Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Things We Do For Chicken Nuggets

I love Wendy's chicken nuggets. I used to eat them religiously with honey mustard but lately I've changed to the sweet & sour sauce. Mmmmm...YUMMY!!

Yesterday, Collin & I decided to hit Wendy's for lunch and he asked if we should go to the Wasatch one or the one on Platte. I chose Wasatch. Oooo, big mistake. As we walked in, there was an older guy on the register, taking a man's order. A young kid was just walking behind the counter.

Older Guy (to younger kid): You need to open your register because I have to go on break NOW!

The younger kid kinda moped about for a bit before taking over the older guy's register. He gave the man his food to go and the guy left. Then it was our turn.

Me: I need 2 5 piece nuggets with sweet & sour sauce, a great biggie fry & a medium Diet Coke.

Collin: I need a #2, plain with cheese & a Dr. Pepper.

Not a complicated order, right? The kid gives us our total: "$14.42." Collin immediately caught on that that wasn't right, being as our order was so small. Come to find out, the older guy who HAD TO go on break hadn't rang out the first guy's order of 2 double stackers and a large chili. That was now tacked on to our order. The kid called over the manager to fix the problem then re-rang our order.

But the order had already been sent to the guys in the kitchen and pretty soon we had a large chili sitting on our tray. I told the kid who brought it up that it wasn't ours. "Yes, it is."

"Ummm, no. It's not."

"Yes, it is. It's on your order."

"No, it's not. I know what I ordered." The manager heard this exchange and told the kid that it was a mix-up and not to make the 2 double stackers that were on the screen. But when we finally got our order, my fries weren't there and there was a double stacker. I informed the kid that we were missing a Great Biggie Fry and that we had an extra sandwich. He tried to give me a Biggie Fry and I said, "I ordered a Great Biggie."

"This IS a Biggie," he told me.

"A GREAT BIGGIE," I stressed. No one is cheating me out of MY fries, damn it!

"Give her a Great Biggie," the manager told him. Then she took the double stacker off and went about yelling at the kitchen staff for making it when she told them not to. Ahh, minimum wage lackeys! BAH!


Friday, July 29, 2005

Look at Meme go

Happy Friday, everyone! Here's some more of the Meme post that I took from Redneck Diva's site. And Kathleen...Where the heck is your email address??? I can't find it anywhere!! Check out your comments from that meme post you left a couple days ago!

Anyway - on with the fun!


~First Car: 1977 Honda CVCC
~First Best Friend: Rhonda
~First Crush: Tony Caporalli
~First Job: Hostessing at Fargo's Pizza.
~First Dwelling that wasn't your parents': Loft apartment that was actually pretty cool.
~First Kiss: Tony Caporalli kissed my cheek but that was 1st grade so...Chad Entwistle, 8th grade. Man, he was CUTE!
~First Computer: A really overpriced and slow-running Gateway in 1999

~Last TV Show: Dead Like Me - "Death Defying" episode.
~Last Concert: Duran Duran
~Last Ticket: A few years ago for speeding.
~Last Meal: IHOP Spinich Steak Salad
~Last Card Sent: Ecard? To my cousin Beth for her birthday on the 9th. Real card would be Christmas.
~Last Really Great Nap: Yesterday afternoon
~Last Trip by Air: Right after 9/11 - went to Florida.

~If you could have lunch with a celebrity, who would it be? Gwen Stefani.
~What's your favorite swear word or phrase? Probably just plain old "shit." Although I try to tailor it when Collin's kiddos are around and say "Poop."
~What's your favorite article of clothing? My denim capris and my red tank top.
~Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Dinner
~Red, white, or rosè? Don't like wine. I'll take an amaretto sour, please. I had a glass of wine at my cousin's wedding last week and a bug flew in it. Bleh. The wine was white, by the way. I did have 2 amaretto sours last night at Jack Quinn's, though!
~Silk or satin? Both. I'm not picky!
~In a restaurant - Kids or Smoking? Kids
~Cable or Satellite? Cable.
~Cable, DSL or Dial-up? What does Collin have...cable? I like that.
~Cat or dog? KITTY!!!!
~Beach or mountains? Mountains.
~If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Right here
~For News - Local, Network, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or The Daily Show? CNN
~What would you like engraved on your headstone? "A fatal attraction to cuteness." Then everyone will blame Collin! HA! Just kidding, baby!!

