Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mom's At It Again

You spend enough time around my mother and eventually she will say or do something that will make you laugh and think, "Now this I gotta blog about." That moment came for me last Wednesday.

Mom & Dad, wanting to spend my birthday with me, accompanied me to Saturn where I was having my blinkers fixed. (There was a recall on Ions because the front blinkers were shorting out. The recall was sent in November of 2004. I'm just getting around to getting it done. I am SO on the ball!) On the way home we stopped at a stoplight behind an old Toyota wagon. The car was almost all rusted out and Dad, sitting in the passenger seat, said, "I wonder what could cause a car to get so rusted." From the back seat Mom pipes up with, "He lived in the sea...he lived on the sea." Exasperated sigh. "HE CAME FROM THE SEA!!!"

All Dad & I could do was laugh. She then took a deep breath and explained more calmly that if you lived near the ocean, the salt water was bad for cars and caused them to rust. I think she just got so excited that she knew the answer.

I think Derek needs to fit her with a portable mike so she can be recorded at all times and then we could share some of her witticisms with everyone!!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

My Gift To Myself...

My birthday was Wednesay and my present to myself was tickets to the Avalanche/Stars game last night. How I got the tickets takes a bit of back-story...

Some time in my first year of blogging, I posted a story that had to do with a picture of ex-Av Rene Corbet showing up in a pack of pictures where it shouldn't have been. Around Christmas time last year, I got an email from a guy in Germany asking if I still had the picture I had been talking about in that post. It turns out that Rene Corbet was now playing for the Mannheim Eagles in Germany and this guy, Marc, was a huge Corbet fan and was looking to get his hands on anything of him. He offered up autographed Eagles cards in return for copies of any Corbet pictures I had. I took him up on his offer and we started emailing each other back and forth about our favorite players, the game, etc.

One thing that Marc was very into was collecting game used jerseys and was always sending me links to jerseys that he thought I would be interested in. I would be if they weren't so darned expensive! One he brought to my attention was a game-used autographed Rick Berry Hershey Bears jersey. Oooo, I really wanted that one! When Marc saw my enthusiasm, he immediately emailed the guy selling the jersey with my address. The seller then contacted me.

His name is Thomas and he lives in Switzerland. He's also a member of the Dave Aebischer Fan Club. If you're not a hockey (or Avs) fan, Aebischer (or Aebi) is our goalie. He is Swiss and one of the few players in the NHL from that country. His fan club travels around the US to see him play including extended stays in Denver for homestands. They were coming to Chicago then Denver this month and Thomas offered me tickets to the Stars game. I snapped them up fast.

So last night Derek & I went to the game. Sitting with the Aebi Fan Club was the most fun I've had at a hockey game in a long time. Those guys were so much fun!! There was about 60-70 Swiss fans there and I'll tell you what, they get into the game! They led cheers, made noise, sang songs and chanted...sadly Aebi didn't start last night since he'd been in net the last few games. But they supported Budaj just as much as they do Aebi.

Their favorite non-goalie player seemed to be Patrice Brisbrois - they had a chant just for him although after Tanguay scored the 2nd goal they switched names which I liked! At one point, Hejduk rushed the Dallas net but missed wide and suddenly Roger, whom I think was the DAFC president and was sitting 2 seats from me yelled, "No chocolate, no goal!!" Thomas, sitting next to me, laughed and agreed. Then Thomas explained to me that the day before they had gone to the Avalanche practice facility and when they got autographs, they gave the player Swiss chocolates but Milan Hejduk didn't want the chocolates. See what happens when you refuse a gift? WE LOSE TO DALLAS IN A SHOOTOUT! Thanks a lot, Milan!

My favorite cheer that the Swiss boys did was Roger would hum the opening part of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" - Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuhnuhnuh nuh nuh...and then Thomas would yell "THUNDAH!!" It was so great! I'd never seen anyone get that into cheering at a game. And it was so contagious, our whole section was rocking! They invited us to Brooklyn's after the game, saying that Aebi would show up and hang out but we had to get back to town...it was so much fun, though!! I just wish we would have won.

