Friday, July 15, 2005

The Mothers Handbook

So...a couple months ago we were going through pictures at Mom's house and she found this. I made this for her when I was 10. I don't know if it was for Mother's Day or if I thought she needed a little help but here it is: THE MOTHER'S HANDBOOK!! click on the pictures to make them bigger & easier to read!

This is an odd drawing - Mom never had long hair or wore long skirts. I don't know what Mommy I was thinking of...

I honestly don't know where to start on this one...I do like the "Don't take it out on just one of them," though. Dammit, if I was gonna get in trouble, so was Derek, by God! I also like the wording of #4 - "Just be quieter." Words to live by right there!

Ironic - I don't know how to cook at all! By the way, that's exactly what our stove looked like when I was 10.

Don't spoil them? What the hell what was I thinking?? I just probably lost about 10 Barbies out of that deal! Crap!

That's right - "Make sure HE right for you & don't get a DIEVORCE." Hey, I was only 10, gimme a break! At least I spelled "comfortable" right back there.

If you'll notice, the membership card is still intact. Either she wanted to preserve this for posterity or she didn't need my advice on being a mother!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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