Friday, January 06, 2006

The Boy's Turn

Just as I promised, here's today's fun foto-post all about Derek!!

In his hand-me-down swing at 3 month old. He looks so comfortable and drooly. "Teacher, my test is wet."

When I grow up I'm gonna be a Broadway dancer!! Yeah!! Big dreams for a 5 month old!

Awww...I'm so sweet to my baby brother. I think Mom made me do that, though. I like his little Michelin Man leg hanging out...

Derek's about 2 in this picture...the look on his face, his little hand, his butterfly collar - so funny to me!!

Here's my favorite picture of Derek of all time. We were told not to mess with the tinsel but what does he do? Yep. Messed with the tinsel...tore it right off! See it in his hand? But he knows he messed up, he's in trouble...BIG trouble...

And here we see that he's not going to get into trouble for ripping all the tinsel off the door. See the look of sheer relief on his little face? And notice all the tinsel's gone now? "Oh, go ahead Derek, tear it all off." Pbbt! He's still got some hanging from his fingers, for cyring out loud!! Oh, well...what can you do?

So there you have it - the Knight kids when they were little. Have a great weekend!

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