Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Shaping The Future Me

I heard on the radio last night that the Moscow Ballet troupe is coming to town in a couple of weeks to perform The Nutcracker. I've always wanted to see both a ballet and The Nutcracker so I'm hoping that maybe I'll get to go while they're here. Being a girl, I've always had a slight fascination with ballet. When I was in 4th grade I took ballet lessons - nothing ever came of them, though. We never even had a recital. I wonder why. But I had the tutu (Derek posted that pic a couple weeks ago) and I knew the feet and arm positions.

About that time (4th grade, I think...) Mom informed me that my grandparents were coming to visit from Junction and that Grandma, Mom, Uncle Ray & I were going to see The Nutcracker ballet in Denver while Dad, Grandpa & Derek went to see a Colorado Rockies hockey game. I was so excited!! A real ballet and The Nutcracker no less!! Ray got the tickets and came back with the sad news that the ballet was pretty much sold out and they couldn't get 4 tickets together, only 3 so guess who got shut out of the experience? Yep. I was told that I would instead accompany the boys to the hockey game. Pfft. What fun was that? I wanted to see the ballet, damn it!!!

So reluctantly I went to see Rockies Hockey. I sat next to Grandpa and some old fat man who drank beer after beer after beer. He scared me at first but as the game wore on, I realized that it was pretty cool - fast and exciting and there was even a fight! Grandpa is a pretty quiet guy when he's watching sports so I turned to the drunk next to me and watched him for his reactions. When he cheered, I cheered. If he booed or cussed, I booed and got mad. That man taught me how to watch a hockey game.

And now here I am, a huge hockey fan. If I had gotten to go to the ballet, I might be an anorexic living in New York right now!

A postscript: When Mom came back from the ballet she said the seat next to them was empty the whole time! Guess it was meant for me to see that hockey game!!

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