Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let's Do It Again!

So last week's post about the bands I've seen live...that was so much fun and throughout the week I keep thinking of other bands I should have added to the list so, I'm making a 2nd list!

31. Cher - Troy & I saw her at McNichol's on the Believe Tour. I've never seen more gay men in one spot in my life!! Cher put on one hell of a show and she sang all the oldies, too, like "Half Breed" and "Gypsies, Tramps & Theives." Troy bought me a Cher Bear while we were there - it's a white teddy bear wearing a Cher t-shirt. So cute!!

32. Tina Turner - This was probably '99 I think, at Fiddler's Green. She was amazing! I grew up listening to my dad talking about how great this woman was so the fact that I actually got to see her perform makes me giddy!

33. Cyndi Lauper - She opened for both Cher & Tina Turner. The first show she had purple hair. The second show she was enormously pregnant and she asked the guy serving drinks to the VIP's in the front row for some milk. She really put on a great set - she's so unusual! ha!

34. Yes - 3 times, maybe? I know for sure I saw them twice...once in Denver the day I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. Yes is known for jams that go on for decades so I was just standing there (it was SRO - all I wanted was to sit down) swaying with exhaustion and pain while Steve Howe and Chris Squire went on and on and on....the other show was better: Front row center at Fiddler's right in front of Chris Squire. He's so COOL!

35. Rush - Yes & Rush were both bands that my ex was way into and I wasn't so much until he dragged me to see them live. Rush really brought me around to their music with their live shows...Geddy Lee is so fun to watch and Neil Peart - oh, my God! That man is a god on drums! Alex Lifeson's pretty awesome as well. At the last show of theirs I saw they had a washer & dryer running onstage and at one point Geddy pulled Rush t-shirts out of the dryer and tossed them to the crowd. By the way: Geddy Lee & Mike Ricci - sepearted at birth???

37. Dream Theatre - I couldn't even tell you any songs this band sang. My ex dragged me to this one as well, another SRO show. The dude in front of me was so high...he turned around and just stared at me every once in a while. I always wondered what I looked like through his drug-induced sight. I was also sick sick sick after this show for a week!

38. Gary Hoey - I'm not usually into just music - I like words that I can sing with but with Gary Hoey I'll make an exception. This guy is simply awesome. I saw him at a little club called Brooklyn's in downtown Colorado Springs and when he played his version of "Wipe Out" the floor literally bounced! It was so cool. I met him once after a show in Golden and he shook my hand and said, "Thanks for coming, love." I loved that!

39. Poco - Hands down the most boring concert I've ever been to. I went with a guy I liked and I fell asleep. That's bad!

40. Savage Garden - I can't believe I forgot them the last time! I love this band, I love Darren Hayes. I saw them the first time for free at Red Rocks and the second time with Christina and my cousin Crystal at the State Fair. I would have seen them every time they came to town if they hadn't broken up. And Darren Hayes hasn't come here since even though he has solo stuff!! Hello, Darren!! Come to Colorado!!!!

41. Richard Marx - He's such a cutie and the King Of Mush! All his songs are super mushy & cheesy! Mom & I took my aunt Mary Beth to see him at the Air Force Academy - the guy that played Jason on The Walton's was in his band - and after the show she went right out & bought his tape.

42. Warrant - I took Mom to see this show at the Air Force Academy. She loved her some Jani Lane cuz he looked like John Elway! She actually put a poster of them up in her bedroom. Dad allowed it for about a month before it ended up in my room! And then one night they played Rack N Roll and Jani was sick as a dog but he still performed. He impressed me that night!

43. Firehouse - They opened for Warrant. I don't remember much about this show - I remember liking them a lot more afterwards, though.

44. Trixter - They opened for Warrant, too. Just a bunch of young kids playing rock n roll. They were cute.

45. Berlin - I won tickets to see them at the Air Force Academy. Terri Nunn is another of my heroes. It was a really good show - the only album I had at the time was Count Three And Pray but afterwards I bought all of them. They're still one of my fave bands!

46. Chuck Berry - He headlined one of the oldies concerts I went to and he was really good!

47. The Association - Another oldies show headliner. Mom & I were in the front row for this show and the bass player was flirting with Mom! Go, Mom!!

