Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Broncos Funday Sunday

Sunday Mom & I went to the Broncos/Eagles game. I fully intended to bring Collin's digital camera to snap photos of the experience but I forgot. Probably just as well - it started raining during the 4th quarter and I would hate to have ruined Collin's camera! The cutest picture that never was, though, would have been Mom showing off her Lynch jersey to Mrs. Lynch. It was the Broncos' Wives Food Drive and John Lynch's wife happened to be collecting donations at the south entrance. Mom went right up to her, showed her the jersey she was wearing and told her that he was her favorite player now. She smiled and said, "Thanks. He's ours, too." She was very nice and really pretty - typical football wife: tall, skinny & blonde!

The game started off so great - I'd like to think that we South Standers helped Donovan McNabb miss every one of his attempted passes during the first quarter by screaming and making Rocky Mountain Thunder. I've never stomped my feet harder or so much - my legs are really sore still from all that "Thunder-makin'." It started off pretty chilly but seconds after we scored the fourth touchdown, the sun came out. God is definitely a Bronco fan! :-) By halftime I had taken off my coat to show off my (awesomely authentic autographed) Trevor Pryce jersey. Sadly, it started to rain in the 4th so back on went the coat & gloves.

Speaking of my favorite player (we were...Trevor), his sack on McNabb was so awesome!! He called it before the play - pointed at the Eagles' QB as he was getting into position for the snap. Then he exploded through the line and laid him flat. It was so great! You'd think that someone would have been covering him but it sure looked like he was left alone.

Best play of the game, though - Jeb Putzier's one-handed snag in the end zone. God, that was beautiful. Jeb's a tough ol' boy, too. He took one hell of a beating Sunday.

I'll admit that I almost fell asleep during the 3rd quarter. With the Eagles attempting a comeback and me running on no sleep (I had to work the night before) I had about had it. Luckily Dominic Foxworth's interception in the endzone woke me up.

When Devoe caught his touchdown, the guys behind us were wondering who #14 was...where did he come from? Mom, whose personality changed when she's at a Bronco game (i.e.: stealing the bench from Mile High), said, "That's Devoe. Keep up here." I don't know if they heard her, though. Then as the dejected Eagles fans were leaving when the rain started, people in our section started waving and singing "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." When it quieted down some, Mom said, "Buh-Bye! See ya. Not in the playoffs. Hahahaha!"

Mom & I also got to sign a giant Get Well card for Dwayne Carswell before the game. And we spent a lot of time watching the cheerleaders trying to pick out Jake Plummer's girlfriend. I think she was the one dressed as Tinkerbell.

All in all, this ranks up there as one of the most fun games I've ever been to. On the bus ride back, Mom told me that she didn't have anyone to go to the Baltimore game with her. I asked her what the date was then as she was digging out her schedule I said, "I don't know why I'm asking. I'll go." I'm a Broncos junkie. Oh, well - there are worse things to be hooked on!

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