~Slept in your bed: Me & that giant stuffed Kaa snake that I use to block out the sun by putting the snake tail over my eyes.
~Made you cry: Rita Kitty. I dreamed she came back from the dead.
~You went to the movies with: Collin, Jordyn, Justin & Mom when we saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
~Yelled at you: Mom.
~Sent you an e-mail: Collin


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Screaming For Ice Cream

It was Tuesday IHOP night again last night for me and the two other ladies I work with. For some reason, though, the place was hopping (no pun intended) with a bunch of young adults. That meant that the two servers were super busy and it took a while for us to get served.

While we were waiting, I noticed the two girls sitting in the booth behind us were eating chocolate sundaes. Man, they looked good - served in a huge goblet and smothered in chocolate sauce... I had only ordered a salad and some garlic bread so I figured for dessert I'd have me one of them there sundaes.

When the waiter, who was just a kid himself, no more than 20, asked if we were doing okay, I asked if I could get a sundae. His whole face changed to one of fear. "You see... we're kinda out."

"Out of sundaes," I asked. "But... the girls behind us had sundaes."

"That was the last of it. We were really busy tonight and everyone had ice cream. The thing with ice cream is once we're out, we're out." That statement so befuddled me that it gave him his chance to escape. I mean... wouldn't it be that way with any item they sold? If they ran out of beef, it's not like they have a cow in the back they can butcher. Or a garden to pick some corn should they run short.

Later on, he came back to the table and offered me apple pie. I declined. After all, when you want a sundae, nothing else will really do.

Side note for Kathleen: Yes, I'm done. I'll email you later.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Driving Me B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

So the Colorado Springs Humane Society closed it's doors this past week for good. Why, you may ask? Because the city decided not to renew it's contract with them. Why would they do that? Well, I heard on the radio that it was because of all the complaints the city had been getting about rude treatment by the Humane Society employees. I love it! You know there's businesses all around town now using that as an example... "Don't be rude to the customers... look what happened to the Humane Society."

If only it would work on the DMV.

Lately, the people I've encountered at the DMV have been somewhat pleasant & helpful but when I was trying to get my license... well, that's another story. It's THIS story, as a matter of fact!

I didn't get my license until I was 18. One reason for that was because of one woman at the DMV. I think her name was Laura... I can still see her in my mind - tall & skinny with long stringy brown hair, big glasses and a pinched look about her mouth like she was sucking on a lemon. She was the textbook definition of a DMV employee. Sarcastic, rude, uncaring, selfish... The first day I tried to take my driver's test, she cancelled on me after making me wait in the car for 30 minutes because her dog got loose.

The next time, she refused to drive in the Grand Prix with me because she said the seat belts weren't safe. I told her that they were safe, that we used them all the time and we were still around. Not to mention that she kept me waiting ANOTHER 30 minutes while she talked on the phone. We ended up having a screaming match over the roof of my car. I was 18 & fed up so I have an excuse... she should have been more professional in her dealing with an irate teenager, though.

I finally ended up with my license after a test with some lady that came down from the other DMV. I wonder if that Laura woman decided she wasn't dealing with me anymore. Fine with me, I passed.

A side note to my attempt to get my license... when I went down to apply for my learner's permit, I was wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of James Dean on it. The man that was getting my permit for me asked if I knew how James Dean died. "Car accident," I replied.

"That's right. And why did he have a car accident?"

"Ummm... speeding?"

"Yes. So let that be a lesson to you. Don't end up like James Dean."

A few years ago I saw an episode of History's Mysteries where the reenacted the car crash that killed James Dean and come to find out, he WASN'T speeding, the car that hit him was. I really wish I knew that then so I could have told that guy.

And just another side topic... speaking of James Dean... Collin & I were watching an interview with him last week where they were asking him about the racing he did and if he had anything to say to the young people who drove on the highway. "Yeah, drive slow. The life you save might be mine." How ironic, how sad.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Answering The Call

Redneck Diva had five questions for me so here are my answers - have fun!!

