Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Hungry...Sometimes

I'm about 2 months into this South Beach Diet thing and I'm doing pretty good - I don't know how much I've lost cuz I don't have a scale anymore but I know I've lost something! I was able to get into a pair of jeans recently that were too tight so that's a plus. But what drives me crazy sometimes is what I can't eat. This is what I miss:

-Potatoes. God, I miss them terribly. All kinds of potatoes...french fries especially but at Thanksgiving dinner not being able to have mashed potatoes smothered in cream gravy will be horrid.

-Pizza. Real pizza covered in cheese and pepperoni and pineapple and green peppers and onions...I've tried the South Beach pizzas made on wheat crust with 6 pieces of pepperoni on there and it's not so great. I think it's the sauce that ruins it. I'm a light-sauce or no-sauce-at-all girl. Collin gets Little Caesar's Pizza sometimes and it smells sooooo good....

-Wendy's Chicken Nuggets. I can't have anything deep fried. And I can't have honey mustard or BBQ sauce or sweet & sour sauce because of the sugar. Bah!

-Jellybeans. I love jellybeans...sour jellybeans especially.

-Skittles. Especially sour Skittles.

-Buttered Popcorn. I can have plain popcorn but sometimes I really crave that greasy buttery flavor while I'm watching a movie.

That's about all. When I get down to my goal weight I'll start cheating again! Until then I must be strong!


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