Monday, January 09, 2006

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

I honestly don't know if I've posted about this before or not and I'm too lazy to go searching through my whole blog so...feel free to skip this if it sounds familiar. It's okay, you have my permission!

When I was in elementary school, we had a giant cardboard stoplight that graced the auditorium on the stage. If the light was green, we were okay to talk. Yellow meant we were getting too loud, we were on warning. Red meant no talking whatsoever. After that red light was activated, if anyone talked they lost their recess. I only lost it once when I asked someone to pass me the napkins. Mr. Wynn, the principal who took my recess away wouldn't hear my excuse, no doubt thinking that I was lying to get my recess back. It was mortifying!! After that I swore I would take no more guff about missing recess!

When I was in 4th grade, Mom came to the school to have lunch with me. Now when the parents came, they had their own special table on the north side of the lunchroom. That day, however, they sat the 6th graders with us. It's funny how when I look back I see the 6th graders as big intimidating kids...anyway...they were being very rowdy and loud and the red light went on. Many of them never stopped talking so Mrs. Fassnacht, whom I didn't like AT ALL, came over and told the whole table that they had lost their recess and to put their heads down on the table. Mom obeyed, being the good rule-follower she is. I did not. Mom kept telling me to put my head down but I kept telling her, "No! I will not do what she says! We weren't talking!" Pretty soon Mrs. F noticed that my head wasn't down and she stalked over, informing me that if I didn't put my head down I would be sent to Mr. Wynn's office.

"I am not putting my head down," I told her forcefully. "My mother came to have lunch with me today and we were at this table before all the 6th graders! They were making the noise, not us! Why should my mom have to put her head down?!?" Mom was shushing me the whole time, confident that I was on the path to the principal's office. But I prevailed. Mrs. F actually seemed embarrassed when she saw Mom and told us we could be excused. Yay for me!! I remember Mom being pretty shocked at how I stood up to Mrs. Fassnacht.

The moral of the story - I hated that light. It was a stupid invention.


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