Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Four Things

This has been going around the emails but why not post it here?

Four Things about Me (that you may not have known...)

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Pizza hostess at Fargo's - it was so bad I went back a 2nd time.
2. Radio D.J. - That was fun except the pay...and the treatment by management...
3. Golf Course counter clown - UGH! Golfers (with the exception of a few including my dad) are the rudest bunch of people! Not one day went by when I didn't want to smack someone.
4. Operator at an electronics plant - So far my best job - load the machines and read a book or write a story or play a board game or blog....

Four Movies I have watched over and over:
1. Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom - "I was happy in Shanghai...I had a little house, a garden...my friends were rich, we went to parties all the time in limosuenes, I hate being outside!!"
2. The Wedding Singer - "You think the 'time to make the doughnuts' guy is sexy."
3. Titanic - "I know what ice fishing is...uh!"
4. While You Were Sleeping - "Is this guy botherin' you, Luce? Looks like he's...uh...leanin'."

Four of my Favorite Songs:
1. Return To Oz - Scissor Sisters
2. Coppertone Blues - Pete Ham
3. Early Winter - Gwen Stefani
4. Dreamin' Again - Jim Croce

Four places I've lived:
Okay, the thing is I've always lived here. Colorado Springs or it's little suburb Security. So here's 4 streets I've lived on:
1. Weber
2. Gleanarm
3. Hackberry
4. Durasno Terrace

Four TV channels I enjoy:
1. VH-1 Classic - Lynn Hoffman might bother me but she's a small price to pay to see videos that I haven't seen in years. And the Metal Mania Show...couldn't get any better!
2. The NFL Network - Steve Mariuchi is SO my friend. I may not have liked him when he coached the 49'ers but I love listening to him.
3. History Channel - Enough said.
4. A&E - The Saturday night crime line-up...I used to plan my day around that!

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chinese Chicken Salad from Mimi's - Add their buttermilk spice muffin to the mix and I'm a happy, happy girl.
2. Pasta, pasta & more pasta - I could live on pasta. But I'd need the chinese chicked salad every once in a while!
3. Anything from Rudy's Little Hideaway - The best Mexican food EVER!
4. Salad from Fargo's - lettuce, bleu cheese dressing (made there - it's better than any bleu cheese dressing I've ever tasted) and croutons. That's all I need!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home. - I'm writing this at work. In 11 1/2 hours I will be home. Yay!
2. Grand Junction - I miss Grandma.
3. Sweden - Never been, love to go
4. England - Ditto.

Four Things I Hate The Most:
1. Bad drivers
2. Rude customer service people
3. Oakland Raiders
4. Kansas City Cheifs

Four Famous People I Would Like To Be:
I'm pretty happy with me but if I have to choose....
1. Gwen Stefani
2. Evangeline Lilly
3. Rebecca Romijn
4. Jaime Pressly
I only picked them based on their looks. :-)

I guess that's about all for the Quiz Fun! Have a great day!


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