Monday, January 23, 2006


The headline in the Gazette's Broncos section yesterday read simply, "Bring It." Sadly, that's exactly what the Steelers did. They brought It. God, that was a sad game. Everything was going Pittsburgh's way and it just seemed that the Broncos' play was lackluster. They were definitely missing the spark they had last week when we faced New England. I know Jake was apparently recovering from the flu...he looked so annoyed with himself out there, I wanted to cry. And he tried to make the big plays - the first down pass to a double-covered Rod Smith when he could have tossed the ball to Mike Anderson who was wide open 2 yards in front of him took guts...I yelled at him for being dumb but it was still a gutsy play. Too bad more of those didn't work. And he was all adept at dodging those sacks. Our offensive line seemed to have broken down but Jake, sick & all, was able to keep from being sacked numerous times.

Ben Roethlisberger was on looks like he should play with a cast on more often. And that Troy Falamatu guy - whatever his last name is, I can never remember - he's EVERYWHERE! I swear to God, that man is a magician, just popping up wherever a play needs to be made. He amazed me. So now (Andy, you'll be happy) I'm rooting for Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Can't have the NFC showing us up. My supervisor is from Seattle and a die-hard Seahawks fan so I'm preparing myself for some trash talkin' in these next two weeks.

The saddest thing was that I was actually sick yesterday morning...either a stomach bug or I ate some bad ham. But I knew I couldn't call in sick - everyone at work knows how big of a fan I am and that Mom has season tickets. They wouldn't have believed I was at home dying, they would have thought I was at the game. Which I'm glad I wasn't - there were a ton of Steeler fans there. How did we let Mile High get so invaded???

So the Denver Broncos season ends in disappointment and heartbreak as the Steelers got their revenge by stealing the AFC Championship away from us at home like we did to them before SBXXXII. But if the Broncos' only accomplishment was putting Tom Brady out of the playoffs, that will work for me.

Oh and p.s. Jake has the better beard. Sorry Ben.


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