1. You have just invented a new food. And you have been given the highest honor of writing about it in a cooking magazine. How do you describe your new invention? (How you came about making it, how it tastes, how you prepare it, etc.) My new food is candy-flavored vegetables. This way children (& adults) get the vitamins and minerals they need without the yucky taste. For example broccoli would taste like red licorice while cauliflower would taste like root beer barrels. You cook and serve it just like regular vegetables. And how did I come up with this idea, you ask? I had highly trained scientists make it!

2. What was your favorite childhood toy? Pudding, my stuffed mouse.

3. If you had to choose between death by maniacal, rabid chimpanzees or death by being subjected to the same testing that laboratory rats undergo, which would you choose? Definitely the rabid chimps - it would be quicker.

4. Would you rather be 2 feet tall or 7 feet tall? 7 feet tall. That way I could always see at concerts.

5. The world has become a dictatorship. Everyone has to shave their heads and wear a tattoo on their bald noggins. The good thing is, you can choose what you have tattooed up there. What will you have inked permanently on your scalp? Well, it would have to be designed by Collin...I think I would have a garden tattooed on my scalp with hundreds of things hidden in the leaves. The more people looked, the more they would find - e.g. butterflies, snakes, spiders, eyes...

That was fun! Thanks to Redneck Diva for supplying the great questions! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yeah, it's Wednesday...

I'm feeling a little down (doobie doo down-down) so I thought my picture of the heron would cheer me up and liven the place up a bit!

If you haven't already, stop by Tricia's site & send her your best wishes and prayers - her son is going under the knife this morning at 10:30!

Here's part 2 of the quiz I snagged from The Diva. Hope everyone is having a great day!

~Been arrested? Nope. I pray to God I never do.
~Ridden an elephant or camel?
~Eaten escargot? Eck. Bleaah. No.
~Driven a sports car? No, but I've been the passenger in a Porsche.
~Been to Europe? No.
~Been to a shrink? No. I'm pretty good at analyzing my problems myself!
~Peed your pants from laughing? No but I have laughed til I cried A LOT!
~Been on television? Yes. I was on TV in New Jersey when a news crew interviewed me about the Avs/Devils Stanley Cup game. I was also on TV for a Gold Kings game...I was sitting by the glass so everytime they went behind the net, there I was!
~Met a famous person? Ready?? Jimmy McNichol, Joey Molland (of Badinger), Snake, Scotti, Rachel, Johnny & Phil from Skid Row, all of the Colorado Avalanche players (except for Rob Blake), Trevor Pryce, Neil Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Brian Griese, Bubby Brister, Jason Elam, the BulletBoys and Dangerous Toys.
~Shoplifted anything? A magazine poster of Poison when I was in 10th grade. I ripped it out & folded it inside the other magazine that I bought.
~Been sincerely frightened for your very life? Actually, no.
~Sung Karaoke? Omigod...yes. Soooo many times.
~Danced in a Cowboy Bar? Yeah - a bar called Cowboys. So original.

~Name 2 books you'd take: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Alison Weir so I could finally finish it and The Road To Paradise Island by Victoria Holt.
~Name 2 CDs: The Best Of Badfinger and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani.
~Name 2 DVDs: Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom and Titanic.
~Name 2 solar-powered gadgets: How about solar powered DVD & CD players like Redneck Diva mentioned.
~Name 2 Toiletries: Apricot scrub and Toothpaste
~Name 2 bottled drinks (limitless supply): Water and Amaretto.
~Name 2 sentimental possessions: Pudding Mouse and the mermaid that Collin made for me.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Manic Monday (whoa-oh-whoa)

Sorry about the lack of posts...I've been busy being on vacation. I saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory today. About halfway through the movie, I realized that I was watching my new favorite movie. I loved it! It was so....COOL! Johhny Depp was amazing, the cimematography, the music - God, I loved the music! Danny Elfman is a genius! I'm definately buying that soundtrack!

I also picked up the new Harry Potter book and have been trying to read it. It's tough, though - I keep getting distracted or falling asleep. That's no fault of the book, though...just my inability to concentrate!

Anyway, to keep you occcupied, here's a snippet of a Meme thing that I stole from Redneck Diva! Enjoy!


~Bought you a drink: Mom bought me a Watermelon Slushie at Sonic!
~Said you were cute or good-looking: My boyfriend told me I was beautiful. He's blind without his glasses, you know!
~Flipped you off: My dad. He likes to do that for fun. Just to freak Mom out & watch her hide her eyes. The Finger gives her the willies!!
~Pissed you off: That person driving super slow on Circle the other day!
~Rang your doorbell: I don't have a doorbell anymore. You have to knock...I think Elena was the last person to knock.


