Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Screaming For Ice Cream

It was Tuesday IHOP night again last night for me and the two other ladies I work with. For some reason, though, the place was hopping (no pun intended) with a bunch of young adults. That meant that the two servers were super busy and it took a while for us to get served.

While we were waiting, I noticed the two girls sitting in the booth behind us were eating chocolate sundaes. Man, they looked good - served in a huge goblet and smothered in chocolate sauce... I had only ordered a salad and some garlic bread so I figured for dessert I'd have me one of them there sundaes.

When the waiter, who was just a kid himself, no more than 20, asked if we were doing okay, I asked if I could get a sundae. His whole face changed to one of fear. "You see... we're kinda out."

"Out of sundaes," I asked. "But... the girls behind us had sundaes."

"That was the last of it. We were really busy tonight and everyone had ice cream. The thing with ice cream is once we're out, we're out." That statement so befuddled me that it gave him his chance to escape. I mean... wouldn't it be that way with any item they sold? If they ran out of beef, it's not like they have a cow in the back they can butcher. Or a garden to pick some corn should they run short.

Later on, he came back to the table and offered me apple pie. I declined. After all, when you want a sundae, nothing else will really do.

Side note for Kathleen: Yes, I'm done. I'll email you later.

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