The best thing overheard at the game: It was after the game while we were herding towards the stairs and this guy next to me says to his buddy: "You know what rhymes with Modano?" (For you non-hockey fans, Mike Modano is the Dallas Stars captain and very hated in Denver). His buddy said "What?" and the answer..."Fag." Ha! Loved it!!

A big thanks to Thomas for getting me the tickets and to Derek who went with me...it was too much fun!!!



Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Speeding (Back To My Baby)

(I couldn't resist an Ace Frehley reference there!)

So, last week I'm sitting in Old Chicago with Shanon and Elena, eatin' some chicken, talkin' about blogs when Shanon says, "You should write about that stupid new speed limit sign they have on Circle." Ooo! Great idea - thanks!! So here we go:

On Circle Drive, the road I take to work, and on Constitution Avenue, the road my parents live on, they have these new speed limit signs that will tell you how fast you're going. The speed limit is 30 (pfft! Way too slow, seriously!) so if you're going 30 or under, it simply displays your speed. If you're between 31-39 it flashes "SLOW DOWN" at you. Anything over 40 (this is where it gets good) you get these red and blue flashing lights on the screen like a little cop car is inside there.

I don't drive down the part of Constitution where the sign is often but Circle is my route to work so I'm there 3-4 nights a week. I never go 30. At least, I never used to go 30...now people see this sign and they slam on their brakes and I end up having to follow suit lest I end up in the backend of someone's Toyota. It drives me crazy that these drivers think that a sign is going to get them. There's never a cop around these signs...they put them up on curves because there have been people who have taken the curve too fast and ended up in the yards of the houses that flank the road. This sign is meant to serve as a warning only. It can't give you a ticket so it drives me nuts when we're all proceeding at the nice round speed of 40 and suddenly all you see are brake lights! It's a hazard, really!

I've only gotten the flashing lights thrown at me once, maybe twice. Last night on my way to work there was no one in front of me and I only got the "SLOW DOWN" message. Some people actually slow all the way down to 20! Swear to God, 20 miles per hour! I mean, come on!!! Only in a school zone is that necessary. This has become a hinderance in traffic flow - I might have to start taking Academy to work. Yuck.



Monday, January 23, 2006


The headline in the Gazette's Broncos section yesterday read simply, "Bring It." Sadly, that's exactly what the Steelers did. They brought It. God, that was a sad game. Everything was going Pittsburgh's way and it just seemed that the Broncos' play was lackluster. They were definitely missing the spark they had last week when we faced New England. I know Jake was apparently recovering from the flu...he looked so annoyed with himself out there, I wanted to cry. And he tried to make the big plays - the first down pass to a double-covered Rod Smith when he could have tossed the ball to Mike Anderson who was wide open 2 yards in front of him took guts...I yelled at him for being dumb but it was still a gutsy play. Too bad more of those didn't work. And he was all adept at dodging those sacks. Our offensive line seemed to have broken down but Jake, sick & all, was able to keep from being sacked numerous times.

Ben Roethlisberger was on fire...it looks like he should play with a cast on more often. And that Troy Falamatu guy - whatever his last name is, I can never remember - he's EVERYWHERE! I swear to God, that man is a magician, just popping up wherever a play needs to be made. He amazed me. So now (Andy, you'll be happy) I'm rooting for Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Can't have the NFC showing us up. My supervisor is from Seattle and a die-hard Seahawks fan so I'm preparing myself for some trash talkin' in these next two weeks.

The saddest thing was that I was actually sick yesterday morning...either a stomach bug or I ate some bad ham. But I knew I couldn't call in sick - everyone at work knows how big of a fan I am and that Mom has season tickets. They wouldn't have believed I was at home dying, they would have thought I was at the game. Which I'm glad I wasn't - there were a ton of Steeler fans there. How did we let Mile High get so invaded???

So the Denver Broncos season ends in disappointment and heartbreak as the Steelers got their revenge by stealing the AFC Championship away from us at home like we did to them before SBXXXII. But if the Broncos' only accomplishment was putting Tom Brady out of the playoffs, that will work for me.