48. Tommy James & The Shondells - They put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. Tommy James' enthuiasm for the music is infectious.

49. Bill Medley - One half of the Righteous Brothers...he was really good. His voice...wow!

50. Heart - Holy cow, how did I forget them???? I love them SO much! I went to this show with a friend of mine from college and we went to visit a friend before the concert and ended up being late - we arrived halfway through The Black Crowes set. (That was probably the time Chris Robinson ended up getting his band banned from Denver!) Heart was amazing and they shot the video for "Stranded" during the concert. If you look closely, you can see my friend Troy & his parents in the video...well, only if you know what they look like.

51. Eddie Money - He's my "boob buddy." I was in the front row during his set (he played at Ft. Carson with Alice Cooper & Joe Walsh) and I was bouncing to "Two Tickets To Paradise" and he kept looking at my boobs and smiling at me! What a letch! But I love his music!!

52. The Eagles/Joe Walsh - I'm lumping these two together because...well...just because. When I saw The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour, Joe Walsh was a madman on stage! It was a great show and so when we got tix to see Joe Walsh solo I was stoked. Eddie Money opened, then Alice Cooper played and then Joe Walsh came out and put the crowd to sleep. Alice definitely should have been the headliner!! Next to Poco, Joe was the most boring show I've seen!

53. Burt Bacharach - Okay, now...stop laughing. There was a reason I went to see him. I'll tell you what in a sec. Burt sang maybe 2 songs and for the rest he had a couple girls and a guy. I didn't realize how good most of his music was. But he seemed quite into himself and he never thanked nor even mentioned his opening act, which is why I went to see ol' Burt....

54. Linda Eder - I love her!!!! She was why I bought the ticket to the Burt Bacharach show. She won Star Search years and years ago and her voice is kick-ass! She's got a range that will blow your head clean off...the note she hits in the middle of "Man Of La Mancha"...Oh. My. God. I've seen her twice - the first time she played the Temple Buell Theatre in Denver and Troy bought the tix. The only thing I knew about her was she was in Jeckyll & Hyde off Broadway at the time and I loved her songs in the show. When I saw her in concert I was blown away. Never before & never since have I been moved to jump out of my seat and applaud but when she hit that note that I was just talking about, there was nothing more to do. If you've never listened to her, do yourself a favor. Get either "It's Time," "It's No Secret Anymore" or "Gold" - you'll love her, too!

So there's 24 more bands I've seen live. I bet by now you think all I do is go to concerts, huh?



Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Review

So Thursday was my birthday and I got some great stuff!! Great hooded sweaters from Mom & Dad, an awesome drum t-shirt from Christina, a gorgeous Ariel doll from Shanon just to name a few. I also got gift cards which are such a fun gift - going shopping and knowing you've got this $25 buffer to get whatever you want ROCKS! I got 3 of them - 1 to Barnes & Noble, 1 to Hobby Lobby and 1 to Entertainmart -- Derek & Squatchy accounted for 2 of those and that was totally too much! But I appreciated it! :-)

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the gift that my Collin got me. I had asked for the special edition of Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" CD that came with a bonus DVD and the DVD of her Harajuku Tour for my birthday. A couple days later he said he knew what he was getting me but it was completely different from what I had asked for. I said okay. I trust him to know what I like.

The day before my birthday he told a couple guys whom he works with what he was getting me. One of them stayed silent while the other one laughed & laughed & laughed...now he was scared. He was afraid it wasn't as good a gift as he had originally thought and wanted to tell me what it was so if I thought it sucked I could tell him and he'd get me something else. I told him not to tell me and just get it. I trusted him...and who cares what the guys at work thought?

All day long I wondered what the heck could he be getting me? He said it was big and it was something I needed & wanted...I couldn't think of anything. I started saying he was getting me a cat just because I was at a loss.

Well....it wasn't a cat.

Collin bought me a full size, office-quality filing cabinet!!!!

I'm so happy! I've been wanting one for years to file and organize all my genealogy info that I've aquired. It fits perfectly in the dining room right by the printer and computer - it's the coolest gift ever! So...thanks, babe! :-)

And thank you to all of you who got me presents and wished me a happy birthday! You all rock!



