Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Things We Do For Chicken Nuggets

I love Wendy's chicken nuggets. I used to eat them religiously with honey mustard but lately I've changed to the sweet & sour sauce. Mmmmm...YUMMY!!

Yesterday, Collin & I decided to hit Wendy's for lunch and he asked if we should go to the Wasatch one or the one on Platte. I chose Wasatch. Oooo, big mistake. As we walked in, there was an older guy on the register, taking a man's order. A young kid was just walking behind the counter.

Older Guy (to younger kid): You need to open your register because I have to go on break NOW!

The younger kid kinda moped about for a bit before taking over the older guy's register. He gave the man his food to go and the guy left. Then it was our turn.

Me: I need 2 5 piece nuggets with sweet & sour sauce, a great biggie fry & a medium Diet Coke.

Collin: I need a #2, plain with cheese & a Dr. Pepper.

Not a complicated order, right? The kid gives us our total: "$14.42." Collin immediately caught on that that wasn't right, being as our order was so small. Come to find out, the older guy who HAD TO go on break hadn't rang out the first guy's order of 2 double stackers and a large chili. That was now tacked on to our order. The kid called over the manager to fix the problem then re-rang our order.

But the order had already been sent to the guys in the kitchen and pretty soon we had a large chili sitting on our tray. I told the kid who brought it up that it wasn't ours. "Yes, it is."

"Ummm, no. It's not."

"Yes, it is. It's on your order."

"No, it's not. I know what I ordered." The manager heard this exchange and told the kid that it was a mix-up and not to make the 2 double stackers that were on the screen. But when we finally got our order, my fries weren't there and there was a double stacker. I informed the kid that we were missing a Great Biggie Fry and that we had an extra sandwich. He tried to give me a Biggie Fry and I said, "I ordered a Great Biggie."

"This IS a Biggie," he told me.

"A GREAT BIGGIE," I stressed. No one is cheating me out of MY fries, damn it!

"Give her a Great Biggie," the manager told him. Then she took the double stacker off and went about yelling at the kitchen staff for making it when she told them not to. Ahh, minimum wage lackeys! BAH!

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