Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Post About Toast

Collin encouraged me to write this one and get your opinion. This is the story:

Yesterday I was in the kitchen making breakfast which consisted of a bowl of Crispix and some toast. I was hungry - I hadn't eaten since 1am and it was now 10:30am. I decided 4 pieces of toast would be swell so I filled up every slot in our toaster. Then Collin walked in.

Collin: 4 pieces of toast?

Me: Maybe I was going to share it.

Collin: Were you going to share it?

Me: No.

Collin: So you lied.

Me: I didn't lie. I said 'maybe.'

Collin: You never had the intention of sharing your toast yet you made me believe you did...therefore you lied.

So...did I lie? I'm not so sure. And don't get the idea that he's serious...we were laughing pretty hard throughout the end of this conversation.

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