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No Originality Whatsoever

Derek posted about 25 bands/artists that he has seen live and that was such a fun post to read that I wanted to write one. So, with no further ado...

1. Ferrante & Teicher - This was the very first concert I ever went to. I was 3 or 4 and Mom couldn't get a babysitter I guess. I remember that I was enthralled with the duel pianos and the music. I'm pretty sure I behaved exceptionally well that night.

2. Air Supply - Despite the crap that Derek talked about this show, they were SO good! Yes, I'm a total geek, I love Air Supply. When you're in desperate need of cheesy love songs, who else can you turn to but Graham Hitchcock & Russell Graham? And, yes, I know their names. I didn't even have to Google them. Sad....

3. Poison - Enter the hair metal years. Poison was the first show since Air Supply some years before. They were so much fun! I remember that Rikki Rickett's drum solo was too long and boring but other than that they were really good. I saw them again in 2000 at Fiddler's Green and they blew me away - when they shut the power off (Fiddler's has a curfew for those of you not familiar with that venue), Bret Michaels was PISSED!

4. Tesla - I've seen them 3 times. They're such a good rock band! The first time I saw them they opened for Poison in 1988 and all I can recall was that the singer, Jeff Keith, had white jeans with black handprints on them and Rhonda, my friend who went with me, said she'd have liked to have made the prints on his butt. *sigh*....we were 16. What do you expect?

5. Kiss - 3 times for them as well. The first time was at Red Rocks in 1990 for the Hot In The Shade tour and it rained the entire time. I was soaked! Then I saw the first Farewell Tour in 1996 at McNichols Arena and then in 2000 at Fiddler's Green. They never fail to put on a great show.

6. Cinderella - Oooo! I love them! Tom Keifer is such a great frontman! I've seen them twice. When they played Red Rocks in '89, he was lowered from the ceiling while playing a piano during the intro for "Don't Know What Ya Got ('Til It's Gone). Awesome! Then at Fiddler's he shows up on stage wearing a top hat. Yummy!

7. BulletBoys - They opened for Cinderella at Red Rocks. The drummer came up into the seats to check out the set and my cousin & I got to meet him. Jimmy D'Anda, that was his name! He wasn't very friendly.

8. Slaughter - Oh, my! I used to be so obsessed with this band! I saw them at Red Rocks, the Air Force Academy, Rack N Roll & Fiddler's Green. They're coming to Loveland next month and I want to go! They're just a fun, cute band! My friend Christina got to meet them all every time they were in town - the guitarist Tim Kelly (r.i.p.) called her "family." If you go here, you can see pics of her with the guys!

9. Skid Row - You knew this was coming! If you're a faithful reader of The Spam then you know how I feel about these boys. I never saw them with Sebastian Bach but that's okay. Johnny Solinger is good enough for me!!!

10. Garbage - Shirley Manson is my hero! Well, one of them at least. I've seen them twice, once as headliners and once as openers for No Doubt. Shirley & the boys put on one hell of a show. Both times I was disappointed when they had to leave the stage. They are SO awesome!

11. No Doubt - Gwen Stefani is my hero! The top one, no one can ever budge her. She's the best. This was one of the best shows I've ever seen. She was on fire! And during the encore she noticed a kid in the crowd dressed up like bassist Tony Kanal so she pulled him up onstage and asked if he played bass. When he said he did, she made Tony give him his bass and had him play while she sang "Hella Good."

12. Queensryche - Speaking of best shows ever, this one is in the top 5. I've seen them twice and Geoff Tate's voice blows me away! The second show at Red Rocks he was dressed in a business suit & snappy shoes. Loved it!

13. Bon Jovi - Mom's Christmas present last year - these boys rocked! Jon still sounds as good as ever!

14. Duran Duran - Hands down the bestest show I've ever ever seen. I can't thank Mom enough for getting me the tickets for Christmas 2 years ago.

15. The Aquabats - An odd little band that Collin likes a lot. They were a ton of fun!

16. Reba McEntire - 4 times. She's the queen of country. The first time I saw her I went with my friend Troy who was a member of her fan club. After the show he got to go backstage and meet her. I got to stand outside McNichol's Arena in the rain and wait for him. But that woman knows how to put on a show!

