Friday, November 17, 2006

Look At Me Not Posting

And for almost an entire week. I've been sick, that's my excuse. I will make up for it by posting some pictures for your Friday enjoyment:

Here's something you don't see very often - Collin in a Broncos jersey! He wore my Trevor Pryce jersey for Halloween, dressing up as a sports fan. :-)

Jordyn being a little rocker girl with my purse and my cat ears. How cute is she???

This is Abby Normal, Mom & Dad's new cat. She spoiled rotten but pretty, pretty, pretty.

A view from our front door during the blizzard we had last month. I like how the snowflakes are glowing...

My boy Sam.

You just can't have a TRUE photoblog without a picture of Derek with his mouth open, can you?? Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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