Monday, November 06, 2006

Book Slide

I really, really slacked during October when it came to reading and I didn't realize how badly I had until I looked at the list. A mere 3 books!! What is the world coming to?? The problem was that I was busy with genealogy, even at work, and it cut severely into my reading time.

93. Visions In Death

94. Origin In Death

95. Survivor In Death

All books by JD Robb. Book of the month went to Visions In Death because it had a twist at the end that I totally didn't see coming!

I plan on hopefully tripling that number this month - that is if the genealogy bug doesn't bite me again!

On another note - there's a new post at Anton&Olga - finally! The letter hasn't been scanned in yet but I realized I had slacked hard on that, too, so - NEW LETTER! Yay!! check it out when you get the time!

Aaand...just a side note...Sunday the 5th was my Grandpa Widegren's birthday. The Koinonia Church in Grand Junction that my Grandpa helped build honored him Sunday by dedicating a cross that he had constructed when the church was built. It's a wonderful memorial to such a wonderful man and I wish I could have been there to help honor his memory.


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