Thursday, November 30, 2006

Live Long & Prosper...

Leave it to Collin to find the funny stuff! You HAVE to see this - so hilarious!



Monday, November 27, 2006

Write Like The Wind

I love to write. I love nothing more than a stack of pens and a notebook - I'll doodle endlessly, write whatever comes to mind or even write stories. I have stacks of notebooks with cheesy stories in them that Christina & I used to write when we were toiling overnight at work. What's strange to me is that despite my teachers attempts in school to get me to hate handwriting, I love it!

When I was in 2nd grade, I got zeroes in handwriting. Mr. Wallace, my teacher, said I wrote too fast and too messy. I remember the tests we had where he would say a sentence and we had to write it down word for word. I was always the first one done and at one point he actually said to me, "If I look up and you're the first one done, you're getting a zero!" I wrote as slow as I could and was still the first one done. I outlined every letter three times before Eric Nickerson finished and I could put down my pencil.

In 3rd grade I moved to a new school, one where they hadn't learned to write in cursive yet. I was taught how to in 2nd grade at my other school so I started off the school year writing in cursive. Mrs. Kynor, who was notorious for hating the girl students, gave me zeroes because no one else knew cursive yet. Like that's my fault y'all are slow!! I was informed I would damage the other students' morale if they saw me writing cursive while they were still printing. Pfft! Whatever!

After a while, my handwriting didn't matter to teachers any longer and I was able to indulge in my speedy writing ways. I remember one time playing a game that included writing with my Grandma & Grandpa Widegren and Grandpa watching me saying, "It's amazing how fast Heather writes and you can still read it!" I wished so bad he could call up Mr. Wallace and tell him that!



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Now You Know

A few posts back, Sara asked in her comment, "Am I supposed to know who Skid Row is?" Ummm....yeah. You are. Everyone is supposed to know who they are. Collin's 6 year old knows who they are - she even knows the names of the band members! To refresh your memory or for you deprived souls out there who really don't know who Skid Row's one of their bigger hits, Monkey Business, from the 1st "heavy metal" album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Chart, Slave To The Grind. (Gotta love Rachel & the monkey!)

p.s. This is my 500th post! Let the celebrations begin!



Monday, November 20, 2006

499 Posts On The Blog...

One more and I'm at the big 500! Wow!! Here's a quiz (destined to piss off Kevin D. Denee) that I yoinked from Justin C's blog:



FIRST SCHOOL: South Elementary School

FIRST CELL PHONE: A Qwest phone that was pretty bad

FIRST FUNERAL: Terry Valear, my prom "date" who died in a car accident 2 years after graduating.

FIRST PET: Morris, a yellow tabby cat

FIRST BIG TRIP: To California & DisneyLand when I was in 4th grade!

FIRST FIGHT: 5th grade with Seneca Davis - she was mad because her friend Darcie was having more fun playing with me. We pushed each other around and I hyperventilated. I've toughened up since then. I hope.

FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH: Shaun Cassidy. What a dreamboat!

FIRST TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY?: In 1996, I went to Juarez, Mexico.

FIRST JOB: Fargo's in 1989.

FIRST MYSPACE FRIEND: Hopefully Derek...I just asked him to be my friend and I'm waiting on his response.


LAST PERSON YOU HUGGED: Collin as I left for work.

LAST CAR RIDE: When I drove to the grocery store on my break about 6 hours ago.

LAST TIME YOU CRIED?: CRAP! Tonight watching Monk. When he gets mushy about his late wife it makes me cry.




LAST SHIRT WORN: The one I have on - A black shirt with criss crosses in the back.

LAST PHONE CALL: Collin tonight at work.


LAST THING YOU TOUCHED: besides the computer - - a prober.

LAST FUNERAL: Grandpa Widegren in March..

LAST TIME AT THE MALL: About a month ago with Jordyn & Christina.

LAST TIME YOU WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING: I'm excited right now because Skid Row is supposed to be coming to town. I was also just excited for Guitar Hero 2 to come out!

LAST PERSON YOU SAW: My new trainee, Monique.

LAST THING YOU DRANK: Strawberry & Creme Pepsi Jazz.

LAST PERSON THAT BROKE YOUR HEART: My grandfather... for dying. But it wasn't his fault.

LAST TIME YOU WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY?: When Collin told me he loved me! Awwww.....



Friday, November 17, 2006

Look At Me Not Posting

And for almost an entire week. I've been sick, that's my excuse. I will make up for it by posting some pictures for your Friday enjoyment:

Here's something you don't see very often - Collin in a Broncos jersey! He wore my Trevor Pryce jersey for Halloween, dressing up as a sports fan. :-)

Jordyn being a little rocker girl with my purse and my cat ears. How cute is she???

