Friday, November 03, 2006

Conversation In An Ion

To set the scene, we were heading west.

Justin: We're so lucky to live where the mountains are due west. It's so cool - that way you never get lost.

Collin: Unless you're in the mountains.

Justin: You can't get lost in the mountains.

Me: Yes, you can! Years ago Derek, Ryan & I were coming home from a family reunion and Ryan stopped for gas. We were 2 hours from home and when he pulled out of the station he turned the wrong way and we got lost. Took us another 5 hours to get home.

Justin: Were you heading down?

Me: What?

Justin: If you get lost in the mountains, you just head down. You were probably going sideways.

All of us: laugh laugh laugh

Justin: You're not taking me seriously!!!

Me: Sorry, but...head down??

Justin: Or...I don't know...wait for a mountain bus to come pick you up.


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