunctions but that's besides the point. I happily scanned my milk...total $2.79. Next the Diet Pepsi I had snagged on the way to the checkout...new total $3.98. Next the 'zine...I was watching the total area and about choked when it popped up as $11.47. I looked at the price on the cover...$7.99!! What the hell? Why is it so expensive??? Seeing as how it was 1am and all the employees were in the back of the store pricing I wasn't about to hunt someone down to void it so I went ahead and bought the thing.

I read it while eating on my break. It had some interesting articles in the front and some good pics - Nikolai Khabibulin & Mike Ricci - but over all I don't think it was worth $8.

* = Yesterday morning I went home all excited for cereal. I poured me a big ol' bowl and dumped the milk in. It hit the cereal with a sickening "glop." It had gone bad over the holiday weekend that I wasn't around. Damn! I dumped the cereal and the milk down the garbage disposal and prepared to make a peanut butter & jelly sammich. The bread was green. YARGH!! I was so sad. I ended up with wheaty noodles.

** = If a magazine has Gwen Stefani on the cover, that constitutes needing the magazine. I'm weird, I know!

Oh! And the darn Colts are going to go undefeated. I was counting on Pittsburgh to step up but NOooooO! Andy K, what the heck happened to your boys????



Saturday, November 26, 2005

How I Met My Neighbors

Collin played a Dane Cook DVD for me last night - if you haven't heard Dane Cook's stand up comedy yet, you really need to check him out. He's absolutely hi-larious. Anyway, one of his skits was about car accidents and it reminded me of something that happened to me a few years ago. I'll put his words first and then in italics I'll tell my story. Enjoy!

We love car accidents in this country. We're obsessed with car accidents! I know you're like me, its like 2 in the morning, it's dead quiet. You're in your house watching tv, you're in bed. All of a sudden outside at the corner you hear:


Damnit! Shit that sounded like it was going to hit. You always want it to hit. SCREECH. Come on! Nothing! Uh.

That's so true, sad to say. I was always hearing the SCREECH where I used to live and then nothing. It was always such a let down.

Then when you finally hear the crash your psyched, its like, Screech where are my shoes? Yes, where are my shoes? Have you seen my shoes? Fuck it, i'm going out without shoes.

The sad part is...I heard the SCREECH then the impact and I was ON THE PHONE LONG DISTANCE!! I couldn't just say, "Oh, Heidi, I'm glad you called and I'm really sorry to hear about your cancer but there was a car accident outside and I have to go!!!" That just wouldn't be right. So my ex ran outside and I ended up on the couch looking out the window trying to see what happened out there while listening to my friend from Idaho tell me about her fight with cancer.

Right, you come out of your house, all your neighbours are coming out, everyone's coming out, you're like waving at each other. You're psyched to see each other, come on! Let's go, you wanna go together? Come on let's go, you me and you, no no, you wait for the next group, you wait for the next group. We'll go as a team, no no you wait, you wait for the next group.

So when I finally got off the phone and got outside, the neighbors were all gathered together across the street. I joined my ex and the neighbor I knew. Then I was introduced to the people that lived next to me. "Do you know Tristan and his wife?" I never would have met them if not for this accident.

And it doesn't matter who you start talking to, I guarantee everyone is having the same exact conversation. No matter who you get into it with, all anybody is saying like back and forth is like, Yeah, yeah well no I was in my kitchen, and I heard it so I came out. You were in your living room? I was in my kitchen cleaning a dish. I heard it, I came out. What you were in you're basement? He was in his living room, I was in the kitchen cleaning a dish, I was really cleaning, and I heard it so i came out. What? Shoes? No, no, Fuck shoes! Haha shoes, hahaha listen to this guy with shoes. Hahaha you, Shoes, over here.

My story was "I was on the phone long distance and couldn't come out right away." My ex's shoes were untied - at least he found his shoes.