This is Abby Normal, Mom & Dad's new cat. She spoiled rotten but pretty, pretty, pretty.

A view from our front door during the blizzard we had last month. I like how the snowflakes are glowing...

My boy Sam.

You just can't have a TRUE photoblog without a picture of Derek with his mouth open, can you?? Hope you all have a great weekend!!



Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just Stuff

So how about them Broncos? Boy, that was an ugly win - - but the important word there is win! I have to say that Jake lucked out on that 3rd interception that was called an incomplete pass -- that boy's foot was so in bounds! I'm surprised the ref called it the way he did. But I'm not complaining!


By the way, Ted, the cleaning guy at work who I fought about the Broncos with? He's still not talking to me! Ha!


So, there's a song by Roxette called Joyride that Jordyn has discovered and is totally obsessed with. Mostly because it's a great song but also because we have a Family Fun Center here in town called Joyrides. So she sings the song: "Hello! You fool, I love you! Come on and come to Joyrides!!" Cracks me up!


Have I mentioned how much I like Elena, Shanon's 5 year old daughter? Out of the blue the other day she said, "I don't like the Raiders." Yay!! And then if that wasn't enough to warm my heart, she said, "I like Duran Duran. They're nice." YES! She's infatuated with wolves and when she heard their song "Hungry Like The Wolf" they were suddenly the best band in her world. I love that!!!


I don't know how long it's been out but Def Leppard has a new CD out called Yeah! where they cover 70's songs. I'm always wary of covers but these guys rock at every one they did. And that's saying a lot, coming from me...they chose three of my very favorite bands to cover: Badfinger (No Matter What), T. Rex (20th Century Boy) and Thin Lizzy (Don't Believe A Word, my fave song by them). I can't complain a whit about any of them. They were masterfully done and the rest of the album is great as well. Plus Joe Elliott had nice things to say about Badfinger in the liner notes! :-)


Hope you all had a great weekend!!



Friday, November 10, 2006

Funnest Thing I've Seen All Week

Do you recognize the guy singing Hollaback Girl? It's ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach!!! This amuses me to no end!! Enjoy!



Thursday, November 09, 2006

From The Mouth Of Mom

The NFL has a new deal this season where they can change the time of any game at will - you know if they have the Raiders vs the 49'ers on tap to show on TV and there's another match-up that would make better TV, they're allowed to change when the game is played in order to broadcast it.

Mom was just telling me last week that they better not do that to any of her Bronco games. And guess what they did? They changed the game on Nov 19th from 2:15 to 6:15 to broadcast it on NBC. Mom's reaction:

"Sons a bitches! Sons a bitches! Well...that's okay."

And then later, out of the blue: "Sons a bitches! It'll be colder at 6:15!!"



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Javon Walker Day

This was the only Bronco score I missed because I was cleaning Sam's cage. bah! It's recorded from a tv but you still get a good shot of Javon Walker's moves. He's so my new favorite Bronco!! :)



Monday, November 06, 2006

Book Slide

I really, really slacked during October when it came to reading and I didn't realize how badly I had until I looked at the list. A mere 3 books!! What is the world coming to?? The problem was that I was busy with genealogy, even at work, and it cut severely into my reading time.

93. Visions In Death

94. Origin In Death

95. Survivor In Death

All books by JD Robb. Book of the month went to Visions In Death because it had a twist at the end that I totally didn't see coming!

I plan on hopefully tripling that number this month - that is if the genealogy bug doesn't bite me again!

On another note - there's a new post at Anton&Olga - finally! The letter hasn't been scanned in yet but I realized I had slacked hard on that, too, so - NEW LETTER! Yay!! check it out when you get the time!

Aaand...just a side note...Sunday the 5th was my Grandpa Widegren's birthday. The Koinonia Church in Grand Junction that my Grandpa helped build honored him Sunday by dedicating a cross that he had constructed when the church was built. It's a wonderful memorial to such a wonderful man and I wish I could have been there to help honor his memory.



Sunday, November 05, 2006

So Annoyed

Being a Bronco fan, I've learned how to take the good with the bad. There's always going to be someone who's talking trash about them and I have to defend them. Tonight, it happened when I wasn't expecting it - I mean,hell! We WON against Pittsburgh! There should be no trash talking! Here's the conversation between myself and Ted, the cleaning guy here at work:

Ted: There you are! Who did the Broncos play 2 weeks ago?

Me: Ummm.....

Ted: Wasn't it Indianapolis?

Me: No, Indy was last week. Two weeks ago it was Cleveland.

Ted: And didn't they barely win that one? Like, by a field goal?

Me: Maybe, I can't remember right off hand.

Ted: And then they got their asses kicked by Indy.

Me: There was no ass kicking! It came down to who scored last and it just so happened that Indy scored last.