Oh and p.s. Jake has the better beard. Sorry Ben.



Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Time To Post

I'm running late so I leave you with this cute image that I submitted to Cute Overload:

This is Sam. It's his paws that make me melt, especially the one completely wrapped around the cage. He's so freakin' cute!!!

Have a good day! I'll have more tomorrow!



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I Hate Tom Brady

Yes, yes, the New England game is over and it's time to focus on the Steelers coming to town but I have to rant and get this out.

I was sitting in the break room at work, minding my own business when here comes Ted, our cleaning guy. He drives me pretty crazy just on a general basis because he talks and talks and talks and everything is negative and he's always right! But he loves sports - at least loves to talk about sports - so when he saw me in there he had to ask me if I was going to the Bronco/Steeler game. I told him that Dad was going but I was happy that I had seen the New England game and that was enough fun to last me.

He starts in on Tom Brady and, he actually said this TO ME: "Tom Brady has more talent in his little finger than Jake Plummer will ever have." I felt the rage building. My vision was becoming red. I waved my arm at him and said, "Oh, just go! I hate him so much! He's such a whiny crybaby spoiled brat!!"

"Who, Jake," Ted says. Uh!

"No, Tom Brady! All game long Saturday he whined and complained to the officials about everything! Always pointing to one of the Broncos, trying to convince them that they had done something wrong and a flag should be thrown!"

"Well...Tom Brady may be a whiner but..." he looked blank for a second then all of a sudden he started talking about Vanderjagt missing the field goal at the end of the Colts game. He just didn't have a comeback for my tirade. I think he knew when he went too far.

I stand by how I feel about Brady. Can't stand him, wish he'd fall off the edge of the world and disappear. I'm sick to death of all these sports writers and analysts saying how he's the best quarterback the league has ever seen, even over superstars like Joe Montana, John Elway and Dan Marino. He gets named Sportsman Of The Year and for what? Their record was crap! Did he set any records this season? Sure, most of the time he's cool under pressure (but not with the south standers screaming in his ear and me hypnotizing him with my shiny pom pons) and has an arm but I don't think he deserves all the accolades he's been given.

Jake Plummer is not the next John Elway. No one will ever be John Elway. He was a legend in his own time and it's simply silly to try and make Jake live up to that. He needs to play his way and he's finally doing that and getting results. Sure, he wasn't on his game Saturday and the defense and special teams really helped win that game but all season long he's been playing good and getting the job done! After the 2nd or 3rd loss of the season, our newspaper ran the headline - "Jake back to old form: losing." That annoyed me to no end - it's not like we were losing every game we played...we lost 3 games this season. We had the 2nd best record in the NFL and Jake was a big part of that. People, especially the media, seem to forget that.

I have faith in Jake and the Broncos. We'll see you in Detroit.



Monday, January 16, 2006

Bleeding Orange & Blue

How about them Broncos?? Whooooo!!

Mom & I got to go to the playoff game Saturday against the defending World Chumps...umm...Champion New England Patriots and it was an incredible amount of fun. I actually took my camera and snapped a few shots before the game started. Afterwards there was too much going on so no pictures got taken. Here we go:

Here's Mom at Mile High, getting ready to eat her Thunder Dog, the normal Gameday fare.

Here's Matt Lepsis (78) throwing the ball around with Chris Meyers (62) pregame. Jason Elam is on the right and Todd "Big Leg" Sauerbrun on the left.

The Patriots warming up. Tom Brady is the blurry blob bending over in the middle somewhere. I hate the Pats, I can't stand Tom Brady. He's a crybaby whiner. All game long he whined and complained to the refs if something didn't go his way, which was a lot that night. There was one play where Al Wilson was coming up fast on his left and he panicked and threw the ball at his receiver's back. Then he ran to the ref, pointing at Wilson like a school boy, "He was running at me!!! Wannhhhhh!!!"

And here's my boys, the defensive line, running onto the field for warm-ups. Trevor Pryce (93) my very favorite player, is next to last. I was wearing my Pryce jersey (of course) and it was so warm that I never needed to cover it up with a coat!

