Monday, October 30, 2006

What A Weekend!

Man! We had a full-fledged blizzard Thursday(see previous post for the pics) and the next day was 60 degrees!! Mom & I went to the Broncos/Colts game Sunday which by tomorrow I should have a post up about, complete with pictures!!

Ian LaPerierre scored his 100th career goal last night against the Wild - I got home and turned the game on just in time to see it. Ian LaPee is my new favorite Avalanche player since Rob Blake & Alex Tanguay are gone. I still have Milan Hejduk but...I don't know, I like the scrappier players. And Ian LaPee looks like a hockey player with the crazy messed up nose!

I really want to talk about the Bronco game but I also don't want to give myself less to talk about when I get the pictures posted. I forgot to leave the camera at home so Collin could pull off the pics so...that's why the post has to wait.

Look at me just babbling on and on. Maybe I should actually get some work done!! :-)



Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow Day!!!!

We're having a blizzard!! An actual blizzard! We haven't a real snowstorm like this for 9 years!! This is so great! What's great about it is that I'm not out in it, I'm snug in my house and Collin didn't go to work and the kids don't have school so we're all just hanging out! Here's what the storm is doing:

This is the view from our front door...

This is our back patio...

...and a mere 40 minutes later!!

A close up of the picnic table in the front...

And one more shot of the back patio!

We've already had hot cocoa and after a while we're going to watch movies. Providing the tree branches don't break and we lose power...



Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner Conversation

Time: Sunday afternoon while watching the Broncos play.

Set-Up: Jason Elam just missed his 2nd field goal.

Me: Yargh!! Darn that MaleMan! Feed him to the Dawgs!! (collapsing in a fit of laughter while Collin looks on confused.) Oh! You don't get why that's funny, do you?


Me: Okay, you know I call Jason Elam the MaleMan because his name spelled backwards is Male...

Collin: Yeah...

Me: And dogs are a mailman's enemy so you would feed a mailman to the dogs but what's so funny about this is that the Cleveland stadium is called the Dawg Pound and all the fans are Dawgs! (More laughter) See...that's funny!!

Collin: Oookay...(going back to his chicken, shaking his head at his football-crazy girlfriend)



Old School Monday - L.A. Guns

This was the first video I ever saw by L.A. Guns and I fell head over heels for the song and for Tracii Guns - before I knew he was 4 foot nothing. Anyhoo, enjoy this Headbanger's Ball classic!



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Badfinger- No Matter What

Welcome to another Badfinger Wednesday! I don't know why this video was on MTV - I didn't know anyone at MTV even knew who Badfinger was but nonetheless, here's one of my favorite tunes by them. Def Leppard recently covered this one and did a fantastic job on it. Joe Elliott's no Pete Ham but then, who is? Enjoy!!



Problematic Parking

I was at Safeway today with Dad - - I was driving and was going to pull into a handicapped spot up front. Now before you get upset with me, Dad has a handicapped placard since he has a hard time walking what with arthritis and the neuropathy and all. Anyway...I started to pull into a handicapped space and damned if they hadn't taken down the handicapped sign and replaced it with one that read: "Deli Parking. 10 minutes."


I started thinking about this as I found an actual handicapped spot. Why do deli customers need their own parking spot? Why, if you're just running in for some cold cuts and a tub of tater sald do you need to be so close to the damn door? What about the people just running in for some milk? I don't see a Dairy Parking. Or Toiletry Parking for those people who really need a pack of toilet paper.

What's so damn special about deli customers? Why why WHY do they get preferential treatment? If I go to Safeway to buy some eggs, should I have to walk farther than someone going to get a half pound of thin sliced roast beef? Hell, the deli's right by the entrance anyway!! You can walk in, grab your cole slaw and be out before I get to the Cheese-Its aisle!!! Deli Parking spots are CLOSER to the door than the handicapped spots! WTF????? It just doesn't make any sense to me. None. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be thunked in the noggin!



Monday, October 16, 2006

The Elena & Jordyn Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with Shanon & Elena as is my norm. Shanon informed me that Elena had a new song and told her to tell me what it was. "Do you know the song 'We Built This City?' she asked me. I answered that I did indeed know that song and she said she loved it, it was her very favorite song! Later on, while we were shopping, she asked me, "Do you know what we built this city on?"

"Umm...rock & roll?"

"That's right!!!"


Saturday evening before I went into work, Jordyn was giving me a quiz. It was all about her. What was her favorite song, who was her queen friend (me, by the way! :-) ) etc, etc. I did fairly well on it. The next evening, she did the same thing but changed a couple of the answers. After a while I told her I was asking her questions! "What's my favorite sport?"


"Yes. Who's my favorite team?"

"The Broncos."

"Yes. Who's my favorite Bronco player?"

"Uhhh....Jake Pummler?" I love not only that she knew him but the way she said his name. "Pummler."

Then Collin asked her what my favorite movie was. "Cat Go Blue," she answered, thinking of Cat Ballou.

