Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dry Spell

There's nothing going on to blog about. Nothing too exciting has happened unless you count the murder that happened outside my parents' townhome complex Tuesday morning. They were awakened at 3:30am by a policeman ringing their doorbell asking if they had seen or heard anything. Sadly, the victim was the 20 year old son of the people who live a couple of doors away from my parents. And to have something like this happen so close to know the holidays will be ruined forever for his family. The last I saw, the police had no suspects and no motive but the CSPD is usually very good at catching murderers and such...remember the Texas 7? There was a murder a few years ago that involved a high school friend of my brother's and they caught her killer within a couple of weeks, maybe not even that long.

Now that I've probably dampened everyone's holiday spirit...

Collin & I came across the Danish miniseries "Rigit" at the was the original series that inspired Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital." It was subtitled, of course, but it was very intriguing. The character development was great...there were only 5 episodes but by the second we already had our favorites and the ones we wouldn't mind seeing being "gotten" by the ghost! The best part was the credits where the creator, Lars Von Trier, addressed the audience. After the first episode, he actually said, "If you find the story dull and predictable then look to your own life..." He always ended with, "If you choose to join us again be prepared to take the good (he made the sign of the cross with his finger as he said this) with the evil (then he made the devil sign with his fingers. It was awesome!)." My point here is if you saw the Stephen King miniseries then you should check out the original, if you can deal with the subtitles. Andrew McCarthy plays the lead, Dr. Hook. in the remake and so far he's doing a good job. The Danish actor, Soren Pilmark, did a great job so McCarthy had his work cut out for him living up to that.

Okay, I've babbled long enough! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you get all the turkey and pumpkin pie you want!! And GO BRONCOS!!!

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