17. Ricky Scaggs - He played one of the shows with Reba - the Air Force Academy. It was outside and it startesd lightning so they wouldn't let him go on but he came out anyway and played an acoustic set. He was very classy.

18. Badfinger - EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen Joey Molland's Badfinger twice now and I met him once. I love him! The 2nd time was at the AFA and I got burnt to a crisp. One day I'll post the picture of my burn. But it was totally worth it!

19. Kansas - I've seen them twice. I saw them in Denver a week before they played with Badfinger at the Air Force Academy and both shows was the same set, the same canned patter. I was so disappointed!

20. Foreigner - They were good. They were the headliners for the AFA show w/ Kansas & Badfinger. Since I had gotten crispified, Troy & I went into a tent during Kansas' set to cool off while my ex and his buddy stayed down by the stage. When the sun started to set, I joined them on the ground again. I saw some huge dude belting out "Cold As Ice" and I asked my ex who was singing. He said, "That's Lou Gramm, baby." I was shocked!

21. Dolly Parton - She played the first ever Country Jam in Grand Junction and it was just down the road from my Grandma's house - if you sat on her front porch you could hear the music - but I went to the show anyway, got crispified again (in fact I had blistered for the first time ever and my cousin, who was younger than me, kept hitting me in the blister and laughing. No one saw her. I smacked her upside the head and EVERYONE saw that, of course!!) and watched Dolly put on a great show!!

22. Garth Brooks - I've seen him - - 5 or 6 times. Every time he came to Colorado, Troy & I were there. He always was worth the price of admission.

23. Rob Zombie - The first time I had ever been in a mosh pit. Within seconds of the music starting I was thrown 20 feet backwards. Scared the hell out of me and I stayed out afterwards. He was fun, though!

24. NSync - Yes, I've seen them. And not only once, but twice. They were extremely entertaining and sooooo cute! I liked Chris & Joey.

25. Motley Crue - Sadly I've only seen them once on the Dr. Feelgood tour but they were SO good and SO loud - my ears rang for 2 days!!! I do remember Tommy Lee's flying drum kit stopping directly above me and him mooning the crowd!

26. Lita Ford - She opened for the Crue and she rocked! She's also one of my heroes!

27. Alice Cooper - Ooo! He's just the best! What can I say about him? I saw him chop his own head off onstage!!

28. The Scorpion - "KLAUS MEINE OF THE SCORPIONS!!!!" Mom went with us to this show because Alice was opening. She can never remember what their name is!

29. REO Speedwagon - They were so good! I love every one of their songs!

30. Styx - Where REO goes, so goes Styx. I'm just jazzed that I saw Tommy Shaw live!

Wow! That went fast! And I went a tinch overboard but I forgot some good ones so I had to expand it to 30!! Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!



Things That Make You Go Hmm....

So this new list came out of the top 10 Worst Movies Ever. Since I'm such a big fan of lists, I had to check it out. Here's the lists with my comments in italics! Oooo....

1. Spice World The Movie - Never saw it. Thank God!
2. Titanic - Okay, seriously! What the F*!@??? Second worst movie ever? How can it be worse than some of these farther down on the list???? How I can have seen the second worst movie ever 13 times in the theatre and countless times at home? I think some dumbass GUY wrote this list!
3. Grease 2 - It's not THAT bad! It's not Grease but it's also not THAT bad...geeze.
4. Waterworld - Not a big Kevin Costner fan and so I never saw it.
5. Hostel - I don't think it was so bad to warrant being on the top 10 list. It was pointless but it had it's moments like when the "hero" sees the chicks that betrayed him and...well, I don't want to ruin anything. I don't agree with this ranking. Besides, it gave me a great opportunity to say, "Ohhh....the torture museum...we can watch that...riiiight!" If you don't know what that's from then you haven't ever hung out with me for long! :)
6. Anaconda - Another never seen.
7. Batman & Robin - Pretty bad. Not a huge Chris O'Donnell fan anyway and to have to see him in tights...no thank you.
8. Gigli - Bennifer? Bleaaaach!
9. Catwoman - I really like Halle Berry and I really like cats...a shame.
10. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! - You have to wonder who owes whom a favor in Hollywood when a movie like this gets made.

