Monday, January 16, 2006

Bleeding Orange & Blue

How about them Broncos?? Whooooo!!

Mom & I got to go to the playoff game Saturday against the defending World Chumps...umm...Champion New England Patriots and it was an incredible amount of fun. I actually took my camera and snapped a few shots before the game started. Afterwards there was too much going on so no pictures got taken. Here we go:

Here's Mom at Mile High, getting ready to eat her Thunder Dog, the normal Gameday fare.

Here's Matt Lepsis (78) throwing the ball around with Chris Meyers (62) pregame. Jason Elam is on the right and Todd "Big Leg" Sauerbrun on the left.

The Patriots warming up. Tom Brady is the blurry blob bending over in the middle somewhere. I hate the Pats, I can't stand Tom Brady. He's a crybaby whiner. All game long he whined and complained to the refs if something didn't go his way, which was a lot that night. There was one play where Al Wilson was coming up fast on his left and he panicked and threw the ball at his receiver's back. Then he ran to the ref, pointing at Wilson like a school boy, "He was running at me!!! Wannhhhhh!!!"

And here's my boys, the defensive line, running onto the field for warm-ups. Trevor Pryce (93) my very favorite player, is next to last. I was wearing my Pryce jersey (of course) and it was so warm that I never needed to cover it up with a coat!

And that's all for the pics. That game was so much fun!! We never sat down except for halftime. The entire game was spent on our feet screaming and stomping and cheering on our Broncos. I know the crowd was a huge factor in throwing Brady off his groove. One time I blame Mom for throwing Jake off his groove, though. He was back to pass, looking for an open receiver when suddenly Mom yelled, "Come on Jake!!!!" I swear to you, Jake twitched at the sound of her voice and flopped the ball to no one. Luckilly, it wasn't a factor in the outcome.

We had a foursome of drunk guys behind us who were big fans and very friendly. One of them started to tickle us and bop us on the head with the free shiny pom pons we got. Mom pretty much ignored him but whenever I turned, he would blame the guy next to him. When I finally said, "Stop getting your friend in trouble," he left us alone for a while. Then his mission was making me cheer more visually by grabbing my arms, throwing them up in the air and waving them back & forth. My arms are still sore this morning. When it became apparent that we were going to win, he leaned forward and yelled in my face, "Is this fuckin awesome or what????" I agreed that it was. Then he faced Mom: "I love you, ma'am!" Mom just laughed. When our new friend leaned back to his seat, the funniest thing overheard at the game was uttered by his buddy: "If you need help closing the deal, you might have to take her Mom, too." Did I mention they were very drunk?

It was a great game simply because we won. The Champ Bailey interception and return completely wore me out - I've never cheered that hard in my life. The only problem was that when that play (and the Patriot int of Plummer) was under review, we had no clue. They never mentioned it to the fans. We thought we were in the midst of a very long TV time out.

So bring on those Steelers!!! And, Tom Brady, your season is "IN-COM-PLETE!"


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