Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Legends Square Off

Today's Blog subject: Jim Morrison vs Mick Jagger. Discuss.

No, I won't leave you with just that. I'll explain why I picked that subject and my views. Last weekend I picked up a new mystery series by Sarah Strohmeyer - the Bubbles Yoblansky series. I'm on the 2nd book now and they're really cute & entertaining. But in the first book, Bubbles had to interview a guy who had legally changed his name to Jim Morrison and was the frontman for a Doors cover band. All the women were drooling over him and Bubbles said, "I'll take Mick Jagger any day over Jim Morrison." I almost threw the book away at that point! I was shocked. Why would anyone with eyes and a pulse pick Mick Jagger over Jim Morrison?

You can see where I stand on this debate. Sure, when I was in college I had a dream about Mick & I being in the same orphanage and he kissed me at dinner so after that I had a thing for him. It lasted about a week. Then it was over, done, kaput. Jim Morrison has fascinated me since I was 10. Ever since I heard him singing "Touch Me" on the radio. His voice captivated me and made me all mushy inside. He was the first celebrity to get to me with just his voice. Sure, I had crushes on Shaun Cassidy and John Schneider but that was because they were cute. I hadn't even seen Jim Morrison yet and I was already dreamy-eyed.

When I saw him on an Ed Sullivan Show clip singing "Light My Fire", that was it. I was over the moon. I used my allowance to buy a Best Of The Doors tape and wore it out. My favorite song was "Love Me Two Times" and I would listen to it every night before bed. When I got my first job, I bought all of The Doors' cd's, popped them in my 5-disc changer, hit shuffle and dreamed. After hearing all The Doors songs, my favorite is "Peace Frog" from the Morrison Hotel album but I'll always have a soft spot for "Love Me Two Times."

Jim Morrison may have been a drugged up drunk but he was hot, talented and deep. Mick Jagger looks like a chicken on crack. His voice does nothing for me and his pout is nothing compared to Morrison's. I change the station whenever a Rolling Stones song comes on (unless it's "Paint It Black" which I really like) but if any Doors song hits the air, the radio gets turned up full blast.

My choice is clear - Jim Morrison all the way.

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