Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Believe In Mile High Magic

Sadly, the Magic did not help my boys on Sunday but it was still a fun game: the weather was perfect and we had good people around us and there was a lot of reasons to cheer. Here are the visuals:

Meet Bucky, the original Bronco from the old Mile High - I love this horse. They shoot fireworks off from the top of the Jumbo-Tron when we score touchdowns. Finally they got to shoot some off Sunday!!

Here's Mom; she's trying to smile without showing off the Thunderdog she's eating. See there's no coat on her? And there's no coat on anyone around us - - it was 70 degrees that day. So much better than the freezing rain during the New England game.

This is Ebenezer "Sneezer" Ekuban (91), Tatum "Tater-Tot" Bell (26) and Ian Gold (52) running in to the locker room before the game actually started. See Ian Gold - he's embracing the Mile High Magic!!

Finally! Here's Jake Plummer getting ready to lead his team to one of their 4 touchdowns! Go Jake!!

And this is Jake The Snake walking back to the huddle after one of his many numerous drinks of water. Arizona boy still not used to our altitude. Haha.

This guy was sitting right in front of us. He was so awesome - the perfect mix of enthusiasm for his team and respect for the people around him. There was a little boy sitting next to me in a little Plummer jersey and after every score, Painted Guy would turn around, slap me & the father a high five then bend down and get a high five from the kid. It was sweet. We also had a Colts fan in front of us, next to Painted Guy. When the game was over, when the Vinateri field goal was good, PG leaned over, tugged on the cheering Colts fan's sleeve and said, "Nice game, man" and slapped him a high five. That's classy!

There was also a flyover after the National Anthem - 4 jets - so so cool! So cool it was frigid! The only thing wrong with this game was the end result. We couldn't rattle Peyton Manning no matter how loud we screamed (we were the 3rd largest crowd at Invesco, by the way) and for some reason no one ever covered Wayne...Darrent Williams was just dreaming somewhere 10 yards away. But! No worries - Pittsburgh next so Darrent should redeem himself!



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