The actual accident was this: an old lady had taken the corner at the end of the street too fast and careened into the car parked on the street next door. Apparently she just barely missed my car that was parked on the street as well. After the impact, she backed up and took off down the road, fully intending to leave the scene. It just so happened that a guy that lived three houses down and who I went to high school with was in his yard when the accident occured. The lady's driver's side window was down and Mark was able to jump in through the window and turn off her car, forcing her to stay until the police came. It was the most exciting thing that had happened on Hackberry Drive since the drug bust when I was in high school!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dry Spell

There's nothing going on to blog about. Nothing too exciting has happened unless you count the murder that happened outside my parents' townhome complex Tuesday morning. They were awakened at 3:30am by a policeman ringing their doorbell asking if they had seen or heard anything. Sadly, the victim was the 20 year old son of the people who live a couple of doors away from my parents. And to have something like this happen so close to Thanksgiving...you know the holidays will be ruined forever for his family. The last I saw, the police had no suspects and no motive but the CSPD is usually very good at catching murderers and such...remember the Texas 7? There was a murder a few years ago that involved a high school friend of my brother's and they caught her killer within a couple of weeks, maybe not even that long.

Now that I've probably dampened everyone's holiday spirit...

Collin & I came across the Danish miniseries "Rigit" at the library...it was the original series that inspired Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital." It was subtitled, of course, but it was very intriguing. The character development was great...there were only 5 episodes but by the second we already had our favorites and the ones we wouldn't mind seeing being "gotten" by the ghost! The best part was the credits where the creator, Lars Von Trier, addressed the audience. After the first episode, he actually said, "If you find the story dull and predictable then look to your own life..." He always ended with, "If you choose to join us again be prepared to take the good (he made the sign of the cross with his finger as he said this) with the evil (then he made the devil sign with his fingers. It was awesome!)." My point here is if you saw the Stephen King miniseries then you should check out the original, if you can deal with the subtitles. Andrew McCarthy plays the lead, Dr. Hook. in the remake and so far he's doing a good job. The Danish actor, Soren Pilmark, did a great job so McCarthy had his work cut out for him living up to that.

Okay, I've babbled long enough! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you get all the turkey and pumpkin pie you want!! And GO BRONCOS!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Hungry...Sometimes

I'm about 2 months into this South Beach Diet thing and I'm doing pretty good - I don't know how much I've lost cuz I don't have a scale anymore but I know I've lost something! I was able to get into a pair of jeans recently that were too tight so that's a plus. But what drives me crazy sometimes is what I can't eat. This is what I miss:

-Potatoes. God, I miss them terribly. All kinds of potatoes...french fries especially but at Thanksgiving dinner not being able to have mashed potatoes smothered in cream gravy will be horrid.

-Pizza. Real pizza covered in cheese and pepperoni and pineapple and green peppers and onions...I've tried the South Beach pizzas made on wheat crust with 6 pieces of pepperoni on there and it's not so great. I think it's the sauce that ruins it. I'm a light-sauce or no-sauce-at-all girl. Collin gets Little Caesar's Pizza sometimes and it smells sooooo good....

-Wendy's Chicken Nuggets. I can't have anything deep fried. And I can't have honey mustard or BBQ sauce or sweet & sour sauce because of the sugar. Bah!

-Jellybeans. I love jellybeans...sour jellybeans especially.

-Skittles. Especially sour Skittles.

-Buttered Popcorn. I can have plain popcorn but sometimes I really crave that greasy buttery flavor while I'm watching a movie.

That's about all. When I get down to my goal weight I'll start cheating again! Until then I must be strong!



Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Fun

Still hooked on this show. If you've never seen the TV show Firefly or the movie Serenity, I highly suggest you get out there & see it. Firefly is out on DVD and Serenity should still be at the $1 theatre...

Pilot Wash: Funny, self-deprecating and so adorable.

Which Firefly Guy is For You?
brought to you by Quizilla

And I didn't cheat on this quiz - I thought about it but decided to ignore the cheater's blood that runs rampant in my veins...

I didn't cheat on this one either!! Yay!!

