Friday, July 29, 2005

Look at Meme go

Happy Friday, everyone! Here's some more of the Meme post that I took from Redneck Diva's site. And Kathleen...Where the heck is your email address??? I can't find it anywhere!! Check out your comments from that meme post you left a couple days ago!

Anyway - on with the fun!


~First Car: 1977 Honda CVCC
~First Best Friend: Rhonda
~First Crush: Tony Caporalli
~First Job: Hostessing at Fargo's Pizza.
~First Dwelling that wasn't your parents': Loft apartment that was actually pretty cool.
~First Kiss: Tony Caporalli kissed my cheek but that was 1st grade so...Chad Entwistle, 8th grade. Man, he was CUTE!
~First Computer: A really overpriced and slow-running Gateway in 1999

~Last TV Show: Dead Like Me - "Death Defying" episode.
~Last Concert: Duran Duran
~Last Ticket: A few years ago for speeding.
~Last Meal: IHOP Spinich Steak Salad
~Last Card Sent: Ecard? To my cousin Beth for her birthday on the 9th. Real card would be Christmas.
~Last Really Great Nap: Yesterday afternoon
~Last Trip by Air: Right after 9/11 - went to Florida.

~If you could have lunch with a celebrity, who would it be? Gwen Stefani.
~What's your favorite swear word or phrase? Probably just plain old "shit." Although I try to tailor it when Collin's kiddos are around and say "Poop."
~What's your favorite article of clothing? My denim capris and my red tank top.
~Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Dinner
~Red, white, or rosè? Don't like wine. I'll take an amaretto sour, please. I had a glass of wine at my cousin's wedding last week and a bug flew in it. Bleh. The wine was white, by the way. I did have 2 amaretto sours last night at Jack Quinn's, though!
~Silk or satin? Both. I'm not picky!
~In a restaurant - Kids or Smoking? Kids
~Cable or Satellite? Cable.
~Cable, DSL or Dial-up? What does Collin have...cable? I like that.
~Cat or dog? KITTY!!!!
~Beach or mountains? Mountains.
~If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Right here
~For News - Local, Network, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or The Daily Show? CNN
~What would you like engraved on your headstone? "A fatal attraction to cuteness." Then everyone will blame Collin! HA! Just kidding, baby!!

~Slept in your bed: Me & that giant stuffed Kaa snake that I use to block out the sun by putting the snake tail over my eyes.
~Made you cry: Rita Kitty. I dreamed she came back from the dead.
~You went to the movies with: Collin, Jordyn, Justin & Mom when we saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
~Yelled at you: Mom.
~Sent you an e-mail: Collin

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