Monday, July 18, 2005

Manic Monday (whoa-oh-whoa)

Sorry about the lack of posts...I've been busy being on vacation. I saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory today. About halfway through the movie, I realized that I was watching my new favorite movie. I loved it! It was so....COOL! Johhny Depp was amazing, the cimematography, the music - God, I loved the music! Danny Elfman is a genius! I'm definately buying that soundtrack!

I also picked up the new Harry Potter book and have been trying to read it. It's tough, though - I keep getting distracted or falling asleep. That's no fault of the book, though...just my inability to concentrate!

Anyway, to keep you occcupied, here's a snippet of a Meme thing that I stole from Redneck Diva! Enjoy!


~Bought you a drink: Mom bought me a Watermelon Slushie at Sonic!
~Said you were cute or good-looking: My boyfriend told me I was beautiful. He's blind without his glasses, you know!
~Flipped you off: My dad. He likes to do that for fun. Just to freak Mom out & watch her hide her eyes. The Finger gives her the willies!!
~Pissed you off: That person driving super slow on Circle the other day!
~Rang your doorbell: I don't have a doorbell anymore. You have to knock...I think Elena was the last person to knock.

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