Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Second Part - Friday's Fotos

Happy Friday to everyone. Today is the conclusion of my attempt to finally wrangle a picture of that Great Blue Heron. Enjoy!

Leading off today's photo collection is a panaramic view of Quail Lake and the mountains that surround our sleepy little town. This is at about 6pm. You can barely make out Pike's Peak sticking up on the far right hand side.

Here we have yet another magnificent sunrise shot, turning the lake pink.

In my attempt to track down the heron, I ran into this mama duck & her babies. They were far more cooperative than the herons.

This is The Day...if you'll look to the right, you'll see what look like two camel humps on the shore...above the top hump is a small dark mass...that's the heron's silhouette. It looked way cooler through the naked eye.

As Prescilla & I rounded Quail Lake, I tried to be as quiet as possible and go down to the shoreline where the heron was sitting. He heard me right away, however, and flew off to the opposite side of the lake. We hit the east side of the lake and suddenly, both herons came flying overhead, being chased by these little blackbirds who were nipping at their tails. For some reason, it reminded me of Better Off Dead and the paperboy.... "I WANT MY $2!!!" They did fly close enoough for me to get a shot of them flying which you may enjoy here:

The pair circled the lake as I watched with my camera at the ready. I wasn't ready to give up that day...I was determined to give Collin back his camera. So I waited, not caring if I was late getting back into work. And then one landed about 100 feet from me in front of one of the fishing docks. I told Prescilla to wait and I hightailed it down there, all the time thinking that I felt like I did when I used to chase hockey was like I was stalking my favorite one again just to get a picture but this time it was a bird. But I got the shot!! I went for another one but he decided one was enough and he took off. But here he is in all his glory:

So there's the end of my quest. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!

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