"The Mercinary"

Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And just because I was curious...if I were a guy...

River - You are attracted to secretive, artistic
personas -- you can't seem to resist those with
a passion for creative endeavours. They can be
selfish and/or intense; don't take it
personally or let them overwhelm you. Engage
them with your intellect.

Which Firefly girl do you belong with?
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Okay, now that my Firefly obsession is out of the way...on to my cute story!

Last week I went Christmas shopping with Shanon & Elena. When I got in the car I noticed that Shanon had in a Paul McCartney disc. She mentioned that the night before the commercial that Paul has for the investment company came on and that Elena was very excited and said the TV was playing the song that plays in the car. The next day she wanted to listen to it. And then she wanted to hear "Band On The Run." But she doesn't call it that, she calls it "Band On The RUG." And we listened to it over & over & over. Every time it ended a little voice from the back seat would say, "Can I hear it again, Mama?" Shanon ended up just putting it on repeat.

The best part was listening to her sing it. She not only sang the words but sang along with the guitar parts!! She'd be very quiet on the verses and then when the chorus hit it was her full 4-year-old voice: "BAND ON THE RUG!! BAND ON THE RUUUG! LA LA LA AND SAILOR SAM..." It was way too cute!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All I Can Say Is EEEYEEW!!!

Seriously. "Eeyeew" is the only thing running through my brain right now. I'm at work and it's been a very busy night. I have three handlers running very fast tests and a handtest, which I detest (I was going to put "hate" until I realized "detest" rhymed, I'm weird, I know). I was working on one of the handlers, placing stoppers in the tubes, when I happened to look down at a bundle of fails that were already bagged from previous partials earlier in the week. There was something green and round and squishy looking in the bag. "What the hell is that," I asked myself, thinking that it almost looked like an eraser. But it also looked like gum. Chewed gum. I opened the bag and sure enough - pre-chewed spearmint gum. I could still smell the minty fresh scent. I removed the fails and put them in another bag then cut the offensive bag into little squares and threw it away. I had to cut it up because if the evil "C" shift found it in the trash and pulled it out and saw the gum there would be a ban on gum and that just can't happen!! It's still ooking me out. E.E.E.Y.E.E.W!!!



Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Deer Friends

Time: 5:30am.
Place: Quail Lake
Incident: Deer fight

Prescilla & I were taking our early morning walk today when we saw a small buck crossing the road towards us. We kept an eye on him as he crossed, not wanting to be in his way when he jumped the concrete barriers that separated the road from the park. We watched him as best we could in the dim light as he hopped over and ran into the brush around the lake. As we rounded the bend, we saw that he was not alone - there were 2 other bucks that were huge and a smallish doe hiding in a bush with only her head sticking out. The boys were fighting over her, letting out scary mooing sounds while they circled each other. The largest one even hissed!

We stopped dead in our tracks, not wanting to intrude on this fight. All I could think of was the Fox special When Animals Attack where the deer attacked a man while his wife taped the incident. I didn't want to get gored, kicked, bit or trampled. When they started circling again, their eyes locked on each other, we made a break for it and walked as fast as we could past the fight. I kept watching them as we passed to make sure they weren't going to charge. Suddenly the biggest one looked right at me!!

Crap! Was eye contact a deer sign for a challenge?? I couldn't fight a deer - I had no antlers to defend myself with!!

Luckily, the buck turned his attention once more towards his rival. A few feet away, on the other side of the path, were 2 does, peacefully munching away on grass. I told Prescilla that they needed to head over to the other side as it would even out the buck/doe ratio and maybe stop the fight.

We made it back to work alive and un-gored. Thank God!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Thursday, November 10, 2005

Obsession Of The Moment

I've become completely hooked on the cancelled TV show Firefly & the movie Serenity that followed the show after it was cut by Fox. I was hoping to be Jayne but I guess I'm just not that good at being a mercenary!