And that's all for the pics. That game was so much fun!! We never sat down except for halftime. The entire game was spent on our feet screaming and stomping and cheering on our Broncos. I know the crowd was a huge factor in throwing Brady off his groove. One time I blame Mom for throwing Jake off his groove, though. He was back to pass, looking for an open receiver when suddenly Mom yelled, "Come on Jake!!!!" I swear to you, Jake twitched at the sound of her voice and flopped the ball to no one. Luckilly, it wasn't a factor in the outcome.

We had a foursome of drunk guys behind us who were big fans and very friendly. One of them started to tickle us and bop us on the head with the free shiny pom pons we got. Mom pretty much ignored him but whenever I turned, he would blame the guy next to him. When I finally said, "Stop getting your friend in trouble," he left us alone for a while. Then his mission was making me cheer more visually by grabbing my arms, throwing them up in the air and waving them back & forth. My arms are still sore this morning. When it became apparent that we were going to win, he leaned forward and yelled in my face, "Is this fuckin awesome or what????" I agreed that it was. Then he faced Mom: "I love you, ma'am!" Mom just laughed. When our new friend leaned back to his seat, the funniest thing overheard at the game was uttered by his buddy: "If you need help closing the deal, you might have to take her Mom, too." Did I mention they were very drunk?

It was a great game simply because we won. The Champ Bailey interception and return completely wore me out - I've never cheered that hard in my life. The only problem was that when that play (and the Patriot int of Plummer) was under review, we had no clue. They never mentioned it to the fans. We thought we were in the midst of a very long TV time out.

So bring on those Steelers!!! And, Tom Brady, your season is "IN-COM-PLETE!"



Friday, January 13, 2006

It Came In The Mail

I still get mail for the people who lived in my apartment before me - usually it's advertisements or catalogs...their last name is Volynuk and I always assumed they were Russian. Apparently, however, they are from the Ukraine. I found this out because I got this in the mail last week:

Now clickable for bigger version.

There were three of them, all from the Ukrainian Consolate. It's all in Ukrainian so I have no idea what it says. When I showed it to Collin he suggested that the Volnyuk family were being deported and this was their warning letter. In the bottom left hand corner by the signature it says "poky." Collin is convinced this means "jail."

I also showed it to Shanon. While I was doing this, I noticed the address label on the front:

"Colo-rado." The other two letters had Colorado hyphened between the 'a' & the 'do.' Then Shanon noticed that there was no name on the label. "Whoever's at that address is getting deported." So if suddenly I'm gone, please send a search party to The Ukraine. I think it's cold there and I'm not so sure I would want to stay.

Also, if anyone knows what this says, please let me know. I'm very curious!!



Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to MY Friend!!!

Today is Shanon's birthday!

(She's the pretty one on the right, by the way)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for being such a great friend for so long!!



Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Legends Square Off

Today's Blog subject: Jim Morrison vs Mick Jagger. Discuss.

No, I won't leave you with just that. I'll explain why I picked that subject and my views. Last weekend I picked up a new mystery series by Sarah Strohmeyer - the Bubbles Yoblansky series. I'm on the 2nd book now and they're really cute & entertaining. But in the first book, Bubbles had to interview a guy who had legally changed his name to Jim Morrison and was the frontman for a Doors cover band. All the women were drooling over him and Bubbles said, "I'll take Mick Jagger any day over Jim Morrison." I almost threw the book away at that point! I was shocked. Why would anyone with eyes and a pulse pick Mick Jagger over Jim Morrison?

You can see where I stand on this debate. Sure, when I was in college I had a dream about Mick & I being in the same orphanage and he kissed me at dinner so after that I had a thing for him. It lasted about a week. Then it was over, done, kaput. Jim Morrison has fascinated me since I was 10. Ever since I heard him singing "Touch Me" on the radio. His voice captivated me and made me all mushy inside. He was the first celebrity to get to me with just his voice. Sure, I had crushes on Shaun Cassidy and John Schneider but that was because they were cute. I hadn't even seen Jim Morrison yet and I was already dreamy-eyed.

