Sunday, November 05, 2006

So Annoyed

Being a Bronco fan, I've learned how to take the good with the bad. There's always going to be someone who's talking trash about them and I have to defend them. Tonight, it happened when I wasn't expecting it - I mean,hell! We WON against Pittsburgh! There should be no trash talking! Here's the conversation between myself and Ted, the cleaning guy here at work:

Ted: There you are! Who did the Broncos play 2 weeks ago?

Me: Ummm.....

Ted: Wasn't it Indianapolis?

Me: No, Indy was last week. Two weeks ago it was Cleveland.

Ted: And didn't they barely win that one? Like, by a field goal?

Me: Maybe, I can't remember right off hand.

Ted: And then they got their asses kicked by Indy.

Me: There was no ass kicking! It came down to who scored last and it just so happened that Indy scored last.

Ted: No, that was an ass kicking.

Me: An ass kicking is 47-0 or 51-2. THAT'S an ass kicking! We were in the game the whole time. There was only 1 second on the clock after the field goal so we had no time to come back.

Ted: Well, it was an ass kicking to me. The defense had only allowed 1 touchdown up to that point...

Me: 2

Ted: 2, whatever, and they let Manning score what, 3?

Me: Something like that. But it's tough to stop someone like Manning.

Ted: Well, it was an ass kicking.

Me: Did you come in here specifically to piss me off? Why are you even talking about last weeks game? We won today, why aren't you talking about that?

Ted: Yeah, we beat Pittsburgh but it was a sloppy win. We almost lost that one, too.

Me: It got hairy for a bit but we still won.

Ted: Off of Pittsburgh's mistakes. The Broncos got 2 touchdowns in the first 4 minutes off of fumbles.

Me: No, the first touchdown came on our first posession. Then the kickoff was fumbled, we got it back and we scored. The first touchdown wasn't from a fumble.

Ted: But they scored twice within 4 minutes and couldn't hold on to the lead.

Me: What are you talking about? It was 14-10 at halftime. Pittsburgh was never ahead!

Ted: I watched that game today, all of it.

Me: Yeah, so did I.

Ted: I've got a 42 inch screen TV....

Me: I don't care how big your TV is, the point is the Broncos won and there was no ass kicking. They fucking won, what else do you want?

Ted: I should have known not to talk to a Bronco-Maniac about this.

AAAARGHHH!!! That man pisses me off so bad!! he's always so negative about the Broncos and yet he calls himself a fan! He told me as he was walking away that he must not be as hip on football today as I am. What the hell??? I hate talking football with him, I always end up pissed off!! I try to avoid him but he seeks me out! That makes me mad, too! Why can't he just leave me alone?

Of course, after I yelled at him, maybe he will from now on! That would make me happy!


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