Friday, July 15, 2005

The Mothers Handbook

So...a couple months ago we were going through pictures at Mom's house and she found this. I made this for her when I was 10. I don't know if it was for Mother's Day or if I thought she needed a little help but here it is: THE MOTHER'S HANDBOOK!! click on the pictures to make them bigger & easier to read!

This is an odd drawing - Mom never had long hair or wore long skirts. I don't know what Mommy I was thinking of...

I honestly don't know where to start on this one...I do like the "Don't take it out on just one of them," though. Dammit, if I was gonna get in trouble, so was Derek, by God! I also like the wording of #4 - "Just be quieter." Words to live by right there!

Ironic - I don't know how to cook at all! By the way, that's exactly what our stove looked like when I was 10.

Don't spoil them? What the hell what was I thinking?? I just probably lost about 10 Barbies out of that deal! Crap!

That's right - "Make sure HE right for you & don't get a DIEVORCE." Hey, I was only 10, gimme a break! At least I spelled "comfortable" right back there.

If you'll notice, the membership card is still intact. Either she wanted to preserve this for posterity or she didn't need my advice on being a mother!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That Reminds Me...

So last night was the IHOP Lunch... somehow we got to yapping about how we wouldn't take any guff off anyone and that's why we don't work in customer service. I thought I would share with you a couple of the stories I related to the girls.

The first one didn't happen to me, it happened to my then-best friend Rhonda. She was working bar and this guy came up and ordered a beer. "Without a head," he said. "If I wanted head I'd have you come around front and get on your knees." When she told me what he said, I was aghast! "What did you say?!?!?" "Nothing. I just poured him his headless beer and sent him on his way." PFFT! If it had been ME, I would have poured the beer then proceed to spill it all over him and tell him to get out. But that's just me.

The other incident DID happen to me. A woman had called in a take-out pizza to be ready at 7:30. She came in around 7:20 to pay. After taking her money, I informed her that the pizza would be ready in a couple minutes. She got a nasty look on her face and said, "I ordered that ready at 7:30." "And it's about 7:25 now," I replied as nicely as I could. She then pointed to her watch and said, "By my watch, it's 7:30." I couldn't help it. Who did this woman think she was? "Well, ma'am, we're not running this place by your watch, we're running it by OUR clock." Guess what? She asked to speak to the manager and then told him I called her a couple choice names. Not that she didn't deserve them but I didn't. Afterwards I did, though.

See? Working with the public sucks. That's why I like my job working with machines & little computer chips. They don't complain near as much.

By the way... I'm now on vacation... I don't have to go back to work until Saturday the 23rd! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Anything But The Dots!!

Somehow I've become part of a lunchtime clique. It's odd. I didn't start out to be in one... I would always bring something from home or run out to Burger King or Wendy's for my lunch break here at work. And then a few months ago, one of the ladies that I work with, Ginny, asked if I would like to join her & Prescilla for lunch at IHOP. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I was thrilled to be asked, included in their little group but that's how I felt & of course I said yes. Now it's become a Tuesday night thing... lunch at 1am at IHOP. The two overnight servers know us, know that Prescilla & Ginny drink coffee and I get Pepsi. In fact the last time we went, on the 4th, the waiter Mike (who looks remarkably like Ricky Gervais, the guy who played David Brent in the BBC comedy "The Office") had our drinks to us before we sat down!

That night the place was hopping and they had an extra kid there named Ian who looked no more than 18. Our normal server Mike is a bit on the hyper side but very nice & efficient and Ian came up at one point and asked if he was scaring us. I told him no, that we were used to him by now. Ian didn't think it was normal to be as hyper as Mike was at that time of the morning. Then he mentioned that he had been there since 8am! It was now almost 2 and he wasn't expected to get off until 4am! Then he said he was afraid they would call him at 8am to fill in again. I advised him to turn his phone off!

Hearing this poor kid's tail of woe reminded me about the dotted shifts I used to have to put up with at Fargo's Pizza. When the managers made the schedule, they would have one or two employees each day that were known as "The Dotted People." You DID NOT want to be one of the Dotted.