You scored as Simon, the Doctor. Simon Tam, a former well-to-do young surgeon and bachelor extraordinaire.
You gave up everything to help your sister, which I respect.
However, you are also pompous and talk too much, which I also respect.

Simon, the Doctor


Inara, the "Companion"




First Mate Zoe


Shepherd Book


Jayne Cobb, resident bad-ass


Captain Malcolm Reynolds


Kaylee, the Mechanic


Wash, the Pilot


created with QuizFarm.com

Funny that I was closest to being Inara, the resident...um...companion! Eep!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The IHOP Fashion Report

Before I go any further can I get a "Whoa, Derek?" Whhhooooaaaa Derrrrrek!! AOL News linked to him in a feature about Blogger reactions to Terrell Owens being suspended and ultimately released by the Eagles. He's our little star!! I guess I better start writing about more sporty topics, huh?

Also...in yesterday's post I have a small correction to make. Mom called the Colts "Loser-Free", not "Non-Losers" like I originally posted. Still funny, though!

So!! On with the post! Last night the Dinner Crew hit IHOP as usual and lo & behold there was a fashion victim sitting across from us, just begging to be MattedSpam fodder. Sadly it wasn't the infamous IHOP Skank - I seriously think she's been banned from going in there. I heard the waitresses complaining about her one night so it wouldn't surprise me if they told her not to peddle her trade in their establishment.

This girl, though, was immediately christened the IHOP Slut. She looked to be in her early 20's with streaked blonde hair and a ton of make-up. She was wearing pajamas. Now, I wear pajamas in public - shopping or even to work - but my idea of public pj's are long pink & white plaid flannel bottoms and a long sleeved pink Hello Kitty In Candy Land t-shirt. It's all respectable looking. This chick...teal bottoms with Tinkerbell slung way low so that her red thong (& butt) was in full view, a tight skimpy matching tank top that her boobs were bursting out of and a teal cocktail umbrella in her hair. I'm thinking that the cocktail umbrella was the clue to why she was dressed the way she was. Too drunk to know or care.

She wasn't near as bad as The Skank but I really don't need to see boobs & butt while I'm eating. Is that too much to ask?

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

That Undefeated Thing...

So the Indianapolis Colts are still undefeated. I'm glad they beat New England cuz I really hate Tom Brady & the Pats but...someone needs to beat these Colts! I just can't imagine having another team besides the '72 Dolphins being undefeated. It just doesn't seem right.

I had Collin look up Indy's remaining schedule for me last night and it looks scary...I don't think any of those teams have what it takes to beat the Colts...next week it's Houston...maybe I'll pray for an upset. I was hoping that they would have to face Miami but they don't. See, Miami's pretty good at defending that "We're-The-Only-Undefeated-Team-In-NFL-History" thing...when the '83 Chicago Bears were on the rampage and it looked like they would go without a loss, the Dolphins stepped up and became the only team that season to beat Da Bears.

When Mom & I were at the Broncos/Eagles game, they showed the Indy score on the Jumbo-Tron and Mom said that someone needed to beat those Colts - "I'm tired of them being....you know..." She was trying to think of the word 'undefeated' and all she could come up with was "non-losers!" It works, I guess.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Me & ...

Now that hockey has returned, I suddenly had an urge to complete a project I started over a year ago: put all my hockey cards away in alphabetical order. It took me about 4 days to do this once I started...I have a crapload of hockey cards. If a player ever played on the Avs, I have their cards. If they retire or play for another team, I still collect them. And being the girl that I am, if they're cute I collect their cards. Hence my giant collection of Fedorov, Kidd, Selanne & Brodeur cards. What I also found while doing this was a bunch of pictures that I had from my time as an Avalanche groupie. I'm going to brag...um...I mean share these with you now.

First off we have the Avs TV announcer & former Bruin & Devil, Peter McNab. I love him - his smile is so cheesy and he's so funny to listen to. He's also super nice - I have about 6 cards of his and he's pretty much signed them all. This picture was taken at the 1998 Avalanche Luncheon where Christina & I payed out the nose to have lunch with the players. When I asked him for a picture, he said, "You don't want a picture with me. Not with all the big stars around here." But he slung his arm around me and smiled his cheesy grin anyway.

