Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yeah, it's Wednesday...

I'm feeling a little down (doobie doo down-down) so I thought my picture of the heron would cheer me up and liven the place up a bit!

If you haven't already, stop by Tricia's site & send her your best wishes and prayers - her son is going under the knife this morning at 10:30!

Here's part 2 of the quiz I snagged from The Diva. Hope everyone is having a great day!

~Been arrested? Nope. I pray to God I never do.
~Ridden an elephant or camel?
~Eaten escargot? Eck. Bleaah. No.
~Driven a sports car? No, but I've been the passenger in a Porsche.
~Been to Europe? No.
~Been to a shrink? No. I'm pretty good at analyzing my problems myself!
~Peed your pants from laughing? No but I have laughed til I cried A LOT!
~Been on television? Yes. I was on TV in New Jersey when a news crew interviewed me about the Avs/Devils Stanley Cup game. I was also on TV for a Gold Kings game...I was sitting by the glass so everytime they went behind the net, there I was!
~Met a famous person? Ready?? Jimmy McNichol, Joey Molland (of Badinger), Snake, Scotti, Rachel, Johnny & Phil from Skid Row, all of the Colorado Avalanche players (except for Rob Blake), Trevor Pryce, Neil Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Brian Griese, Bubby Brister, Jason Elam, the BulletBoys and Dangerous Toys.
~Shoplifted anything? A magazine poster of Poison when I was in 10th grade. I ripped it out & folded it inside the other magazine that I bought.
~Been sincerely frightened for your very life? Actually, no.
~Sung Karaoke? Omigod...yes. Soooo many times.
~Danced in a Cowboy Bar? Yeah - a bar called Cowboys. So original.

~Name 2 books you'd take: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Alison Weir so I could finally finish it and The Road To Paradise Island by Victoria Holt.
~Name 2 CDs: The Best Of Badfinger and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani.
~Name 2 DVDs: Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom and Titanic.
~Name 2 solar-powered gadgets: How about solar powered DVD & CD players like Redneck Diva mentioned.
~Name 2 Toiletries: Apricot scrub and Toothpaste
~Name 2 bottled drinks (limitless supply): Water and Amaretto.
~Name 2 sentimental possessions: Pudding Mouse and the mermaid that Collin made for me.

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