Monday, October 16, 2006

The Elena & Jordyn Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with Shanon & Elena as is my norm. Shanon informed me that Elena had a new song and told her to tell me what it was. "Do you know the song 'We Built This City?' she asked me. I answered that I did indeed know that song and she said she loved it, it was her very favorite song! Later on, while we were shopping, she asked me, "Do you know what we built this city on?"

"Umm...rock & roll?"

"That's right!!!"


Saturday evening before I went into work, Jordyn was giving me a quiz. It was all about her. What was her favorite song, who was her queen friend (me, by the way! :-) ) etc, etc. I did fairly well on it. The next evening, she did the same thing but changed a couple of the answers. After a while I told her I was asking her questions! "What's my favorite sport?"


"Yes. Who's my favorite team?"

"The Broncos."

"Yes. Who's my favorite Bronco player?"

"Uhhh....Jake Pummler?" I love not only that she knew him but the way she said his name. "Pummler."

Then Collin asked her what my favorite movie was. "Cat Go Blue," she answered, thinking of Cat Ballou.

She didn't guess my favorite song, though. I think maybe only Collin knows that one!

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