Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mom's At It Again

You spend enough time around my mother and eventually she will say or do something that will make you laugh and think, "Now this I gotta blog about." That moment came for me last Wednesday.

Mom & Dad, wanting to spend my birthday with me, accompanied me to Saturn where I was having my blinkers fixed. (There was a recall on Ions because the front blinkers were shorting out. The recall was sent in November of 2004. I'm just getting around to getting it done. I am SO on the ball!) On the way home we stopped at a stoplight behind an old Toyota wagon. The car was almost all rusted out and Dad, sitting in the passenger seat, said, "I wonder what could cause a car to get so rusted." From the back seat Mom pipes up with, "He lived in the sea...he lived on the sea." Exasperated sigh. "HE CAME FROM THE SEA!!!"

All Dad & I could do was laugh. She then took a deep breath and explained more calmly that if you lived near the ocean, the salt water was bad for cars and caused them to rust. I think she just got so excited that she knew the answer.

I think Derek needs to fit her with a portable mike so she can be recorded at all times and then we could share some of her witticisms with everyone!!

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