I love this picture!! Not of me but the fact that I'm standing next to then-Florida goalie Trevor Kidd. I actually started liking him because I liked his helmet when he played for Calgary. I started collecting his cards because of this and then I saw what he looked like and I was hooked. Florida came to the Pepsi Center 11-17-99 and I went, determined to meet Trevor Kidd. When he went inside The Can, I yelled "Good luck" to him and he flashed me the peace sign. After the game when he came out, I hollered, "Do you have time for an autograph? PLEASE, please, pleeeease?" He acquiesced and came over, signing my program and taking the picture with me. A bunch of Avs fans swarmed him when he came over then walked away asking, "Who's that?" Uh! If you don't know, keep your Sharpies in your pockets!!!

Hee hee!! Mike Ricci, former Av, former Shark, now a Coyote. He was the reason I started watching hockey. I waited 5 years for this picture. This was taken on January 4, 2001. I will always remember the date because Christina got to meet Peter Forsberg that night and the date was drilled into my head!! I just remember that Ricci was kind of snotty when I finally met him but I didn't care too much. Notice my awesome Avs leather coat that Mom & Dad bought me for Christmas and my cool Foote "52" hat.

Ahhh, Stephane Yelle. One of my favorites. He was always willing to stop & sign autographs and pose for pictures. The day I had this picture taken (notice Big Mac aka the late McNichol's Arena in the background.) I had just bought a Yelle jersey. When he came over, there was a young girl next to me in a wheelchair waiting for autographs so I figured he would go to her first. Nope! Came right to me and said, in his high girly voice, "Nice jersey." You'll see the picture is signed - I did that a lot when I forgot to bring cards.

Cute little Alex Tanguay. He's always so sweet. When I took this picture back a week later to have it signed, he gave me the greatest smile.

Dan Hinote. He's so adorable. And the only one to always stop for autographs when I was hunting them. Great smile. This was taken at their practice facility which is why he's in his vehicle. My hair was so long then. I miss that.

Milan Hejduk. He's one of my faves based soley on his play. It took me a long long time to ever meet him. He rarely ever stopped. This was a banner day for me. And I actually like the shot of me! :-) Oh, yeah...my hedgehog in my sidebar is named for him because Dad always called him The Hedgehog.

Saving the best for last, #33, the winningest goalie of all time, three time Conn Smythe trophy winner....PATRICK ROY!!!!! My favorite player ever ever ever! Now that he's retired I have to give that honor to Martin Brodeur but I still miss Roy. This was taken at training camp down here at the World Arena. I had been there wanting Hejduk to sign my jersey but he didn't even stop. I was so upset I looked up, saw Roy and said, "Can I have a picture with you?" he said sure and the rest is photographic history. Notice he's wearing a Broadmoor Golf Club hat. The autograph happened about two years later when he stopped and I didn't have anything else for him to sign. This was the first picture that I ever had blown up to an 8x10 size at Walgreens.

So there you have it. Me & my hockey guys. There's more to come....there's always more to come! :-) Have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Shaping The Future Me

I heard on the radio last night that the Moscow Ballet troupe is coming to town in a couple of weeks to perform The Nutcracker. I've always wanted to see both a ballet and The Nutcracker so I'm hoping that maybe I'll get to go while they're here. Being a girl, I've always had a slight fascination with ballet. When I was in 4th grade I took ballet lessons - nothing ever came of them, though. We never even had a recital. I wonder why. But I had the tutu (Derek posted that pic a couple weeks ago) and I knew the feet and arm positions.

