Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just Stuff

So how about them Broncos? Boy, that was an ugly win - - but the important word there is win! I have to say that Jake lucked out on that 3rd interception that was called an incomplete pass -- that boy's foot was so in bounds! I'm surprised the ref called it the way he did. But I'm not complaining!


By the way, Ted, the cleaning guy at work who I fought about the Broncos with? He's still not talking to me! Ha!


So, there's a song by Roxette called Joyride that Jordyn has discovered and is totally obsessed with. Mostly because it's a great song but also because we have a Family Fun Center here in town called Joyrides. So she sings the song: "Hello! You fool, I love you! Come on and come to Joyrides!!" Cracks me up!


Have I mentioned how much I like Elena, Shanon's 5 year old daughter? Out of the blue the other day she said, "I don't like the Raiders." Yay!! And then if that wasn't enough to warm my heart, she said, "I like Duran Duran. They're nice." YES! She's infatuated with wolves and when she heard their song "Hungry Like The Wolf" they were suddenly the best band in her world. I love that!!!


I don't know how long it's been out but Def Leppard has a new CD out called Yeah! where they cover 70's songs. I'm always wary of covers but these guys rock at every one they did. And that's saying a lot, coming from me...they chose three of my very favorite bands to cover: Badfinger (No Matter What), T. Rex (20th Century Boy) and Thin Lizzy (Don't Believe A Word, my fave song by them). I can't complain a whit about any of them. They were masterfully done and the rest of the album is great as well. Plus Joe Elliott had nice things to say about Badfinger in the liner notes! :-)


Hope you all had a great weekend!!


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