Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blogging Under The Influence

This past weekend, Collin & I were heading to have a late dinner at IHOP when we found ourselves trapped in a sobriety checkpoint. We had a couple of opportunities to peel off Academy and bypass the whole thing but we didn't. So we got stuck in it. I'm going to let Collin tell the rest of this since it's really his story. But while sitting there, waiting for the cops to ask us how much we'd had to drink, I remembered the only other time I'd been stuck in one of those.

I was probably 22, 23...I was coming home from karaoke at about 1am. I turned onto Highway 85/87 and found myself confronted by a sobriety checkpoint. A very large, very serious looking policeman motioned me to stop. Of course I did so. I was super nervous... my first sobriety checkpoint combined with the fact that I HAD had a couple Amaretto sours at karaoke (even though it had been about 4 hours since) wasn't helping my nerves.

So this giant of a man sidles up to the car and asks me where I'm heading to & coming from. I answered truthfully. When he asked me if I had had anything to drink, I opened my mouth and said, "No, ma'am." GACK!!!!! Oh, God! He's gonna think I'm drunk for sure!! CRAAAP!!! "I mean Sir! I'm sorry!!"

I don't know what he thought about my slip of the tongue but he believed me and let me go. Thank goodness! Maybe it was the blonde hair...

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