Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let's Do It Again!

So last week's post about the bands I've seen live...that was so much fun and throughout the week I keep thinking of other bands I should have added to the list so, I'm making a 2nd list!

31. Cher - Troy & I saw her at McNichol's on the Believe Tour. I've never seen more gay men in one spot in my life!! Cher put on one hell of a show and she sang all the oldies, too, like "Half Breed" and "Gypsies, Tramps & Theives." Troy bought me a Cher Bear while we were there - it's a white teddy bear wearing a Cher t-shirt. So cute!!

32. Tina Turner - This was probably '99 I think, at Fiddler's Green. She was amazing! I grew up listening to my dad talking about how great this woman was so the fact that I actually got to see her perform makes me giddy!

33. Cyndi Lauper - She opened for both Cher & Tina Turner. The first show she had purple hair. The second show she was enormously pregnant and she asked the guy serving drinks to the VIP's in the front row for some milk. She really put on a great set - she's so unusual! ha!

34. Yes - 3 times, maybe? I know for sure I saw them twice...once in Denver the day I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. Yes is known for jams that go on for decades so I was just standing there (it was SRO - all I wanted was to sit down) swaying with exhaustion and pain while Steve Howe and Chris Squire went on and on and on....the other show was better: Front row center at Fiddler's right in front of Chris Squire. He's so COOL!

35. Rush - Yes & Rush were both bands that my ex was way into and I wasn't so much until he dragged me to see them live. Rush really brought me around to their music with their live shows...Geddy Lee is so fun to watch and Neil Peart - oh, my God! That man is a god on drums! Alex Lifeson's pretty awesome as well. At the last show of theirs I saw they had a washer & dryer running onstage and at one point Geddy pulled Rush t-shirts out of the dryer and tossed them to the crowd. By the way: Geddy Lee & Mike Ricci - sepearted at birth???

37. Dream Theatre - I couldn't even tell you any songs this band sang. My ex dragged me to this one as well, another SRO show. The dude in front of me was so high...he turned around and just stared at me every once in a while. I always wondered what I looked like through his drug-induced sight. I was also sick sick sick after this show for a week!

38. Gary Hoey - I'm not usually into just music - I like words that I can sing with but with Gary Hoey I'll make an exception. This guy is simply awesome. I saw him at a little club called Brooklyn's in downtown Colorado Springs and when he played his version of "Wipe Out" the floor literally bounced! It was so cool. I met him once after a show in Golden and he shook my hand and said, "Thanks for coming, love." I loved that!

39. Poco - Hands down the most boring concert I've ever been to. I went with a guy I liked and I fell asleep. That's bad!

40. Savage Garden - I can't believe I forgot them the last time! I love this band, I love Darren Hayes. I saw them the first time for free at Red Rocks and the second time with Christina and my cousin Crystal at the State Fair. I would have seen them every time they came to town if they hadn't broken up. And Darren Hayes hasn't come here since even though he has solo stuff!! Hello, Darren!! Come to Colorado!!!!

41. Richard Marx - He's such a cutie and the King Of Mush! All his songs are super mushy & cheesy! Mom & I took my aunt Mary Beth to see him at the Air Force Academy - the guy that played Jason on The Walton's was in his band - and after the show she went right out & bought his tape.

42. Warrant - I took Mom to see this show at the Air Force Academy. She loved her some Jani Lane cuz he looked like John Elway! She actually put a poster of them up in her bedroom. Dad allowed it for about a month before it ended up in my room! And then one night they played Rack N Roll and Jani was sick as a dog but he still performed. He impressed me that night!

43. Firehouse - They opened for Warrant. I don't remember much about this show - I remember liking them a lot more afterwards, though.

44. Trixter - They opened for Warrant, too. Just a bunch of young kids playing rock n roll. They were cute.

45. Berlin - I won tickets to see them at the Air Force Academy. Terri Nunn is another of my heroes. It was a really good show - the only album I had at the time was Count Three And Pray but afterwards I bought all of them. They're still one of my fave bands!

46. Chuck Berry - He headlined one of the oldies concerts I went to and he was really good!

47. The Association - Another oldies show headliner. Mom & I were in the front row for this show and the bass player was flirting with Mom! Go, Mom!!

48. Tommy James & The Shondells - They put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. Tommy James' enthuiasm for the music is infectious.

49. Bill Medley - One half of the Righteous Brothers...he was really good. His voice...wow!

50. Heart - Holy cow, how did I forget them???? I love them SO much! I went to this show with a friend of mine from college and we went to visit a friend before the concert and ended up being late - we arrived halfway through The Black Crowes set. (That was probably the time Chris Robinson ended up getting his band banned from Denver!) Heart was amazing and they shot the video for "Stranded" during the concert. If you look closely, you can see my friend Troy & his parents in the video...well, only if you know what they look like.

51. Eddie Money - He's my "boob buddy." I was in the front row during his set (he played at Ft. Carson with Alice Cooper & Joe Walsh) and I was bouncing to "Two Tickets To Paradise" and he kept looking at my boobs and smiling at me! What a letch! But I love his music!!

52. The Eagles/Joe Walsh - I'm lumping these two together because...well...just because. When I saw The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour, Joe Walsh was a madman on stage! It was a great show and so when we got tix to see Joe Walsh solo I was stoked. Eddie Money opened, then Alice Cooper played and then Joe Walsh came out and put the crowd to sleep. Alice definitely should have been the headliner!! Next to Poco, Joe was the most boring show I've seen!

53. Burt Bacharach - Okay, now...stop laughing. There was a reason I went to see him. I'll tell you what in a sec. Burt sang maybe 2 songs and for the rest he had a couple girls and a guy. I didn't realize how good most of his music was. But he seemed quite into himself and he never thanked nor even mentioned his opening act, which is why I went to see ol' Burt....

54. Linda Eder - I love her!!!! She was why I bought the ticket to the Burt Bacharach show. She won Star Search years and years ago and her voice is kick-ass! She's got a range that will blow your head clean off...the note she hits in the middle of "Man Of La Mancha"...Oh. My. God. I've seen her twice - the first time she played the Temple Buell Theatre in Denver and Troy bought the tix. The only thing I knew about her was she was in Jeckyll & Hyde off Broadway at the time and I loved her songs in the show. When I saw her in concert I was blown away. Never before & never since have I been moved to jump out of my seat and applaud but when she hit that note that I was just talking about, there was nothing more to do. If you've never listened to her, do yourself a favor. Get either "It's Time," "It's No Secret Anymore" or "Gold" - you'll love her, too!

So there's 24 more bands I've seen live. I bet by now you think all I do is go to concerts, huh?


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