When I saw him on an Ed Sullivan Show clip singing "Light My Fire", that was it. I was over the moon. I used my allowance to buy a Best Of The Doors tape and wore it out. My favorite song was "Love Me Two Times" and I would listen to it every night before bed. When I got my first job, I bought all of The Doors' cd's, popped them in my 5-disc changer, hit shuffle and dreamed. After hearing all The Doors songs, my favorite is "Peace Frog" from the Morrison Hotel album but I'll always have a soft spot for "Love Me Two Times."

Jim Morrison may have been a drugged up drunk but he was hot, talented and deep. Mick Jagger looks like a chicken on crack. His voice does nothing for me and his pout is nothing compared to Morrison's. I change the station whenever a Rolling Stones song comes on (unless it's "Paint It Black" which I really like) but if any Doors song hits the air, the radio gets turned up full blast.

My choice is clear - Jim Morrison all the way.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

I honestly don't know if I've posted about this before or not and I'm too lazy to go searching through my whole blog so...feel free to skip this if it sounds familiar. It's okay, you have my permission!

When I was in elementary school, we had a giant cardboard stoplight that graced the auditorium on the stage. If the light was green, we were okay to talk. Yellow meant we were getting too loud, we were on warning. Red meant no talking whatsoever. After that red light was activated, if anyone talked they lost their recess. I only lost it once when I asked someone to pass me the napkins. Mr. Wynn, the principal who took my recess away wouldn't hear my excuse, no doubt thinking that I was lying to get my recess back. It was mortifying!! After that I swore I would take no more guff about missing recess!

When I was in 4th grade, Mom came to the school to have lunch with me. Now when the parents came, they had their own special table on the north side of the lunchroom. That day, however, they sat the 6th graders with us. It's funny how when I look back I see the 6th graders as big intimidating kids...anyway...they were being very rowdy and loud and the red light went on. Many of them never stopped talking so Mrs. Fassnacht, whom I didn't like AT ALL, came over and told the whole table that they had lost their recess and to put their heads down on the table. Mom obeyed, being the good rule-follower she is. I did not. Mom kept telling me to put my head down but I kept telling her, "No! I will not do what she says! We weren't talking!" Pretty soon Mrs. F noticed that my head wasn't down and she stalked over, informing me that if I didn't put my head down I would be sent to Mr. Wynn's office.

"I am not putting my head down," I told her forcefully. "My mother came to have lunch with me today and we were at this table before all the 6th graders! They were making the noise, not us! Why should my mom have to put her head down?!?" Mom was shushing me the whole time, confident that I was on the path to the principal's office. But I prevailed. Mrs. F actually seemed embarrassed when she saw Mom and told us we could be excused. Yay for me!! I remember Mom being pretty shocked at how I stood up to Mrs. Fassnacht.

The moral of the story - I hated that light. It was a stupid invention.



Friday, January 06, 2006

The Boy's Turn

Just as I promised, here's today's fun foto-post all about Derek!!

In his hand-me-down swing at 3 month old. He looks so comfortable and drooly. "Teacher, my test is wet."

When I grow up I'm gonna be a Broadway dancer!! Yeah!! Big dreams for a 5 month old!

Awww...I'm so sweet to my baby brother. I think Mom made me do that, though. I like his little Michelin Man leg hanging out...

Derek's about 2 in this picture...the look on his face, his little hand, his butterfly collar - so funny to me!!

Here's my favorite picture of Derek of all time. We were told not to mess with the tinsel but what does he do? Yep. Messed with the tinsel...tore it right off! See it in his hand? But he knows he messed up, he's in trouble...BIG trouble...

And here we see that he's not going to get into trouble for ripping all the tinsel off the door. See the look of sheer relief on his little face? And notice all the tinsel's gone now? "Oh, go ahead Derek, tear it all off." Pbbt! He's still got some hanging from his fingers, for cyring out loud!! Oh, well...what can you do?

