Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is It Worth It?

I went to King Soopers on my break last night to get some milk and bread.* After I had picked up those two necessities, I wandered down the magazine aisle to see if there was anything I needed.** Lo & behold I spotted something that I had missed in the last year: A hockey magazine!!! Yay!! I grabbed it, flipped though it real quick and threw it in my basket. Then I went to pay.

I went through the U-Scan line where you do it yourself. I love that invention because that means I don't have to have any human interaction whatsoever!! Unless the thing malfunctions but that's besides the point. I happily scanned my milk...total $2.79. Next the Diet Pepsi I had snagged on the way to the checkout...new total $3.98. Next the 'zine...I was watching the total area and about choked when it popped up as $11.47. I looked at the price on the cover...$7.99!! What the hell? Why is it so expensive??? Seeing as how it was 1am and all the employees were in the back of the store pricing I wasn't about to hunt someone down to void it so I went ahead and bought the thing.

I read it while eating on my break. It had some interesting articles in the front and some good pics - Nikolai Khabibulin & Mike Ricci - but over all I don't think it was worth $8.

* = Yesterday morning I went home all excited for cereal. I poured me a big ol' bowl and dumped the milk in. It hit the cereal with a sickening "glop." It had gone bad over the holiday weekend that I wasn't around. Damn! I dumped the cereal and the milk down the garbage disposal and prepared to make a peanut butter & jelly sammich. The bread was green. YARGH!! I was so sad. I ended up with wheaty noodles.

** = If a magazine has Gwen Stefani on the cover, that constitutes needing the magazine. I'm weird, I know!

Oh! And the darn Colts are going to go undefeated. I was counting on Pittsburgh to step up but NOooooO! Andy K, what the heck happened to your boys????


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