So there's the Top 10 Worst Movies from some dumbass guy who decided to make a list. I can make lists, too! Watch:

Heather's Top 10 Best Movies:

10. The Wedding Singer
9. Ever After
8. The Little Mermaid
7. Monkey Business
6. The Grass Is Greener
5. While You Were Sleeping
4. Ghostbusters
3. Steel Magnolias
2. Titanic
1. Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom

What's your take?

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Freaked Out

Last weekend while Collin and I were watching a movie, he decided that it would be a good idea to move the computer from our bedroom downstairs into the dining room. I agreed. This way, when he's working on something and I want to work on something we're not on seperate floors.

So we moved the desk, the computer, the printer & it's table downstairs. Everything went smoothly. All the little stuff that was on or around the computer stayed upstairs on my dresser. This includes the little white trash can I had underneath the printer table. I still haven't gotten around to moving that trash can downstairs.

So...on to the point of my post...Friday night about midnight or so Collin & I were awakened by a loud crash. We both woke up enough to say, "What was that?" Collin thought it had come from inside my closet. Why would something inside my closet fall, I thought. Then I remembered that that night I had gone upstairs for something and noticed my closet door was open. I hadn't gone inside the closet for anything that day and didn't know why it was open. I closed it. Then when I went upstairs to go to bed, I noticed that the light inside the closet was on. It had been off when I shut it earlier. So when Collin thought something fell inside of it, I was convinced there was a ghost in the closet!

I finally fell back asleep and woke up again about 3:30am. I looked over towards the closet and saw that the trash can had actually fallen off of the dresser and that was what had made the crashing sound. I felt better about that for about 10 seconds. How the hell did the trash can fall down all by itself? Not to mention that it was laying on the ground with the opening facing the bed which if it had just fallen, the opening would have been pointing towards the bathroom. Once again, I'm a tad freaked out. But I had to go to the bathroom - that was why I had woke up. So I fling the covers back and sit up.


That's what I hear from out of nowhere. A little whisper that sounds like a little girl's voice. I said, "okay," put the covers back on me and after snuggling real close to Collin fell back asleep. When I woke up, Collin was picking up the trash and I got to thinking, maybe that little girl was trying to save me - - maybe I would have slipped on a pop can and gotten hurt. Who knows?? All I know is I heard that whisper and it very clearly said, "no."

Seriously spooky stuff!



Thursday, January 18, 2007


Kathleen tagged me! I'm so happy - I love things like this! Here we go - - -

A - Available/Single or Taken? Taken, thank you very much.
B - Best Friend? I have 3: Collin, Christina & Shanon
C - Cake or pie? Depends - - chocolate cake, I'm there. Pecan pie, key lime pie - yessiree!
D - Drink Of Choice? Strawberry Pepsi Jazz. I am SOOO addicted!
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? The computer. I would be lost without it!
F - Favourite Color? PURPLE! Followed very closely by PINK!
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears.
H - Hometown? Right where I'm sitting - Colorado Springs, CO
I - Indulgence? Books, music, clothes.
J - January or February? Gotta love January! That's my birth month! Whoo!
K - Kids & Their Names? They're not really mine but I claim them anyway - Justin & Jordyn. But the fuzzy hamsterly kid IS mine - Sam.
L - Life is Incomplete Without? Motley Crue. Just kidding - family, friends, books.
M - Marriage date? There's not one planned.
N - Number of Siblings? One brother Derek & a sister-in-law Heather
O - Oranges or Apples? Apples - sour green apples! Hell, yeah!
P - Phobias/Fears? Bees, clowns, spiders, being eaten alive by a zombie and claustrophobia.
Q - Favorite (movie) Quote? "Oh my God, oh my God, is he nuts?" "He no nuts, he crazy!"
R - Reason to Smile? Collin.
S - Season? Fall. I love everything about that season!
T - Tag 3 people?
Justin C
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I have no pinkies. I've got 10 fingers, I just don't have any pinkies. Ha! Just kidding - what I really don't have are pinky toenails. They're just a mushy mass of nail goo. Both of them.
V - Vegetable you don’t like? I know, I know they're a fungus - that's why I pick mushrooms.
W - Worst Habit? Cracking my knuckles.
X - X-rays You’ve Had? Thumb, teeth & ankle.
Y - Your Favorite Food? Mimi's Chinese Chicken Salad accompanied by their delish buttermilk spice muffin.
Z – Zodiac sign? Aquarius

Have fun, boys!!