About that time (4th grade, I think...) Mom informed me that my grandparents were coming to visit from Junction and that Grandma, Mom, Uncle Ray & I were going to see The Nutcracker ballet in Denver while Dad, Grandpa & Derek went to see a Colorado Rockies hockey game. I was so excited!! A real ballet and The Nutcracker no less!! Ray got the tickets and came back with the sad news that the ballet was pretty much sold out and they couldn't get 4 tickets together, only 3 so guess who got shut out of the experience? Yep. I was told that I would instead accompany the boys to the hockey game. Pfft. What fun was that? I wanted to see the ballet, damn it!!!

So reluctantly I went to see Rockies Hockey. I sat next to Grandpa and some old fat man who drank beer after beer after beer. He scared me at first but as the game wore on, I realized that it was pretty cool - fast and exciting and there was even a fight! Grandpa is a pretty quiet guy when he's watching sports so I turned to the drunk next to me and watched him for his reactions. When he cheered, I cheered. If he booed or cussed, I booed and got mad. That man taught me how to watch a hockey game.

And now here I am, a huge hockey fan. If I had gotten to go to the ballet, I might be an anorexic living in New York right now!

A postscript: When Mom came back from the ballet she said the seat next to them was empty the whole time! Guess it was meant for me to see that hockey game!!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Broncos Funday Sunday

Sunday Mom & I went to the Broncos/Eagles game. I fully intended to bring Collin's digital camera to snap photos of the experience but I forgot. Probably just as well - it started raining during the 4th quarter and I would hate to have ruined Collin's camera! The cutest picture that never was, though, would have been Mom showing off her Lynch jersey to Mrs. Lynch. It was the Broncos' Wives Food Drive and John Lynch's wife happened to be collecting donations at the south entrance. Mom went right up to her, showed her the jersey she was wearing and told her that he was her favorite player now. She smiled and said, "Thanks. He's ours, too." She was very nice and really pretty - typical football wife: tall, skinny & blonde!

The game started off so great - I'd like to think that we South Standers helped Donovan McNabb miss every one of his attempted passes during the first quarter by screaming and making Rocky Mountain Thunder. I've never stomped my feet harder or so much - my legs are really sore still from all that "Thunder-makin'." It started off pretty chilly but seconds after we scored the fourth touchdown, the sun came out. God is definitely a Bronco fan! :-) By halftime I had taken off my coat to show off my (awesomely authentic autographed) Trevor Pryce jersey. Sadly, it started to rain in the 4th so back on went the coat & gloves.

Speaking of my favorite player (we were...Trevor), his sack on McNabb was so awesome!! He called it before the play - pointed at the Eagles' QB as he was getting into position for the snap. Then he exploded through the line and laid him flat. It was so great! You'd think that someone would have been covering him but it sure looked like he was left alone.

Best play of the game, though - Jeb Putzier's one-handed snag in the end zone. God, that was beautiful. Jeb's a tough ol' boy, too. He took one hell of a beating Sunday.

I'll admit that I almost fell asleep during the 3rd quarter. With the Eagles attempting a comeback and me running on no sleep (I had to work the night before) I had about had it. Luckily Dominic Foxworth's interception in the endzone woke me up.

When Devoe caught his touchdown, the guys behind us were wondering who #14 was...where did he come from? Mom, whose personality changed when she's at a Bronco game (i.e.: stealing the bench from Mile High), said, "That's Devoe. Keep up here." I don't know if they heard her, though. Then as the dejected Eagles fans were leaving when the rain started, people in our section started waving and singing "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." When it quieted down some, Mom said, "Buh-Bye! See ya. Not in the playoffs. Hahahaha!"

Mom & I also got to sign a giant Get Well card for Dwayne Carswell before the game. And we spent a lot of time watching the cheerleaders trying to pick out Jake Plummer's girlfriend. I think she was the one dressed as Tinkerbell.

All in all, this ranks up there as one of the most fun games I've ever been to. On the bus ride back, Mom told me that she didn't have anyone to go to the Baltimore game with her. I asked her what the date was then as she was digging out her schedule I said, "I don't know why I'm asking. I'll go." I'm a Broncos junkie. Oh, well - there are worse things to be hooked on!

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