Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I Hate Tom Brady

Yes, yes, the New England game is over and it's time to focus on the Steelers coming to town but I have to rant and get this out.

I was sitting in the break room at work, minding my own business when here comes Ted, our cleaning guy. He drives me pretty crazy just on a general basis because he talks and talks and talks and everything is negative and he's always right! But he loves sports - at least loves to talk about sports - so when he saw me in there he had to ask me if I was going to the Bronco/Steeler game. I told him that Dad was going but I was happy that I had seen the New England game and that was enough fun to last me.

He starts in on Tom Brady and, he actually said this TO ME: "Tom Brady has more talent in his little finger than Jake Plummer will ever have." I felt the rage building. My vision was becoming red. I waved my arm at him and said, "Oh, just go! I hate him so much! He's such a whiny crybaby spoiled brat!!"

"Who, Jake," Ted says. Uh!

"No, Tom Brady! All game long Saturday he whined and complained to the officials about everything! Always pointing to one of the Broncos, trying to convince them that they had done something wrong and a flag should be thrown!"

"Well...Tom Brady may be a whiner but..." he looked blank for a second then all of a sudden he started talking about Vanderjagt missing the field goal at the end of the Colts game. He just didn't have a comeback for my tirade. I think he knew when he went too far.

I stand by how I feel about Brady. Can't stand him, wish he'd fall off the edge of the world and disappear. I'm sick to death of all these sports writers and analysts saying how he's the best quarterback the league has ever seen, even over superstars like Joe Montana, John Elway and Dan Marino. He gets named Sportsman Of The Year and for what? Their record was crap! Did he set any records this season? Sure, most of the time he's cool under pressure (but not with the south standers screaming in his ear and me hypnotizing him with my shiny pom pons) and has an arm but I don't think he deserves all the accolades he's been given.

Jake Plummer is not the next John Elway. No one will ever be John Elway. He was a legend in his own time and it's simply silly to try and make Jake live up to that. He needs to play his way and he's finally doing that and getting results. Sure, he wasn't on his game Saturday and the defense and special teams really helped win that game but all season long he's been playing good and getting the job done! After the 2nd or 3rd loss of the season, our newspaper ran the headline - "Jake back to old form: losing." That annoyed me to no end - it's not like we were losing every game we played...we lost 3 games this season. We had the 2nd best record in the NFL and Jake was a big part of that. People, especially the media, seem to forget that.

I have faith in Jake and the Broncos. We'll see you in Detroit.


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