So there you have it - the Knight kids when they were little. Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's All About Me!

Today's foto-fun revolves around yours truly. Yay!

We start with a picture of me at 3 months old, sitting next to my Dad. Look how teeny tiny I am next to big strong Daddy! I love this picture!!

How cute am I? Seriously, if I didn't know this was me at six months I would say "Enter this child in a calendar contest!" Or something...

And at 9 months old...I'm at home with Froggy & Tiger, my two fave stuffed animals at the time. I sure wish I still had them, just for old times sake. And notice my mouth wide open like someone we all know...I pointed this out to Mom and she said, "Yeah, you went through that phase but you grew out of it!"

Mom & Me (1 year old). I'm apparently enjoying my snack of a wadded up washcloth. Ick. I hope it was clean!! And check out Mom's glasses...and her shirt. The shirt is so cute...but she'd never wear something like that today!! Funny how tastes change!

I'm the ice cream girl! That was actually lip gloss - the ice cream part came off to reveal lip gloss. Mom wanted me to pose like I was eating it. Good pose, Heather! Just place it against your lips! Hey, what can you expect from a 4 year old?

Look at me - 6 or so years old and blingin' before bling was cool!! Check out my front teeth - they were all silver!! Silver! Well, silver-capped at least! I had bad teeth when I was little.

And me at 14, doing what was most fun back then in 1985 - sitting in my room, listening to Wham!'s "Make It Big" on Derek's Popeye Record Player and playing Circus on the Atari. God, I love Circus!!! I haven't listened to Make It Big in many years, though. But any song from that album reminds me of playing Circus just like any song from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's debut album reminds me of playing Shinobi!! So weird...

Well, that's it for today kids. Stay tuned tomorrow for a foto-fun-filled blog featuring our favorite cheesy blogger!!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Drive Oh-Five

Oh, wait it's 06 now. Shoot, and that rhymed. Oh, well...anyway...on with the post -

Overheard at the DMV yesterday, said by a U.S. Army soldier: "Just being in here makes me want to drink & drive. I think I'll counter-sue."

That's right, I was at the DMV yesterday afternoon to get my new license. Bleh. I woke up somewhat early (3pm, that's verrrry early for me!) and decided I might as well get it over with so I went to the DMV to change my name on my license. I got there at 3:30, stood in line for 40 minutes just to talk to the receptionist to find out what line to stand in. She sent me to the line in the back of the building (where I stood behind the soldier). I was in that line for 30 minutes. The next lady told me to sit (F-in finally!!! My back was killing me!) and wait for my name to be called. It was practically an hour before I heard it called out. I got out of there at 5:30! Yuck!

The one bright spot was that the line I stood in was No Number Required. If you were next in line, you were next to be helped. The other people had numbers and the people calling the numbers talked softly and quickly. "942...943...944...945..." There was barely a breath between the numbers and if those people weren't fast, they didn't get waited on and lost their place! There was one older lady that was egging the number caller on: "That's right, keep going! 965! That's it, uh-huh, 966! Whoo, baby, keep it going! 967, you're almost there...968 Ayah! That's me!!" Everyone in the building was smiling, even the workers!!

One person I noticed while I was standing in the 2nd line was the dork that gave me my first driver's test way back when. I couldn't believe I recognized him but I did. The more I looked at him, the more annoyed I got. He failed me on my driving test, telling Mom that I "needed to drive at night more to improve my night vision." Dick! How did he know what my night vision was like? This guy was talking to a young lady and she looked very sad. I wanted to ask if he was telling her to improve her night vision as well!!

And now I have to wait up to 30 days for them to mail me the new license. They don't hand them out there anymore like they used to, oh no. They gave me a piece of paper that will serve as a temp license until the real thing arrives. But yet they didn't confiscate nor deface my old license...the last time I changed my name they punched a hole in the corner so that I couldn't use it but they didn't do that this time. I wonder why. I hope I can't get into trouble by still having it!

P.S. Yesterday morning that Dan Cochell wasn't on the morning show, they had Curt Lambert. It was so enjoyable. Too bad it won't last...



Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Book Geek In Me

Last year I did the same thing - I kept track of how many books I read in the year and I did it this year, too. Here's the compilation:

Maskerade - Terry Pratchett
Hogfather - Terry Pratchett
The Last Continent - Terry Pratchett
Grave's End - Elaine Mercado
Ancient Mysteries - Peter James & Nick Thorpe
Ghost Hunter - The Warrens & Robert Chase
The Demonologist - Gerald Daniel Brittle

The Cat Who Went Bananas - Lillian Jackson Braun
The Rocky Road To Romance - Janet Evanovich
Haunted Castles Of Britain - Richard Jones
The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - Alison Weir

Life Expectancy - Dean Koontz
Healing With The Angels - Doreen Virtue
Spindrift - Phyllis A. Whitney
Abarat II - Clive Barker
Hauntings! - Hazel M. Denning
Metro Girl - Janet Evanovich
Haunted Inns of Britain & Ireland - Richard Jones

Murder List - Julie Garwood
Daddy's Little Girl - Mary Higgins Clark
Curse Of The Kings - Victoria Holt
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Blue Fire - Phyllis A. Whitney
Kirkland Revels - Victoria Holt
True Colors - Diana Palmer
Not Without You - Janelle Taylor
The Mask Of The Enchantress - Victoria Holt
The Mystery Of The Whale Tattoo - Franklin Dixon
The Mystery Of The Desert Giant - Franklin Dixon
The Flickering Torch Mystery - Franklin Dixon
Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier
Bridget Jones' Diary - Helen Fielding

Full Bloom - Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes
The Snake Tattoo - Linda Barnes
A Trouble Of Fools - Linda Barnes
Steel Guitar - Linda Barnes
Coyote - Linda Barnes
Hardware - Linda Barnes
The Best Revenge - Stephen White
Flashpoint - Linda Barnes
Snapshot - Linda Barnes
The Big Dig - Linda Barnes
The Dogs Of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst
Missing Persons - Stephen White

Final Jeopardy - Linda Fairstein
Sleep Tight - Anne Fraser
Men At Arms - Terry Pratchett
Night Watch - Terry Pratchett
Serpent On The Crown - Elizabeth Peters
Guardian Of The Horizon - Elizabeth Peters
The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks
Sunset In St Tropez - Danielle Steel
The Serpent's Kiss - Mark T. Sullivan
Dark Horse - Tami Hoag

Eleven On Top - Janet Evanovich
Velocity - Dean Koontz
Cold Case - Linda Barnes
Deep Pockets - Linda Barnes
The Last Manly Man - Sparkle Hayter
Naked Brunch - Sparkle Hayter
Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - JK Rowling

Queen Of This Realm - Jean Plaidy
Elizabeth: The Struggle For The Throne - David Starkey

My Enemy The Queen - Victoria Holt

The Murders Of Richard III - Elizabeth Peters
The Twelfth Card - Jeffery Deaver
Going Postal - Terry Pratchett
Scandal In Fair Haven - Carolyn Hart
The Stone Monkey - Jeffery Deaver
The Vanished Man - Jeffery Deaver

1st To Die - James Patterson
No Place Like Home - Mary Higgins Clark
2nd Chance - James Paterson
Thicker Than Water - Maggie Shane
3rd Degree - James Patterson
4th Of July - James Patterson
The Jester - Jeffery Deaver
Practical Demonkeeping - Christopher Moore
Interesting Times - Terry Pratchett
The Chelsea Girl Murders - Sparkle Hayter
Twisted - Jeffery Deaver
Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett

Feet Of Clay - Terry Pratchett
Murder At The Washington Tribune - Margaret Truman
Death Of The Party - Carolyn Hart
Dance Upon The Air - Nora Roberts

I didn't get as much reading done this year as last year because I jumped back into genealogy with both feet so that cut into my reading time but the grand total of books I read in 2005 is: 86. Wow, I really slacked on the reading last year! Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to read 200 books this year!! :-) We'll see how that goes! I hope you all had a safe & happy New Year!



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