Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Problematic Parking

I was at Safeway today with Dad - - I was driving and was going to pull into a handicapped spot up front. Now before you get upset with me, Dad has a handicapped placard since he has a hard time walking what with arthritis and the neuropathy and all. Anyway...I started to pull into a handicapped space and damned if they hadn't taken down the handicapped sign and replaced it with one that read: "Deli Parking. 10 minutes."


I started thinking about this as I found an actual handicapped spot. Why do deli customers need their own parking spot? Why, if you're just running in for some cold cuts and a tub of tater sald do you need to be so close to the damn door? What about the people just running in for some milk? I don't see a Dairy Parking. Or Toiletry Parking for those people who really need a pack of toilet paper.

What's so damn special about deli customers? Why why WHY do they get preferential treatment? If I go to Safeway to buy some eggs, should I have to walk farther than someone going to get a half pound of thin sliced roast beef? Hell, the deli's right by the entrance anyway!! You can walk in, grab your cole slaw and be out before I get to the Cheese-Its aisle!!! Deli Parking spots are CLOSER to the door than the handicapped spots! WTF????? It just doesn't make any sense to me. None. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be thunked in the noggin!


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