Monday, March 31, 2008

More With the Workins....

So we're now into our third week with the new fella as our supervisor. Changes are occurring left and right and all we can do is try & keep up. The sup has, lately, been kinda sucking up to me after our little disagreement about the new schedule. But that doesn't make me like him any more. Especially after tonight.

One of my co-workers lost his grandmother on Friday so he's taking Mon & Tues off as bereavement days. The sup didn't seem to have a problem with it but today told my co-worker that he needed a copy of his grandmother's obituary for his file. WTF????

That grated on me all night.

Later on, 3 of us went to the area we merged with for a tour. They have to wear different gear than us, most notably face masks which on Tues we will be required to wear all the time as well. I'm really really claustrophobic so I didn't know how I would react to wearing the mask. As we were suiting up tonight I looked at my friend who was with me and told her if I fainted she would have to catch me. The sup asked what I said and I told him, "I'm really claustrophobic so if I faint, we'll know there's a problem." He replied, "If the mask kills you I'll come to your funeral."

"Cool. I'll make sure you get a copy of my obituary." He didn't get it. But I got my dig in and I hope he gets it while he's driving home and congratulating himself on being Master of the Universe.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Triple Dog BAH!

We had yet another "shake up" at work.  It started a month ago when we had a meeting with the "big guys" who informed us that our area would be merging with the area downstairs and the supervisor from downstairs would become ours as well.

Now...we've worked for years without an actual supervisor on our shift so we weren't thrilled to hear there would be somebody there all the time.  The new guy came up the next week to introduce himself, talk to us, blah blah blah.  At first he sounded like a nice guy but he's one of these fellows that likes to talk and the more he talks, the more he gives away about himself.

Like the fact that he's a stickler for rules and rules are NOT made to be broken, bent or circumvented in any way, shape or form.  As one who does NOT follow the rules, this is unacceptable to me.  :)

Next thing he did was took away our music.  Then said he was going to change the spec so we couldn't have a book.  Then last night he told us that starting on April 1, we are expected to conform to the downstairs rules. i.e., wear a cap and face mask at all times, take breaks and lunches when he schedules us, only 1 person a day on vacation and no flexibility in the time you punch in and out.

This last one is causing me the most difficulty and he knows it cuz I didn't pull any punches talking to him.  I clock in at 6:10 and leave at 6:15 so I can get home to be with Jordyn so Collin can leave at 7 to get Justin to school.  If I can't leave work until 7 then that means either Justin will be late to school 3 days a week or Jordyn will have to be alone for half an hour.  I don't like either option but this new supervisor could care less.

He said if we had a compelling reason then we could bend the hours.  Guess what the only compelling reason is?  If you're going to school.  Kids apparently are NOT a compelling enough reason.  I asked if he would write a note that Justin could take to school along with mine saying why he had to be late and his answer?  "That's your problem."  

So THEN I asked if all 4 shifts were following this 7-7 rule and he said it was up to the supervisor to keep his shifts in line.  So basically he's being a fucktard on a power trip.  

He's a stealer of happiness, that man.   

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

February Movies

I had a first ever last month - - I didn't read anything.

Well, to be honest, I was reading a book - The Children of Henry VIII which I counted on January's list cuz I started it in Jan. But suddenly at work I started having to do stuff that wasn't conducive to reading and I was reduced to reading only on my break. So a book that should have taken me a night to read is taking me over a month! GAH!

But - I was able to watch movies at work. So my number of those are huge!

7. Big Fat Liar - This was on TV when I was in Jct and Jordyn and I stayed up to watch it. I'd seen it twice before - I love Paul Giamatti. He's so adorable, even as a clown!

8. The Road To Bali - My first Road movie with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby - Collin put it on my iPod. LOVED it! Bing Crosby was sooo cute!

9. Bend It Like Beckham - another iPod movie. It was okay...I just wanted to see what the hype over this one was all about and I wasn't that impressed.

10. Murder By Death - iPod. Favorite comedy of ALL TIME!! "Clues? Clues? I need no clues from you , I find my own clues you demented lollipop!"

11. Across The Universe - Blu-Ray. Our first Blu-Ray movie ever and it was awesome seeing it in that format.

12. Becoming Jane - This was cute but typical of all Jane Austen movies, the only difference being that it was about Jane herself. Joe Anderson from ATU was in it, that's the major reason I watched it. I was rewarded by seeing his naked butt yet again! LOL

13. Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Love Cate Blanchett as Liz I. I know that there was so much going on during those times but these movies tend to pick one thing and ignore other major players that were around then. This one focused on her relationship as it were with Sir Walter Raleigh. Robert Dudley, who died somewhere during that span of time, was never even mentioned and that bothered me. Nor was the Earl of Essex mentioned....

14. Waitress - LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Love Keri Russell, ADORE the crap out of Nathan Fillion! I will be watching this one multiple times.

15. Elizabeth I - The HBO miniseries and MOTM. Helen Mirren was the queen and did an amazing job. During the first part it was about her trying to find a husband and how she was "betrayed" by Dudley marrying one of her cousins without the court's permission. The second part focused on the same era that the Cate movie focused on and nothing was mentioned about Raleigh. But this was an awesome, awesome movie. Very well done and very graphic - you actually see Mary Queen of Scots's head come flying off when she's beheaded!

16. The US vs. John Lennon - A documentary about how the FBI was trying to deport John Lennon. Very entertaining and a lot of great footage and interviews!

17. Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix - This movie doesn't have enough Ron in it.

18. White Christmas - I had never seen this classic and ended up adoring it! Danny Kaye - - so cute!!

19. The Beatles From Liverpool To San Francisco - Interview footage showing their journey to America and their rise.

20. Monster Makers - An incredibly cheesy Hallmark Halloween movie that I bought for Adam Baldwin. It wasn't bad and I might watch it again just for him.

21. Serenity (Collector's Edition) - JAYNE!!!!! The extras were fun! Never get tired of this movie!

22. The Italian Job - The remake with Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton. I really liked it - fun and fast and pretty pretty men.

23. Free Jimmy - An odd animated movie Collin found with the voice of Simon Pegg.

24. Mr. Brooks - Mom hadn't seen this so she came over to watch it. She liked it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

25. Good Luck Chuck - Yep, a Dane Cook double shot! This was actually cute and had some good lines! Lots of sex, too!

26. Night Watch - A Russian vampire movie that we watched last year and really liked. We just recently got Daywatch so we had to refresh our memories.

27. Fuck - A documentary on the word fuck. Funny, informative and fun.

28. The Prestige - This was good - - it was half set in Colo Spgs (at least it said it was - - you never really saw the town) and I figured out half the secret. The other half I did NOT see coming!!

29. Hairspray - Watched the remake again. It's just too cute!

30. The Thirst - A vampire movie with Adam Baldwin and Jeremy Sisto that was chock full of blood and boobies! Don't know that I would watch this one again.

31. The Goonies - Going over a year without watching this movie is just wrong.

32. Can't Hardly Wait - I adore this movie. And now that I've started watching Six Feet Under, it's hard to see the 4 people in this movie as anything but their SFU characters.

33. The Grass Is Greener - Cary Grant with glasses - does it get any better?

34. The Bourne Ultimatum - The best of the three. At least I thought so.

TV3. Six Feet Under (Season 3)



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