What it was was that instead of a solid line underneath your name saying you'd work 5-9, there would be dots extending from 4pm until closing. If you were "dotted" you had to call in at 3 and see if they needed you. This sucked. Your whole day was ruined, you couldn't make plans... "I don't know, I might have to work tonight."

When I first started, I was dotted a lot. One particular day, I called in at 3 to be given good news: they didn't need me. Now, I didn't drive then and relied on Mom or Dad to take me. Mom was scheduled to close that night so she was going in at 4 and she would have dropped me off if I had had to go in. Since I didn't, she left. About an hour later, the phone rang - it was the closing hostess from Fargo's.

"I know we told you we didn't need you but we just had a party of 150 call in so now we need you."

"Ummm.... yeah, sorry but you said I didn't need to come in so my ride left for work. I don't have a way there."

"Isn't there anyone you can call? We really need you."

"No. Unless you want to come pick me up." Of course she didn't... probably couldn't. I ended up calling my Mom at work - this was when she was just a stocker, not the big-shot manager she is today - she had to take her lunch break three hours early to come all the way home and take me to work. She was mad, I was mad.

To my knowledge, they still have those asinine dotted shifts. I'm surprised no one had shot the place up yet because of one!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Dude Looks Like A Lady

A long, long time ago... in fact my first post ever... was dedicated to telling my side of the now infamous "Egg-Smashing Incident." In summation, the Incident occurred when we rented a video camera and Mom smashed an egg on Derek's forehead while I filmed.

In the comments, Collin & Andy both mentioned that they would like to see these home movies of ours, specifically to see Derek as he was at 12 years old with his curly blonde 'fro and long eyelashes and unchanged high voice. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of him that he's posted on his site... he had some pretty hair!

So... last weekend, I pulled out the tape of home movies and let Collin & the kids watch them, cringing over my antics and laughing anew at Derek's. The "My whole kitchen smells like Heaven, at least I hope Heaven smells like this" garnered the laughs it deserved, due mainly to his high squeaky voice.

The first thing we filmed, however, was Derek and two school chums in a mock WWF match. Derek was Mark "The Terminator" Jones and he was the bad guy. He was wrestling a kid named Ty. Jordyn walked in about 15 minutes into it, looked at the screen and said, "Who's the girl?"

"That's Derek," I replied. Jordyn's eyes bugged out of her little 5 year old head.

"Derek used to be a girl?!?!?!?"

In between laughs, I managed to choke out, "No. He just looked like one."


Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Second Part - Friday's Fotos

Happy Friday to everyone. Today is the conclusion of my attempt to finally wrangle a picture of that Great Blue Heron. Enjoy!

Leading off today's photo collection is a panaramic view of Quail Lake and the mountains that surround our sleepy little town. This is at about 6pm. You can barely make out Pike's Peak sticking up on the far right hand side.

Here we have yet another magnificent sunrise shot, turning the lake pink.

In my attempt to track down the heron, I ran into this mama duck & her babies. They were far more cooperative than the herons.

This is The Day...if you'll look to the right, you'll see what look like two camel humps on the shore...above the top hump is a small dark mass...that's the heron's silhouette. It looked way cooler through the naked eye.

As Prescilla & I rounded Quail Lake, I tried to be as quiet as possible and go down to the shoreline where the heron was sitting. He heard me right away, however, and flew off to the opposite side of the lake. We hit the east side of the lake and suddenly, both herons came flying overhead, being chased by these little blackbirds who were nipping at their tails. For some reason, it reminded me of Better Off Dead and the paperboy.... "I WANT MY $2!!!" They did fly close enoough for me to get a shot of them flying which you may enjoy here:

The pair circled the lake as I watched with my camera at the ready. I wasn't ready to give up that day...I was determined to give Collin back his camera. So I waited, not caring if I was late getting back into work. And then one landed about 100 feet from me in front of one of the fishing docks. I told Prescilla to wait and I hightailed it down there, all the time thinking that I felt like I did when I used to chase hockey was like I was stalking my favorite one again just to get a picture but this time it was a bird. But I got the shot!! I went for another one but he decided one was enough and he took off. But here he is in all his glory:

So there's the end of my quest. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!


