Monday, July 11, 2005

Dude Looks Like A Lady

A long, long time ago... in fact my first post ever... was dedicated to telling my side of the now infamous "Egg-Smashing Incident." In summation, the Incident occurred when we rented a video camera and Mom smashed an egg on Derek's forehead while I filmed.

In the comments, Collin & Andy both mentioned that they would like to see these home movies of ours, specifically to see Derek as he was at 12 years old with his curly blonde 'fro and long eyelashes and unchanged high voice. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of him that he's posted on his site... he had some pretty hair!

So... last weekend, I pulled out the tape of home movies and let Collin & the kids watch them, cringing over my antics and laughing anew at Derek's. The "My whole kitchen smells like Heaven, at least I hope Heaven smells like this" garnered the laughs it deserved, due mainly to his high squeaky voice.

The first thing we filmed, however, was Derek and two school chums in a mock WWF match. Derek was Mark "The Terminator" Jones and he was the bad guy. He was wrestling a kid named Ty. Jordyn walked in about 15 minutes into it, looked at the screen and said, "Who's the girl?"

"That's Derek," I replied. Jordyn's eyes bugged out of her little 5 year old head.

"Derek used to be a girl?!?!?!?"

In between laughs, I managed to choke out, "No. He just looked like one."

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