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rerun Tuesday

About a year and half ago or so, I did a music quiz where the answers could only be the titles of songs by one band. I picked Skid Row at the time and now I'm doing it again, only this time I'm picking my band of the moment, Motley Crue. Hold on tight, here we go:

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Motley Crue
Are you male or female: Girls, Girls, Girls
Describe yourself: Rock 'N' Roll Junkie
How do some people feel about you: Starry Eyes
How do you feel about yourself: She Needs Rock 'N' Roll
Describe your ex husband: Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Describe your current boyfriend: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Describe where you want to be: Home Sweet Home
Describe what you want to be: Hell In High Heels
Describe how you live: Hooligan's Holiday
Describe how you love: Primal Scream
Share a few words of wisdom: Shout At The Devil

The random 10 (turning on my MP3 player and this is what we get):
1. Early Winter - Gwen Stefani (my new favorite song)
2. Look What You've Done - Jet
3. Two Times Dead - Brides of Destruction
4. Brace Yourself - Brides of Destruction
5. Different People - No Doubt
6. Drug - Berlin
7. Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
8. Now That You've Got It - Gwen Stefani
9. Shapeshifter - Josie & The Pussycats
10. Wild Side - Motley Crue

The last CD you bought is: Pharrell - In My Mind

What is the last song you listened to before this message: I've Got To See You Again - Norah Jones

Write down five songs you listen to a lot or mean a lot to you:
1. Timeless - Badfinger
2. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
3. Mouth - Merrill Bainbridge
4. Early Winter - Gwen Stefani
5. Breakin' Down - Skid Row

Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Gah! I can't count that high. I just can't.

The last film I bought: Benchwarmers

The last film I watched: In the theatre - The Holiday. On DVD - Election

Five films that I watch a lot:
1. Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
2. Titanic
3. While You Were Sleeping
4. Practical Magic
5. The Wedding Singer

The Last 4 books you've read:
1. The Dirt - Motley Crue
2. Mistletoe & Sword - Anya Seton
3. The Hearth & Eagle - Anya Seton
4. Tommyland - Tommy Lee

Okay, that's enough for today. Hope you all have a fine Tuesday!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

So Cold...So Very, Very Cold

So it's like -5 degrees outside right now I'm freezing!!! What's really sad is that I'm inside and I'm still freezing. The facilities people here at work put in 2 new vents on my floor so it's now a constant 44 degrees. I'm thinking I could get sick from it being that cold. Of course compared to outside, that's practically a heat wave but tell that to my frozen fingers!

For Christmas, my friend Ginny made me a double fleece Bronco blanket. It's the warmest thing I've ever had on me and I'm about ready to start bringing into work, ESD rules be damned!!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Four Things

This has been going around the emails but why not post it here?

Four Things about Me (that you may not have known...)

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Pizza hostess at Fargo's - it was so bad I went back a 2nd time.
2. Radio D.J. - That was fun except the pay...and the treatment by management...
3. Golf Course counter clown - UGH! Golfers (with the exception of a few including my dad) are the rudest bunch of people! Not one day went by when I didn't want to smack someone.
4. Operator at an electronics plant - So far my best job - load the machines and read a book or write a story or play a board game or blog....

Four Movies I have watched over and over:
1. Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom - "I was happy in Shanghai...I had a little house, a garden...my friends were rich, we went to parties all the time in limosuenes, I hate being outside!!"
2. The Wedding Singer - "You think the 'time to make the doughnuts' guy is sexy."
3. Titanic - "I know what ice fishing is...uh!"
4. While You Were Sleeping - "Is this guy botherin' you, Luce? Looks like he's...uh...leanin'."

