Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The IHOP Fashion Report

Before I go any further can I get a "Whoa, Derek?" Whhhooooaaaa Derrrrrek!! AOL News linked to him in a feature about Blogger reactions to Terrell Owens being suspended and ultimately released by the Eagles. He's our little star!! I guess I better start writing about more sporty topics, huh? yesterday's post I have a small correction to make. Mom called the Colts "Loser-Free", not "Non-Losers" like I originally posted. Still funny, though!

So!! On with the post! Last night the Dinner Crew hit IHOP as usual and lo & behold there was a fashion victim sitting across from us, just begging to be MattedSpam fodder. Sadly it wasn't the infamous IHOP Skank - I seriously think she's been banned from going in there. I heard the waitresses complaining about her one night so it wouldn't surprise me if they told her not to peddle her trade in their establishment.

This girl, though, was immediately christened the IHOP Slut. She looked to be in her early 20's with streaked blonde hair and a ton of make-up. She was wearing pajamas. Now, I wear pajamas in public - shopping or even to work - but my idea of public pj's are long pink & white plaid flannel bottoms and a long sleeved pink Hello Kitty In Candy Land t-shirt. It's all respectable looking. This chick...teal bottoms with Tinkerbell slung way low so that her red thong (& butt) was in full view, a tight skimpy matching tank top that her boobs were bursting out of and a teal cocktail umbrella in her hair. I'm thinking that the cocktail umbrella was the clue to why she was dressed the way she was. Too drunk to know or care.

She wasn't near as bad as The Skank but I really don't need to see boobs & butt while I'm eating. Is that too much to ask?

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