A Two-Parter - Part 1

Collin let me borrow his camera last week so that I could try & get a picture of that heron that's been hanging around Quail Lake. While waiting not-so-patiently for the heron to co-operate, I got some other pretty awesome pictures. Inspired by Leesa & Laura, I tried my hand at taking photos of flowers and landscapes. I never did run across any deer, bears or raccoons while I had the that I've given it back to Collin, you know I'm gonna be seeing them every night!!

Oh, well....ON WITH THE SHOW!

We'll start with Elena, mugging for me. It took me a while to get her to smile and look at the camera...the first shot of her shows her lying down with her eyes closed but a smile...then she stuck her butt in the air and looked at me between her legs...but this is a cute one!!

Here we have Coco, work's resident beggar for food. One of the ladies on another shift named her and brings her peanuts. So now she thinks everyone she sees is going to feed her. I lured her over to the bench here with a SunChip so that I could get a shot of her but she snubbed the chip and went under another bench and pouted. Spoiled little thing!

These are some nettles (that's what Collin called them, I just called them flowers) growing around Quail Lake. I like the way they're growing from between these boulders...color where there shouldn't be any!

Sunrise at Quail Lake. We always get the best views of the sun coming up at that hour! I love the way the sun reflects on the lake.

These are some flowers that are planted in front of Quail Lake Apartments. I've always thought they were pretty but we only walk by them at midnight...I was impressed how well this came out, having been taken at night. I love the vibrant colors.

Okay...I didn't take this picture. Collin did. But I like it. This was on Father's Day as we were leaving Mom & Dad's house. There were some awesome clouds swirling above, hence the reason Mom's head is so far back, and Collin was snapping shots for me. Don't know why he grabbed this one but I'm glad he did.

That's all the photo fun for today. Be sure & tune in tomorrow to see if I got the picture of my illusive heron!!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blogging Under The Influence

This past weekend, Collin & I were heading to have a late dinner at IHOP when we found ourselves trapped in a sobriety checkpoint. We had a couple of opportunities to peel off Academy and bypass the whole thing but we didn't. So we got stuck in it. I'm going to let Collin tell the rest of this since it's really his story. But while sitting there, waiting for the cops to ask us how much we'd had to drink, I remembered the only other time I'd been stuck in one of those.

I was probably 22, 23...I was coming home from karaoke at about 1am. I turned onto Highway 85/87 and found myself confronted by a sobriety checkpoint. A very large, very serious looking policeman motioned me to stop. Of course I did so. I was super nervous... my first sobriety checkpoint combined with the fact that I HAD had a couple Amaretto sours at karaoke (even though it had been about 4 hours since) wasn't helping my nerves.

So this giant of a man sidles up to the car and asks me where I'm heading to & coming from. I answered truthfully. When he asked me if I had had anything to drink, I opened my mouth and said, "No, ma'am." GACK!!!!! Oh, God! He's gonna think I'm drunk for sure!! CRAAAP!!! "I mean Sir! I'm sorry!!"

I don't know what he thought about my slip of the tongue but he believed me and let me go. Thank goodness! Maybe it was the blonde hair...


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How the Mighty Have Fallen

I hope everyone had a safe & fun Fourth Of July weekend! Mine was good but too short. Plus I had to work on the 4th so I didn't get to go to any BBQ's or hang out at a park and watch fireworks. Prescilla, Ginny & I did go out back of the plant and watched some displays from our hill but they were pretty far away.

Derek had his Dead Money Texas Hold 'Em Tournament Saturday night. If you'll remember last year I shocked everyone when I won first place so I went into this tourney prepared to defend my title. It didn't last long - sadly I was the first one out, followed quickly by my Mom. It came down to my couch-ridden Dad and Derek. I'll let Derek tell the story of what happened because I'm sure he'll tell it better than I will but long story short, Derek is the new Dead Money Champion. Congrats to Derek!!

Collin & I saw a couple movies this weekend... Mr & Mrs Smith which I really liked... and Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy... finally. I liked it but a lot of that had to do with the fact that Alan Rickman was the voice of the depressed robot Marvin and that Martin Freeman from The Office played Arthur Dent. I did like Sam Rockwell as Zaphod even if no one else did.

Collin & I were stopped for a sobriety checkpoint Friday night but I'll let him tell that story. It did remind me of a story, though, which I'll save for another post. I don't want to tell all my secrets in one post! Ha!


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