Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner Conversation

Time: Sunday afternoon while watching the Broncos play.

Set-Up: Jason Elam just missed his 2nd field goal.

Me: Yargh!! Darn that MaleMan! Feed him to the Dawgs!! (collapsing in a fit of laughter while Collin looks on confused.) Oh! You don't get why that's funny, do you?


Me: Okay, you know I call Jason Elam the MaleMan because his name spelled backwards is Male...

Collin: Yeah...

Me: And dogs are a mailman's enemy so you would feed a mailman to the dogs but what's so funny about this is that the Cleveland stadium is called the Dawg Pound and all the fans are Dawgs! (More laughter) See...that's funny!!

Collin: Oookay...(going back to his chicken, shaking his head at his football-crazy girlfriend)


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