Ted: No, that was an ass kicking.

Me: An ass kicking is 47-0 or 51-2. THAT'S an ass kicking! We were in the game the whole time. There was only 1 second on the clock after the field goal so we had no time to come back.

Ted: Well, it was an ass kicking to me. The defense had only allowed 1 touchdown up to that point...

Me: 2

Ted: 2, whatever, and they let Manning score what, 3?

Me: Something like that. But it's tough to stop someone like Manning.

Ted: Well, it was an ass kicking.

Me: Did you come in here specifically to piss me off? Why are you even talking about last weeks game? We won today, why aren't you talking about that?

Ted: Yeah, we beat Pittsburgh but it was a sloppy win. We almost lost that one, too.

Me: It got hairy for a bit but we still won.

Ted: Off of Pittsburgh's mistakes. The Broncos got 2 touchdowns in the first 4 minutes off of fumbles.

Me: No, the first touchdown came on our first posession. Then the kickoff was fumbled, we got it back and we scored. The first touchdown wasn't from a fumble.

Ted: But they scored twice within 4 minutes and couldn't hold on to the lead.

Me: What are you talking about? It was 14-10 at halftime. Pittsburgh was never ahead!

Ted: I watched that game today, all of it.

Me: Yeah, so did I.

Ted: I've got a 42 inch screen TV....

Me: I don't care how big your TV is, the point is the Broncos won and there was no ass kicking. They fucking won, what else do you want?

Ted: I should have known not to talk to a Bronco-Maniac about this.

AAAARGHHH!!! That man pisses me off so bad!! he's always so negative about the Broncos and yet he calls himself a fan! He told me as he was walking away that he must not be as hip on football today as I am. What the hell??? I hate talking football with him, I always end up pissed off!! I try to avoid him but he seeks me out! That makes me mad, too! Why can't he just leave me alone?

Of course, after I yelled at him, maybe he will from now on! That would make me happy!



Friday, November 03, 2006

Conversation In An Ion

To set the scene, we were heading west.

Justin: We're so lucky to live where the mountains are due west. It's so cool - that way you never get lost.

Collin: Unless you're in the mountains.

Justin: You can't get lost in the mountains.

Me: Yes, you can! Years ago Derek, Ryan & I were coming home from a family reunion and Ryan stopped for gas. We were 2 hours from home and when he pulled out of the station he turned the wrong way and we got lost. Took us another 5 hours to get home.

Justin: Were you heading down?

Me: What?

Justin: If you get lost in the mountains, you just head down. You were probably going sideways.

All of us: laugh laugh laugh

Justin: You're not taking me seriously!!!

Me: Sorry, but...head down??

Justin: Or...I don't know...wait for a mountain bus to come pick you up.



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Believe In Mile High Magic

Sadly, the Magic did not help my boys on Sunday but it was still a fun game: the weather was perfect and we had good people around us and there was a lot of reasons to cheer. Here are the visuals:

Meet Bucky, the original Bronco from the old Mile High - I love this horse. They shoot fireworks off from the top of the Jumbo-Tron when we score touchdowns. Finally they got to shoot some off Sunday!!

Here's Mom; she's trying to smile without showing off the Thunderdog she's eating. See there's no coat on her? And there's no coat on anyone around us - - it was 70 degrees that day. So much better than the freezing rain during the New England game.

This is Ebenezer "Sneezer" Ekuban (91), Tatum "Tater-Tot" Bell (26) and Ian Gold (52) running in to the locker room before the game actually started. See Ian Gold - he's embracing the Mile High Magic!!

Finally! Here's Jake Plummer getting ready to lead his team to one of their 4 touchdowns! Go Jake!!

And this is Jake The Snake walking back to the huddle after one of his many numerous drinks of water. Arizona boy still not used to our altitude. Haha.

This guy was sitting right in front of us. He was so awesome - the perfect mix of enthusiasm for his team and respect for the people around him. There was a little boy sitting next to me in a little Plummer jersey and after every score, Painted Guy would turn around, slap me & the father a high five then bend down and get a high five from the kid. It was sweet. We also had a Colts fan in front of us, next to Painted Guy. When the game was over, when the Vinateri field goal was good, PG leaned over, tugged on the cheering Colts fan's sleeve and said, "Nice game, man" and slapped him a high five. That's classy!

There was also a flyover after the National Anthem - 4 jets - so so cool! So cool it was frigid! The only thing wrong with this game was the end result. We couldn't rattle Peyton Manning no matter how loud we screamed (we were the 3rd largest crowd at Invesco, by the way) and for some reason no one ever covered Wayne...Darrent Williams was just dreaming somewhere 10 yards away. But! No worries - Pittsburgh next so Darrent should redeem himself!




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