Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Family, Family & More Family

Genealogy is a never ending project. I've been working on it for about 5 years now and there's no end in sight. Recently I found out about my Dad's side - the Knight Family. Turns out that through that line we're hooked up with a slew of famous people. They include:

-George Washington (we were related to him through Mom's side as well)
-General Robert E. Lee
-President William Howard Taft
-First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson
-Thomas Jefferson
-First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush
-President George W. Bush
-Actor Lee Marvin

Of all of those people that I recently added to our family tree, I am most excited about Lee Marvin. He may be like a 22nd cousin 10x removed but it's still cool!! Kid Shelleen in MY family tree! Dad is thrilled - he says actors today aren't real men and Lee Marvin is one of those "Real Men" that people like Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp aspire to be. That's Dad's opinion, not mine, don't get mad at me!!! I would be tickled pink to have either Brad or Johnny in the tree!


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