Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Late

Yep, I'm finally posting my January books & movies, much to all your delight, I'm sure.  We'll start with the books: 

1. Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich  This was a fun book; 99% of her books are.  There were parts where I laughed out loud as per usual and had to explain my mirth to Collin.  

2. Dead Time - Stephen White  I really liked this book - I liked how he introduced Meredeth as a real character this time instead of a peripheral one.  It was fun to see how they misperceived each other and both knew they were in the right when neither one really was.  And the mystery was really good, too.

3. Twilight - Stephanie Meyer  I finally broke down and decided to see what all the hub-bub was about.  With Jordyn spending 3 days in the hospital, there was no better time to sit and read a book while watching her sleep.  About a quarter of the way through the book, I realized I was hooked, no matter that the writing sometimes reminded me of my own attempts to write stories.  But I'm a sucker for romance, especially between two people who shouldn't be together!  Book of the Month.

4. New Moon - Stephanie Meyer  Yes, I liked the first book well enough to get the 2nd book.  I finished this one in the hospital as well, waiting for Dad's surgery to be over.  It left me jonesin' for the 3rd one.  

And now the movies....

1. High School Musical 3  My mom started watching the HSM movies first and kept telling Jordyn & I we needed to watch them - so we borrowed her 2 HSM dvd's and we liked them well enough to want to see #3.  I loved #3.  Yes, I know I'm too old for them but I really really liked it - I liked the music and the dancing...I'm a sap at heart.

2. Smothered  Collin picked up this documentary on the Smothers Brothers and their fight with the censors.  It was very interesting; they were ahead of their time on war protesting.

3. Lars & The Real Girl This was a sweet sad movie that moved too slow for me.  

4. Fred Claus  The kids' mom bought this movie and let us watch it - we were iffy about it.

5. The Apartment I picked this dvd up at my mom's store for $3.  I love Jack Lemmon.  LOVE HIM!!!  He was adorable in this movie and I really liked Shirley MacLaine as well.  It dragged on a bit but overall it was enjoyable.

6. Strange Wilderness  I so wanted to see this after the preview with the shark and his overbite.  But that was the best part about the whole movie.  Basically I didn't like it much.

7. Burn After Reading The commercials for this movie made it look way funnier than it actually was.  Didn't care for this one even though I loved the cast.

8. Who the @!#* is Jackson Pollack  Collin picked this documentary out of the Insta-Watch on Netflix and it was very interesting.  About a trucker who picks up a painting for some ridiculously low price in a thrift store and now people are thinking it's an unknown Pollack piece.

9. Helvetica Another Insta-Watch documentary from Netflix all about the font Helvetica.  More interesting than it sounds, trust me.

10. Harold & Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay  I liked this one, even despite the crudeness that pops up.  Neil Patrick Harris makes everything better!!

11. Fool's Gold  I was disappointed in this one - it was cute but I lost interest after a while.  Am I getting harder to please?

12. High School Musical 3   Yet I'll go see this one twice at the $1 theatre!  This was for my birthday with my Mom.  Jordyn was supposed to join us but this was the night she started to feel sick.  The sick that landed her in the hospital for three days.

13. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day I wanted to see this at first just because Lee Pace was in it.  Then I decided the story looked good.  I ended up loving it.  I want to buy it.  It was so fun and sweet and amusing....Movie of the Month.

14. In Bruges Colin Farrell - - I hadn't seen him in a movie for so long and he was fabulous.  This was a good movie but it depressed me.

15. Hamlet 2 So we watched this afterwards.  Silly piled upon silly but it made me laugh.

16. Zach & Miri Make A Porno Seth Rogen is too cute.  And this was a fuun flick.

17. Little Shop Of Horrors I hadn't seen this one in years and this is now Jordyn's fave movie ever so we watched it with her.

TV 1 & TV 2.  How I Met Your Mother Seasons 2 & 3  I love Neil Patrick Harris.  He's legen-wait for it-dary.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Holy Moly!!!

It's very windy here today - gusts are blowing up to 70mph!  And of course this was the day that Shanon & I had decided to go run around.  We did our shopping and were on our way home...I turned onto a small side street, Rio Vista, as a less-populated route to Constitution Ave.   There were 3 vehicles in front me, including an older model white truck directly ahead of me.  

We were driving down the road when suddenly a gust of wind hit.  A big tree in the backyard of a house started swaying and I thought, "that tree's gonna break.  That tree is breaking!  That tree broke and hit the guy in front of me!!!"  Sure enough, what looked like half the tree broke under the force of the gale and shattered on top of the cab and the road.  I slammed on my brakes and just sat in the road for a minute.  The truck pulled onto the side road and stopped.  I pulled around the tree debris and parked behind the truck before Shanon & I jumped out to see if he was okay. 

Turned out it was a young kid in his work truck.  He was fine, a little freaked out (way less freaked than Shanon & I were!) and thankful to us for stopping.  The tree had completely shattered his windshield and there was a large chunk of tree sticking out of the bottom left corner of the windshield.  He tried to pull it out but it was stuck good.  Luckily he had a cell phone with a camera on him and he was able to get pics of the damage.  Thank God he wasn't hurt; him or anyone else!

Wind can be so dangerous!!!



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