Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That Reminds Me...

So last night was the IHOP Lunch... somehow we got to yapping about how we wouldn't take any guff off anyone and that's why we don't work in customer service. I thought I would share with you a couple of the stories I related to the girls.

The first one didn't happen to me, it happened to my then-best friend Rhonda. She was working bar and this guy came up and ordered a beer. "Without a head," he said. "If I wanted head I'd have you come around front and get on your knees." When she told me what he said, I was aghast! "What did you say?!?!?" "Nothing. I just poured him his headless beer and sent him on his way." PFFT! If it had been ME, I would have poured the beer then proceed to spill it all over him and tell him to get out. But that's just me.

The other incident DID happen to me. A woman had called in a take-out pizza to be ready at 7:30. She came in around 7:20 to pay. After taking her money, I informed her that the pizza would be ready in a couple minutes. She got a nasty look on her face and said, "I ordered that ready at 7:30." "And it's about 7:25 now," I replied as nicely as I could. She then pointed to her watch and said, "By my watch, it's 7:30." I couldn't help it. Who did this woman think she was? "Well, ma'am, we're not running this place by your watch, we're running it by OUR clock." Guess what? She asked to speak to the manager and then told him I called her a couple choice names. Not that she didn't deserve them but I didn't. Afterwards I did, though.

See? Working with the public sucks. That's why I like my job working with machines & little computer chips. They don't complain near as much.

By the way... I'm now on vacation... I don't have to go back to work until Saturday the 23rd! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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