Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All I Can Say Is EEEYEEW!!!

Seriously. "Eeyeew" is the only thing running through my brain right now. I'm at work and it's been a very busy night. I have three handlers running very fast tests and a handtest, which I detest (I was going to put "hate" until I realized "detest" rhymed, I'm weird, I know). I was working on one of the handlers, placing stoppers in the tubes, when I happened to look down at a bundle of fails that were already bagged from previous partials earlier in the week. There was something green and round and squishy looking in the bag. "What the hell is that," I asked myself, thinking that it almost looked like an eraser. But it also looked like gum. Chewed gum. I opened the bag and sure enough - pre-chewed spearmint gum. I could still smell the minty fresh scent. I removed the fails and put them in another bag then cut the offensive bag into little squares and threw it away. I had to cut it up because if the evil "C" shift found it in the trash and pulled it out and saw the gum there would be a ban on gum and that just can't happen!! It's still ooking me out. E.E.E.Y.E.E.W!!!


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