Four of my Favorite Songs:
1. Return To Oz - Scissor Sisters
2. Coppertone Blues - Pete Ham
3. Early Winter - Gwen Stefani
4. Dreamin' Again - Jim Croce

Four places I've lived:
Okay, the thing is I've always lived here. Colorado Springs or it's little suburb Security. So here's 4 streets I've lived on:
1. Weber
2. Gleanarm
3. Hackberry
4. Durasno Terrace

Four TV channels I enjoy:
1. VH-1 Classic - Lynn Hoffman might bother me but she's a small price to pay to see videos that I haven't seen in years. And the Metal Mania Show...couldn't get any better!
2. The NFL Network - Steve Mariuchi is SO my friend. I may not have liked him when he coached the 49'ers but I love listening to him.
3. History Channel - Enough said.
4. A&E - The Saturday night crime line-up...I used to plan my day around that!

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chinese Chicken Salad from Mimi's - Add their buttermilk spice muffin to the mix and I'm a happy, happy girl.
2. Pasta, pasta & more pasta - I could live on pasta. But I'd need the chinese chicked salad every once in a while!
3. Anything from Rudy's Little Hideaway - The best Mexican food EVER!
4. Salad from Fargo's - lettuce, bleu cheese dressing (made there - it's better than any bleu cheese dressing I've ever tasted) and croutons. That's all I need!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home. - I'm writing this at work. In 11 1/2 hours I will be home. Yay!
2. Grand Junction - I miss Grandma.
3. Sweden - Never been, love to go
4. England - Ditto.

Four Things I Hate The Most:
1. Bad drivers
2. Rude customer service people
3. Oakland Raiders
4. Kansas City Cheifs

Four Famous People I Would Like To Be:
I'm pretty happy with me but if I have to choose....
1. Gwen Stefani
2. Evangeline Lilly
3. Rebecca Romijn
4. Jaime Pressly
I only picked them based on their looks. :-)

I guess that's about all for the Quiz Fun! Have a great day!



Family, Family & More Family

Genealogy is a never ending project. I've been working on it for about 5 years now and there's no end in sight. Recently I found out about my Dad's side - the Knight Family. Turns out that through that line we're hooked up with a slew of famous people. They include:

-George Washington (we were related to him through Mom's side as well)
-General Robert E. Lee
-President William Howard Taft
-First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson
-Thomas Jefferson
-First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush
-President George W. Bush
-Actor Lee Marvin

Of all of those people that I recently added to our family tree, I am most excited about Lee Marvin. He may be like a 22nd cousin 10x removed but it's still cool!! Kid Shelleen in MY family tree! Dad is thrilled - he says actors today aren't real men and Lee Marvin is one of those "Real Men" that people like Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp aspire to be. That's Dad's opinion, not mine, don't get mad at me!!! I would be tickled pink to have either Brad or Johnny in the tree!



Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's snowing again. Again! Geeze! What a winter. I haven't seen this much snow since I can't remember when. Anyway, all this snow talk is leading up to a story that I was told yesterday and I want to share with all of YOU today:

A guy that Shanon's husband works with was part of a group of people talking about how difficult it had been to get around in all this snow we've been having. He was saying how he couldn't even get out of his cul de sac, there was so much snow. But he didn't say "cul de sac." What he said was so funny and only made funnier by the fact that he thought he was pronouncing it correctly.

He called it a "cuddle sack."

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Monday, January 01, 2007

In Memory

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Denver Bronco cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting early Monday, a spokesman for his club said.
24-year-old Williams, who played for the Broncos on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, was riding in a limousine when shots were fired at his vehicle from another car.

Police said that three people were injured and they did not yet know the motive for the shooting.

Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano said that the club felt 'incredible shock and sadness at a senseless tragedy.' "

If you would like to send a note to the family of Darrent Williams, go to DenverBroncos.com. At the bottom of the page is the "Share Your Thoughts" option.
I can't get over this tragedy. It's all I've been thinking about since I heard. It's senseless to lose a young life in such a stupid way. And not only because he was a famous athlete who played football for MY team. He was a son, a father, a friend, a teammate and a hero to lots of kids who play the game. My thoughts & prayers go out to his mother, his children and his friends & teammates who have lost a wonderful person in their lives.
One last Mile High Salute for Darrent Williams.



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