Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Two-Parter - Part 1

Collin let me borrow his camera last week so that I could try & get a picture of that heron that's been hanging around Quail Lake. While waiting not-so-patiently for the heron to co-operate, I got some other pretty awesome pictures. Inspired by Leesa & Laura, I tried my hand at taking photos of flowers and landscapes. I never did run across any deer, bears or raccoons while I had the that I've given it back to Collin, you know I'm gonna be seeing them every night!!

Oh, well....ON WITH THE SHOW!

We'll start with Elena, mugging for me. It took me a while to get her to smile and look at the camera...the first shot of her shows her lying down with her eyes closed but a smile...then she stuck her butt in the air and looked at me between her legs...but this is a cute one!!

Here we have Coco, work's resident beggar for food. One of the ladies on another shift named her and brings her peanuts. So now she thinks everyone she sees is going to feed her. I lured her over to the bench here with a SunChip so that I could get a shot of her but she snubbed the chip and went under another bench and pouted. Spoiled little thing!

These are some nettles (that's what Collin called them, I just called them flowers) growing around Quail Lake. I like the way they're growing from between these boulders...color where there shouldn't be any!

Sunrise at Quail Lake. We always get the best views of the sun coming up at that hour! I love the way the sun reflects on the lake.

These are some flowers that are planted in front of Quail Lake Apartments. I've always thought they were pretty but we only walk by them at midnight...I was impressed how well this came out, having been taken at night. I love the vibrant colors.

Okay...I didn't take this picture. Collin did. But I like it. This was on Father's Day as we were leaving Mom & Dad's house. There were some awesome clouds swirling above, hence the reason Mom's head is so far back, and Collin was snapping shots for me. Don't know why he grabbed this one but I'm glad he did.

That's all the photo fun for today. Be sure & tune in tomorrow to see if I got the picture of my illusive heron!!

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