Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No Originality Whatsoever

Derek posted about 25 bands/artists that he has seen live and that was such a fun post to read that I wanted to write one. So, with no further ado...

1. Ferrante & Teicher - This was the very first concert I ever went to. I was 3 or 4 and Mom couldn't get a babysitter I guess. I remember that I was enthralled with the duel pianos and the music. I'm pretty sure I behaved exceptionally well that night.

2. Air Supply - Despite the crap that Derek talked about this show, they were SO good! Yes, I'm a total geek, I love Air Supply. When you're in desperate need of cheesy love songs, who else can you turn to but Graham Hitchcock & Russell Graham? And, yes, I know their names. I didn't even have to Google them. Sad....

3. Poison - Enter the hair metal years. Poison was the first show since Air Supply some years before. They were so much fun! I remember that Rikki Rickett's drum solo was too long and boring but other than that they were really good. I saw them again in 2000 at Fiddler's Green and they blew me away - when they shut the power off (Fiddler's has a curfew for those of you not familiar with that venue), Bret Michaels was PISSED!

4. Tesla - I've seen them 3 times. They're such a good rock band! The first time I saw them they opened for Poison in 1988 and all I can recall was that the singer, Jeff Keith, had white jeans with black handprints on them and Rhonda, my friend who went with me, said she'd have liked to have made the prints on his butt. *sigh*....we were 16. What do you expect?

5. Kiss - 3 times for them as well. The first time was at Red Rocks in 1990 for the Hot In The Shade tour and it rained the entire time. I was soaked! Then I saw the first Farewell Tour in 1996 at McNichols Arena and then in 2000 at Fiddler's Green. They never fail to put on a great show.

6. Cinderella - Oooo! I love them! Tom Keifer is such a great frontman! I've seen them twice. When they played Red Rocks in '89, he was lowered from the ceiling while playing a piano during the intro for "Don't Know What Ya Got ('Til It's Gone). Awesome! Then at Fiddler's he shows up on stage wearing a top hat. Yummy!

7. BulletBoys - They opened for Cinderella at Red Rocks. The drummer came up into the seats to check out the set and my cousin & I got to meet him. Jimmy D'Anda, that was his name! He wasn't very friendly.

8. Slaughter - Oh, my! I used to be so obsessed with this band! I saw them at Red Rocks, the Air Force Academy, Rack N Roll & Fiddler's Green. They're coming to Loveland next month and I want to go! They're just a fun, cute band! My friend Christina got to meet them all every time they were in town - the guitarist Tim Kelly (r.i.p.) called her "family." If you go here, you can see pics of her with the guys!

9. Skid Row - You knew this was coming! If you're a faithful reader of The Spam then you know how I feel about these boys. I never saw them with Sebastian Bach but that's okay. Johnny Solinger is good enough for me!!!

10. Garbage - Shirley Manson is my hero! Well, one of them at least. I've seen them twice, once as headliners and once as openers for No Doubt. Shirley & the boys put on one hell of a show. Both times I was disappointed when they had to leave the stage. They are SO awesome!

11. No Doubt - Gwen Stefani is my hero! The top one, no one can ever budge her. She's the best. This was one of the best shows I've ever seen. She was on fire! And during the encore she noticed a kid in the crowd dressed up like bassist Tony Kanal so she pulled him up onstage and asked if he played bass. When he said he did, she made Tony give him his bass and had him play while she sang "Hella Good."

12. Queensryche - Speaking of best shows ever, this one is in the top 5. I've seen them twice and Geoff Tate's voice blows me away! The second show at Red Rocks he was dressed in a business suit & snappy shoes. Loved it!

13. Bon Jovi - Mom's Christmas present last year - these boys rocked! Jon still sounds as good as ever!

14. Duran Duran - Hands down the bestest show I've ever ever seen. I can't thank Mom enough for getting me the tickets for Christmas 2 years ago.

15. The Aquabats - An odd little band that Collin likes a lot. They were a ton of fun!

16. Reba McEntire - 4 times. She's the queen of country. The first time I saw her I went with my friend Troy who was a member of her fan club. After the show he got to go backstage and meet her. I got to stand outside McNichol's Arena in the rain and wait for him. But that woman knows how to put on a show!

17. Ricky Scaggs - He played one of the shows with Reba - the Air Force Academy. It was outside and it startesd lightning so they wouldn't let him go on but he came out anyway and played an acoustic set. He was very classy.

18. Badfinger - EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen Joey Molland's Badfinger twice now and I met him once. I love him! The 2nd time was at the AFA and I got burnt to a crisp. One day I'll post the picture of my burn. But it was totally worth it!

19. Kansas - I've seen them twice. I saw them in Denver a week before they played with Badfinger at the Air Force Academy and both shows was the same set, the same canned patter. I was so disappointed!

20. Foreigner - They were good. They were the headliners for the AFA show w/ Kansas & Badfinger. Since I had gotten crispified, Troy & I went into a tent during Kansas' set to cool off while my ex and his buddy stayed down by the stage. When the sun started to set, I joined them on the ground again. I saw some huge dude belting out "Cold As Ice" and I asked my ex who was singing. He said, "That's Lou Gramm, baby." I was shocked!

21. Dolly Parton - She played the first ever Country Jam in Grand Junction and it was just down the road from my Grandma's house - if you sat on her front porch you could hear the music - but I went to the show anyway, got crispified again (in fact I had blistered for the first time ever and my cousin, who was younger than me, kept hitting me in the blister and laughing. No one saw her. I smacked her upside the head and EVERYONE saw that, of course!!) and watched Dolly put on a great show!!

22. Garth Brooks - I've seen him - - 5 or 6 times. Every time he came to Colorado, Troy & I were there. He always was worth the price of admission.

23. Rob Zombie - The first time I had ever been in a mosh pit. Within seconds of the music starting I was thrown 20 feet backwards. Scared the hell out of me and I stayed out afterwards. He was fun, though!

24. NSync - Yes, I've seen them. And not only once, but twice. They were extremely entertaining and sooooo cute! I liked Chris & Joey.

25. Motley Crue - Sadly I've only seen them once on the Dr. Feelgood tour but they were SO good and SO loud - my ears rang for 2 days!!! I do remember Tommy Lee's flying drum kit stopping directly above me and him mooning the crowd!

26. Lita Ford - She opened for the Crue and she rocked! She's also one of my heroes!

27. Alice Cooper - Ooo! He's just the best! What can I say about him? I saw him chop his own head off onstage!!

28. The Scorpion - "KLAUS MEINE OF THE SCORPIONS!!!!" Mom went with us to this show because Alice was opening. She can never remember what their name is!

29. REO Speedwagon - They were so good! I love every one of their songs!

30. Styx - Where REO goes, so goes Styx. I'm just jazzed that I saw Tommy Shaw live!

Wow! That went fast! And I went a tinch overboard but I forgot some good ones so I had to expand it to 30!! Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!


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