Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Review

So Thursday was my birthday and I got some great stuff!! Great hooded sweaters from Mom & Dad, an awesome drum t-shirt from Christina, a gorgeous Ariel doll from Shanon just to name a few. I also got gift cards which are such a fun gift - going shopping and knowing you've got this $25 buffer to get whatever you want ROCKS! I got 3 of them - 1 to Barnes & Noble, 1 to Hobby Lobby and 1 to Entertainmart -- Derek & Squatchy accounted for 2 of those and that was totally too much! But I appreciated it! :-)

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the gift that my Collin got me. I had asked for the special edition of Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" CD that came with a bonus DVD and the DVD of her Harajuku Tour for my birthday. A couple days later he said he knew what he was getting me but it was completely different from what I had asked for. I said okay. I trust him to know what I like.

The day before my birthday he told a couple guys whom he works with what he was getting me. One of them stayed silent while the other one laughed & laughed & he was scared. He was afraid it wasn't as good a gift as he had originally thought and wanted to tell me what it was so if I thought it sucked I could tell him and he'd get me something else. I told him not to tell me and just get it. I trusted him...and who cares what the guys at work thought?

All day long I wondered what the heck could he be getting me? He said it was big and it was something I needed & wanted...I couldn't think of anything. I started saying he was getting me a cat just because I was at a loss. wasn't a cat.

Collin bought me a full size, office-quality filing cabinet!!!!

I'm so happy! I've been wanting one for years to file and organize all my genealogy info that I've aquired. It fits perfectly in the dining room right by the printer and computer - it's the coolest gift ever! So...thanks, babe! :-)

And thank you to all of you who got me presents and wished me a happy birthday! You all rock!


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