She didn't guess my favorite song, though. I think maybe only Collin knows that one!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

More With The Books

I've been a slacker when it comes to posting lately. That's why it took me until mid-month to post September's book list:

83. Reunion In Death - JD Robb
84. Purity In Death - JD Robb
85. First Impressions - Jude Deveraux
86. Cordina's Royal Family: Bennet & Camilla - Nora Roberts
87. Always Time To Die - Elizabeth Lowell
88. Portrait In Death - JD Robb
89. Twelve Sharp - Janet Evanovich
90. Imitation In Death - JD Robb
91. Raiders Of The Lost Corset - Ellen Byerrum
92. Divided In Death - JD Robb

The Book of the Month went to Twelve Sharp just because I always enjoy the Stephanie Plum books, she was a big change of pace from the Eve Dallas novels and Stephanie didn't have her car blown up for once!! Yay!

I'm almost done with JD Robb's Eve Dallas series -- I have 4 more books to go. Then I'll have to wait impatiently for the newest one to come out.

So, barring some major catastrophe that impairs my reading ability, I'll definitely get over 100 books read this year. I'd have to read non stop to make my New Year's resolution of 200. Maybe when I'm retired. Ha!



Friday, October 13, 2006

Conversation During Lost

We were watching Lost Wednesday night and there was a commercial for the sleep-aid Lunesta and their 7 night challenge...

TV: So go to now and take our 7 night challenge...

Me: Unless you live in New York.

Collin: What?

Me: At the bottom of the screen, it says 'Offer not valid in New York.'

Collin: Well...isn't that the city that never sleeps?



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Badfinger Wednesday

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out how to push Badfinger onto all of you! This is them performing "Baby Blue" on Kenny Rogers' TV show, Rollin' on the River. I like this clip because Pete's not wearing a shirt. Yeah, I'm shallow. It's not Mike Gibbins on drums, in fact, it looks like a chick. And notice how Joey looks like George Harrison with that beard! Anyway, enjoy my favorite band of all time.



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bronco Season

Bronco Season never really truly begins for me until I've been to a game. And since I went to the Monday Night game last night against the Ravens, BRONCO SEASON IS HERE!!!

The game itself was pretty boring until the final 5 minutes when we started actually moving the ball down the field. And since it was so stinking cold out there, we needed a reason to get up and cheer! It rained the whole time and both Mom & I found out that the coats we wore that said they were waterproof...well, they weren't waterproof! We were both soaked to the bone by the time we got back on the bus.

ESPN covered the game last night and they had their little broadcast booth set up in the South Stands right in our normal walkway. Because of that, our Thunderdog stand was moved to the other side. Mom & I, desperate for our Thunderdogs, walked all the way across the South Stands to get them. The guy running the stand said to Mom, "You usually visit me over on the other side." We couldn't believe he recognized her after all the people he usually deals with. I told her he thought she was cute and she laughed at me. Later when we got to our seats, I realized he had left the caps on our bottled water and Coke. They're supposed to take those off as a security precaution. "See? He DID think you were cute!!"

Anyway, back to the ESPN thing - - we were about 20 feet away from the booth in our seats and had perfect views of Stuart Scott, Chris Berman, Steve Young, Michael Irvin & Tom "TJ" Jackson. It was so cool to see these guys up close! Especially TJ! I loved him when he played for the Broncos. I would have taken a picture of them but I didn't bring my camera because of the rain.

Jake Plummer did pretty well, despite the interception, although sometimes I question his decision making skills. Like the 3rd & 3 play where he could have run for the first down AND had the option of flipping it to a semi-open player and he just threw it away. Javon Walker is my new favorite player on offense - the man has got some hands!! Al Wilson (my favorite all around player since Trevor Pryce was let go) was all over the field with 12 tackles & 4 assists and did you see Darrent Williams' hair??? So funky!! I tried to find a pic online of it, this was as good as I could find. The picture of him is the last one if you click on the game pics link.

It was so wrong seeing Trevor Pryce wearing a Ravens uniform, playing for the Ravens, wearing #90, lining up against George Foster...all of wrong. I miss Trevor!!

So - to end my football post, here's a conversation between Mom & I on the way up to the game:

Mom: Your Dad & I were watching the news about this protest of the Columbus Day Parade. The Native Americans were protesting that the Italians didn't discover America, they were here first and so on...and I relaized they were right so I told your dad, 'Yeah! It wasn't the Italians discovering America, it was my peeps!!"

Me: (laughing so hard I can't stand it. She said "PEEPS!")

Mom: Oh, that's not the funny part! Your Dad said , 'The Swedes?' and I said, 'No! My other Peeps!'

Have a great week, everyone!!!



Friday, October 06, 2006

Collin Found This

And sent it to me today. It's really cute!!

Click on that link. Really! Do it! I hardly ever ask you to click on anything. Trust me!!

The image ? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

If you're not familiar with Dr. Tran, go to and watch the movie called "Dr. Tran." Absolutely hilarious!



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